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Accusonus All Bundle

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Bundle containing ALL Accusonus plug-ins


Bundle containing ALL Accusonus plug-ins



Regroover - Your samples, reimagined

Discover the magic inside your drum loops which you’ve wanted to extract for years. Create new sounds from old or simply adjust the volume of individual elements inside a loop. Regroover uses Artificial-Intelligence to extract layers from within your previously recorded beats and samples. Once Regroover analyzes the audio file, you are able to make your own drum kits and combine external sounds to make new beats, loops and your own unique Expansion Kits. 


Use Regroover to:

Unmix your loops into distinct sound layers.

Get previously unreachable sounds from inside your loops.

Craft the isolated beat elements and form your unique rhythmic signature.


Regroover Pro Exclusive Features:

Grab that magic kick, snare or clap and place it on its own trigger pad.

Or Build your own Expansion Kit with any element inside your loop which makes for rapid-fire MIDI triggering of samples to make new beats and grooves.

Create Regroover Projects with both external and found sounds from inside your loops.


Who's It For?

Regroover is for music producers, beatmakers and DJs who use sampling, drum programming, and beat slicing to remix and compose.


Regroover awards


Use Regroover to:

Unmix your loops and create new beats and music

Grab the live vibe of an isolated hi-hat pattern or extract that punchy snare you always wanted. Regroove your old sound libraries and produce astonishingly-fresh tunes.


Dial in the volume, panning and effects of individual layers of your mixed beats for better balance or more variety to your looped patterns

Craft the sound of individual sound components and add your favorite effects. Swap kit elements of the original groove with new ones


Play or program the sounds from inside your loops to produce altogether new rhythms and grooves

Use Regroover’s MIDI functionality to create inspired beat variations you can remix on the spot


Explore the A.I. capabilities and extract strange and new sonic elements for experimental grooves and soundscapes

Play around with the A.I. engine and obtain new, previously unheard sounds. Reveal and capture the underlying micro-rhythms and hidden tempo patterns of each audio clip


Regroover Expansion Pack: ALPHA

The ALPHA is the first original Expansion Pack for Regroover.

113.8MB (.regroover Projects / WAV formats)
5 Regroover Projects each one containing an Expansion Kit (16 one shots) and a loop (48kHz-24 bit - Regroover format)
13 Loop variations (48kHz-24 bit - Wav format).

Produced for accusonus by John Valasis

Regroover Expansion Pack: SPASM

SPASM - Modern Techno Grooves

Berlin meets UK based techno collection pack. 4 to the floor beats, dance floor friendly showcasing the latest club trends across EU.
A wide variety of techno and house influenced kits. The kits are influenced by the following sub-genres.

Breed Kit (Electro/Breakbeat Techno)
Cluster Kit (Progressive Techno)
Hidden Gem (Dub Techno/ atmospheric)
Kalt Kit (Raw House and Tech/House)
Mindhunter Kit (Cave Techno, Berlin Techno) • Pound Kit (Tech House, melodic techno)
The Hain Kit (Dark techno/ Berghain)
Traum Kit (Techno House, main room)
Trend Kit (Progressive psytech)
Warehouse Kit (UK warehouse techno)

Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits

Produced for accusonus by John Valasis

What was your inspiration for the SPASM pack?

John: Clubbing with my friends Kostas and Angelos in Berlin.

Who were the artists that inspired you? Why do you love them?

John: Headless Horseman, Giorgio Gigli, Abstract Division, Gary Beck, DVS1. I really like the way they produce interesting sound textures and soundscapes by layering micro-sounds while still managing to get you on dance floor till the death knock. That’s incredible!

In what other musical genres you see this pack being used?

John: Beyond the obvious use in all the Techno sub-genres such as Progressive, Dark, Cave, UK Techno and more, the pack works well for Progressive and Raw House. In addition, I am pretty sure that some of the included loops could be used as underscore music on video and motion design.

How do you advise Regroover's users to integrate sound packs in their projects?

John: I’d suggest everyone to experiment with the sounds, pushing the limits of their creativity while making use of the super flexible audio engine of Regroover.

Regroover Expansion Pack: FRACTALS

FRACTALS - Chic EDM Grooves

High energy pack of well-designed EDM sounds & loops. Processed beats & crispy synth sounds combined with pitched vocals and catchy bass lines.

