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Accusonus Drumatom Bundle

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Quick Overview

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Drum bleed reduction & mic leakage suppression tools

New features in Version 2! Faster analysis (up to 50% faster depending on CPU power) and improvements to the algorithm and workflow. This specially-priced combo includes the companion drumatom player plugin that allows you to reduce bleed from inside your DAW.

Drumatom is the world’s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings! Based on the patent pending Advanced Audio Analysis (A3) technology from Greece’s accusonus, this application is nothing short of MAGIC! Drumatom2 reduces cross-microphone bleed on recorded drum tracks without altering the drum tones you worked so hard to capture. Using advanced signal analysis and processing, drumatom determines the difference between a snare hit and a hi-hat hit, allowing you to reduce the level of the hi-hat from the snare track while preserving the snare sound, even if both snare and hi-hat were struck at the same time!


Drumatom uses custom algorithms for each of the following drum types:

Tom Toms


Since drumatom filters out bleed based on tonal content rather than amplitude, low-level signals you want to keep - like ghost notes on a snare - are preserved while mic bleed signals are significantly reduced. drumatom also reduces phase cancellation and comb filtering effects — two problems common with multitrack drum recordings.

By providing greater track separation, drumatom allows for more individual processing of drum tracks. Imagine dialing in a problematic kick drum track without affecting the snare drum sound that had bled onto it. 

Drumatom is a stand-alone MAC & PC application every sound engineer can use to mix drums like never before. Boost highs on the snare channel without introducing harsh hi-hat crosstalk. Add reverb on rim shots, mix hot and panned toms without phase shifting or adding harshness to the cymbals. Don’t be surprised if, after using drumatom on a drum mix, you want to go back and use it on all your mixes!

The companion drumatom player plugin allows you to control the bleed of your analyzed drumatom tracks from within your DAW, providing a whole new level of control during mixdown.



Reduces cross-microphone bleed on recorded drum tracks without altering the tone of the source
Reduces microphone bleed throughout the duration of the drum hit — from attack to tail
Focus and Fine Tune controls make dialing in just the right amount of bleed reduction easy
Custom algorithms for each of the following drum types: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, Tom-Toms
Flexible and easy copy/paste of drum tracks between analysis groups
Import tracks from a .dls (drumatom group file) directly into a new session
Filters out bleed based on tonal content, not amplitude
Simple, intuitive interface
Auto matching of algorithms to track names, kick to tracks named “kick”, snare to tracks named “snare” etc.
Suppression meter displays the level of reduction in dB
Waveform display shows processed sound (white) overlaid with original (blue)
plugin player allows you to control the amount of bleed from within the DAW while mixing



Supported Operating Systems:
OSX: v10.6.0 or later (64-bit)

Win: 7, 8 (64-bit)

System Requirements:
RAM: 4GB (8+ GB highly recommended)

Monitor: 1280-by-768 resolution or higher

Hard Disk space: 500 MB

Free Hard Disk space (when processing): 5 GB (15 GB recommended)

Drumatom supports loading of .wav and .aiff file types for both Windows and Mac. Mac users may also use .caf files.

Bitrates: 16, 24, 32 bits

Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz

Please note that drumatom does not currently support loading of files with different sample rate in the same Group.


Drumatom Player

NOTE: The drumatom Player Plugin requires .dls files created by the drumatom app so you must either have the app, or be working with a studio that delivers .dls files to mix into your session. 

The drumatom2 application is the world’s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings! The drumatom app has fast become indispensable for working pros around the world. Many customers have asked if it would be possible to control the amount of bleed from within the DAW session. Well, the brilliant folks at accusonus have answered this request with the new drumatom player plugin companion to drumatom2. Drumatom player imports .dls files that have been analyzed in the drumatom2 app so you can control the bleed of each track, as well as the overall bleed, while listening to the rest of your mix!

The drumatom player plugin gives you the ability to dial in the amount of bleed to taste for each track while listening to the rest of your mix. Some projects may demand the preservation of a little bleed in order to maintain that raw drum vibe; being able to adjust bleed from within the context of such a mix is quite helpful. Drumatom player supports all major plugin formats (AAX, AU, VST).

If you’re already using drumatom, the drumatom player is a fantastic addition to your drum toolkit. If you’ve been considering getting the drumatom2 app, be sure to demo it along with the player plugin to see just how well they work together. Like all Plugin Alliance products, both drumatom2 and the drumatom player plugin are available as full function 14-day demos (no dongle!). Download them and try them out today, your drum tracks will thank you!



Allows for in-mix monitoring of drumatom processing inside the DAW session
Supports 16 mono outputs with individual controls for Focus, Fine Tune, Bypass, Output
Global Focus and Fine tune controls
Global bypass
Track solo
All parameters fully automatable
Formats: VST, AU, AAX 64-bit



Supported Plugin Formats:

Supported Formats:
OSX: AU, VST, AAX (64-bit)

Win: VST, AAX (64-bit)

SpecialsMar 29, 2018