The kits are influenced by the following artists:

Mazor Lazer
DJ Snake
Calvin Harris
The Chainsmokers • Martin Garrix

Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits

Produced for accusonus by John Valasis

What was your inspiration for the FRACTALS pack?

John: The whole new era of young EDM producers who have succeeded in creating a new musical genre by making music with just a laptop and by ignoring the principles of a well-balanced music production. I remember the first time that I listened to Rustie's music I thought WTF is that... All of his tracks sounded over-compressed, almost smashed to my ears. But the fact that some people use sound in more unconventional or less rational way as well as use music as a vehicle to express themselves is remarkable.

Who were the artists that inspired you?

John: Josh Pan, Odesza, Calvin Harris, DJ Snake and Major Lazer to name a few. I’d say that the pack would work well in every aspect of electronic music, especially the provided one-shots samples, which cover a wide range of diverse music genres, moods and aesthetics, giving you the option to create countless combinations of new, well-designed sounds based on your taste.

In what other musical genres you see this pack being used?

John: I’d say that the pack would work well in every aspect of electronic music, especially the provided one-shots samples, which cover a wide range of diverse music genres, moods and aesthetics, giving you the option to create countless combinations of new, well-designed sounds based on your taste.

Regroover Expansion Pack: COSMIC RAYS

COSMIC RAYS - Forward-thinking house music

Dedicated to the dance-floor, “Cosmic Rays” could be described as an amalgamation of early Chicago house music and modern melodic techno.
Analog synth sounds meticulously combined with 4/4 dance beats to create a rich, layered sound palette. The kits are influenced from the following artists:

Stephan Bodzin
Red Axes
Aitor Ronda
Max Cooper
Marc Romboy

Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits

Produced for accusonus by John Valasis

Regroover Expansion Pack: RUSTY BLOCK

RUSTY BLOCK - Trap meets Future RnB

Sharp synth sounds and sub bass frequencies combined with dynamic electronic drums in order to create a modern Trap and Future RnB collection of samples and loops.
The kits are influenced from the following artists:

Josh Pan
Yellow Claw
MC Fioti

Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits

Produced for accusonus by John Valasis


HYPER-ABSTRACT ELECTRONICA - Post-digital / abstract organic sounds.

What was your inspiration for the HYPER-ABSTRAC ELECTRONICA pack?

Well, Blade Runner 2049 had just been released and I was inspired to make some kind of post-digital / abstract organic sounds. Natural sounds realised with technology and digital sounds that have been 'worldised'. They are quite textural and diffuse sounds. Not your typical Trap or House drum kit. ;)

When working on the pack, were there any artists in mind that have influenced you?

Burial, Lapalux, Hecq, Amon Tobin, Guy Andrews.

How would you advise Regroover's users to approach the pack in order to use it their productions? Any workflow recommendations?

Put the sounds onto pads and play them. Use them in live performances, manipulate their parameters drastically. See what new things you can come up with.

Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 16bits

Produced for accusonus by Aneek Thapar







ERA-D, ERA-R & ERA-N Bundle


accusonus ERA-D

The New Standard In Noise & Reverb Removal



As a sound professional, you sometimes simply can’t afford to throw away a recording contaminated by noise and/or reverberation. An actor’s genius performance, a singer’s perfect vocal take, a musician’s moment of true inspiration: in all these cases you have to save the original sound. While there are a number of tools on the market that sound professionals use to deal with noise and reverberation, they require that you deal with noise and reverberation separately and their workflows can be complex and time consuming. ERA-D from accusonus changes all that by providing the first restoration plugin that simultaneously removes noise and reverberation. ERA-D is based on an advanced technology and a simple and straightforward user interface that manages noise and reverb problems faster and more effectively than any currently available workflow.

Noise and reverberation are around us all the time. But these normal sounds of every day life can be a complex sea of ever-changing distortion that an audio editor must wrestle with. Traditional tools cope with noise or reverberation separately and their simplistic algorithms fail to “understand” the complexity and interdependency of noise & reverberation. The brain trust at accusonus, recognized as academic experts in the field of audio analysis, exhaustively researched both the common and distinct sonic elements of noise and reverberation and set out to develop technology that could analyze and manage them either separately or together. The result is ERA-D. 

ERA-D’s patented technology (US 9,060,052) is also the first to analyze information from multiple microphones; when more than one microphone is available, the ERA-D explores the multichannel information to better suppress reverb and/or noise. The product offers unique solutions to problems that couldn’t have previously been solved. ERA-D features a flexible signal-processing engine that allows for dramatic improvement of sound quality and saves recordings that would have otherwise been unsalvageable. And all of this comes with a slick, innovative interface that allows you to quickly achieve astonishing results.

After more than 10 man-years of R&D, more than 30 scientific papers and chapters in technology books, and a recently granted US patent, the game-changing accusonus ERA-D is ready to shake the audio post-production world!



De-Noise and De-Reverberation knobs function in single or dual mode 
4 Modes of Operation:

 - De-Noise: Signal passes through the de-noise engine only.

 - De-Reverb: Signal passes through the de-reverberation engine only.

 - Cascade: Signal passes through the de-noise and then the de-reverberation engines. 

 - Parallel: Signal passes through the de-noise and de-reverberation engines simultaneously. When parallel mode is selected, a fader appears to set the balance between noise and reverb suppression.

Dual mode provides separate analysis of two sources, such as two different microphones, for improved noise and/or reverb reduction. 
Advanced Controls for de-noise include a noise time constant, which affects the speed at which the algorithm adapts to noise changes, a processing time constant, which affects the general adaptation speed of the noise suppression engine in Dual Mode, and three flavors of noise reduction: A, B and C
Separate reverb time constant controls for low and high frequencies affect the speed at which the algorithm adapts to reverb changes.
Advanced Artifact Control 
Hi-res graphical display of noise, reverb, dry and processed signals
Four adjustable frequency bands provide post-processing adjustment of noise and reverb control in frequency ranges
Link button groups the frequency bands together
In / Out / Diff buttons provide monitoring of the unprocessed input signal, the processed output signal and the signal being removed by ERA-D. 
ST / L / R buttons provide monitoring of the complete stereo signal or a single channel.



Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
OSX 10.7 or higher in 32 or 64 bit.
Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 & Win 8 in 32 or 64 bit

Intel CPU only (we recommend at least 2 Ghz)

Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; we recommend at least 2 GHz)

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM



ERA-R: Single-knob reverb removal plugin

Does your audio sound distant, "echoey" or hollow? Can you understand the speaker or hear the speech clearly? Bring the sound closer, add clarity, clean up your dialogue tracks and tighten up your music performances. ERA-R is the only plugin that removes excessive reverb with a single knob.


How It Works?

Based on the accusonus multi-patented audio restoration technology, ERA-R automatically estimates the reverberation profile and is able to adjust the amount of reverberation in a streamlined interface.



ERA-R Use Cases







ERA-N: High-quality noise removal with simple single-knob control

Let’s face it, noise happens but you don’t have to settle. Most tools on the market are hard and slow to use, and give you only mediocre results. That’s why we made the single knob series of plug-ins with ERA-N and ERA-R. ERA-N is a single-knob high-quality denoise plugin that just works. ERA-N offers a quick and efficient workflow and allows you to rescue audio or video recordings that you would have previously considered unusable. 


Save your noisy files!

Whether you are working with dialog, voiceovers, lectures, podcasts, or speeches by the bride and groom, ERA-N has you covered. You can greatly reduce and remove unwanted fans, air-conditioners or other background noise with the turn of a single knob. 



Unique multi-patented technology

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind high-quality audio denoise algorithm

Instant workflow

ERA-N automatically estimates the noise profile

5 frequency presets

Use five intuitive spectral presets to focus your processing in specific frequency bands

Intuitive interface

Increase/decrease the noise reduction via a single knob






Drum bleed reduction & mic leakage suppression tools

New features in Version 2! Faster analysis (up to 50% faster depending on CPU power) and improvements to the algorithm and workflow. This specially-priced combo includes the companion drumatom player plugin that allows you to reduce bleed from inside your DAW.

Drumatom is the world’s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings! Based on the patent pending Advanced Audio Analysis (A3) technology from Greece’s accusonus, this application is nothing short of MAGIC! Drumatom2 reduces cross-microphone bleed on recorded drum tracks without altering the drum tones you worked so hard to capture. Using advanced signal analysis and processing, drumatom determines the difference between a snare hit and a hi-hat hit, allowing you to reduce the level of the hi-hat from the snare track while preserving the snare sound, even if both snare and hi-hat were struck at the same time! Drumatom uses custom algorithms for each of the following drum types: 

Tom Toms

Since drumatom filters out bleed based on tonal content rather than amplitude, low-level signals you want to keep - like ghost notes on a snare - are preserved while mic bleed signals are significantly reduced. drumatom also reduces phase cancellation and comb filtering effects — two problems common with multitrack drum recordings.

By providing greater track separation, drumatom allows for more individual processing of drum tracks. Imagine dialing in a problematic kick drum track without affecting the snare drum sound that had bled onto it. 

Drumatom is a stand-alone MAC & PC application every sound engineer can use to mix drums like never before. Boost highs on the snare channel without introducing harsh hi-hat crosstalk. Add reverb on rim shots, mix hot and panned toms without phase shifting or adding harshness to the cymbals. Don’t be surprised if, after using drumatom on a drum mix, you want to go back and use it on all your mixes!

The companion drumatom player plugin allows you to control the bleed of your analyzed drumatom tracks from within your DAW, providing a whole new level of control during mixdown.



Reduces cross-microphone bleed on recorded drum tracks without altering the tone of the source
Reduces microphone bleed throughout the duration of the drum hit — from attack to tail
Focus and Fine Tune controls make dialing in just the right amount of bleed reduction easy
Custom algorithms for each of the following drum types: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, Tom-Toms
Flexible and easy copy/paste of drum tracks between analysis groups
Import tracks from a .dls (drumatom group file) directly into a new session
Filters out bleed based on tonal content, not amplitude
Simple, intuitive interface
Auto matching of algorithms to track names, kick to tracks named “kick”, snare to tracks named “snare” etc.
Suppression meter displays the level of reduction in dB
Waveform display shows processed sound (white) overlaid with original (blue)
plugin player allows you to control the amount of bleed from within the DAW while mixing



Supported Operating Systems:
OSX: v10.6.0 or later (64-bit)

Win: 7, 8 (64-bit)

System Requirements:
RAM: 4GB (8+ GB highly recommended)

Monitor: 1280-by-768 resolution or higher

Hard Disk space: 500 MB

Free Hard Disk space (when processing): 5 GB (15 GB recommended)

Drumatom supports loading of .wav and .aiff file types for both Windows and Mac. Mac users may also use .caf files.

Bitrates: 16, 24, 32 bits

Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz

Please note that drumatom does not currently support loading of files with different sample rate in the same


Drumatom Player

NOTE: The drumatom Player Plugin requires .dls files created by the drumatom app so you must either have the app, or be working with a studio that delivers .dls files to mix into your session. 

The drumatom2 application is the world’s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings! The drumatom app has fast become indispensable for working pros around the world. Many customers have asked if it would be possible to control the amount of bleed from within the DAW session. Well, the brilliant folks at accusonus have answered this request with the new drumatom player plugin companion to drumatom2. Drumatom player imports .dls files that have been analyzed in the drumatom2 app so you can control the bleed of each track, as well as the overall bleed, while listening to the rest of your mix!

The drumatom player plugin gives you the ability to dial in the amount of bleed to taste for each track while listening to the rest of your mix. Some projects may demand the preservation of a little bleed in order to maintain that raw drum vibe; being able to adjust bleed from within the context of such a mix is quite helpful. Drumatom player supports all major plugin formats (AAX, AU, VST).

If you’re already using drumatom, the drumatom player is a fantastic addition to your drum toolkit. If you’ve been considering getting the drumatom2 app, be sure to demo it along with the player plugin to see just how well they work together. Like all Plugin Alliance products, both drumatom2 and the drumatom player plugin are available as full function 14-day demos (no dongle!). Download them and try them out today, your drum tracks will thank you!



Allows for in-mix monitoring of drumatom processing inside the DAW session
Supports 16 mono outputs with individual controls for Focus, Fine Tune, Bypass, Output
Global Focus and Fine tune controls
Global bypass
Track solo
All parameters fully automatable
Formats: VST, AU, AAX 64-bit



Supported Plugin Formats:

Supported Formats:
OSX: AU, VST, AAX (64-bit)

Win: VST, AAX (64-bit)

SpecialsNov 15, 2019