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Acorn Instruments Triple-D5 Drum Kit

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Quick Overview

Triple-D5 dynamic digital drum kit is a fully featured kit that plays really well, sounds great, is easy to use, is compact and roadworthy, offers incredible value and is ideal for live performance, practicing or computer music composition...
Triple-D5 dynamic digital drum kit is a fully featured kit that plays really well, sounds great, is easy to use, is compact and roadworthy, offers incredible value and is ideal for live performance, practicing or computer music composition. Most importantly, Triple-D5 is a great instrument.

Utilizing digital technology it delivers vast choice of sounds recorded from renowned acoustic drum kits. Each type of pad is controlled by its own velocity curve to provide as dynamic and consistent a response as possible. The rubber coated pads provide just exactly the right amount of bounce to make the kit comfortable to play, and avoid fatigue. 

The included drum brain feature both internal sounds and USB for external connectivity. The internal library of sounds range across pretty much any style, from standard acoustic, rock, reggae, latin and jazz, to electronic, dance, experimental kits and plenty in between. The professionally sampled instruments were recorded using a selection of close and overhead microphones as well as a wide selection of high-end acoustic drums. The techniques captured the characteristics of each instrument and the final result is a great selection of well produced kits. 

With a total of 327 different instruments, there is plenty of choice. Each instrument can form part of any kit and the final result can be stored to any of the 30 kit locations. Build-in mixing capability allows level to be adjusted for every instrument plus effects such as reverb and chorus can be programmed for each kit individually.

Sensitive durable rubber coated pads provide a fast, active response and each pad can be individually tailored to different playing styles by adjusting sensitivity, threshold and selecting velocity curves. The drum frame is manufactured from extruded aluminum to ensure the Triple-D5 is road worthy and portable. Every pad instrument can be angle and height adjusted to suit a players requirements. 

 Triple-D5 main features: 

• Traditional 5 piece kit configuration 
• Snare drum with rim shot zone 
• All in one kick drum pad/pedal design 
• Hi-hat round cymbal pad and foot controller 
• 3 toms 
• 2 round cymbal pads for splash and ride 
• Compact single braced aluminum stand 
• Custom LCD display 
• 327 percussion and drum instruments 
• 30 memory kit locations, all user customizable 
• Metronome 
• Practice tracks and demos 
• Built-in reverb and chorus effects 
• Standard ¼ inch jack headphone, Stereo out and stereo aux input sockets for connection to/from external equipment 
• USB, class compliant for plug and play 

 Image of Triple-D5
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The Sound Module 
The Triple-D5 sound module contains no less than 327 individual drum sounds that can be assembled in to kits in any number of combinations. A total of 30 kit locations are available each expertly programmed by default to give you a variety of choice.

Setup Mode
Setup mode provides access to all the parameters that affect the kit overall and hopefully only needs to be set once. Here the Trigger parameters such as Sensitivity, Threshold, Velocity Curve and Xtalk can be set for each pad. The individual pad adjustment of these parameters means that the pads response can be optimized for individual players and any mis-triggering as a result of vibrations, can be eliminated.

Kit Edit
The sound module holds 30 kits in memory and any of them can be edited and saved for future recall. The Kit Edit menu is where it all happens. Here you can choose between any of the 327 instruments and combine them in to your own favorite kits. Level can be set for each individual instrument to get the mix exactly right. And finally, reverb and chorus can be set for every kit. Moving from a hall to a dry room in seconds has never been this easy with a drum kit.
Metronome & Tap Tempo
The Triple-D5 sound module also features a built-in metronome for practicing or just getting the tempo right every time. Its possible to set the time signature as well as tempo manually. In addition, the tap tempo feature makes it really easy to set it with feel rather than numbers.
Song & Recorder
Practicing to a metronome is a good discipline. But playing the part in a band is important too. We provide 30 practice songs for this purpose. You can play along with an accompaniment of instruments including an existing drum track. Or you can switch the drums of and play along doing your own thing.With the build-in recorder you can capture you performance and listen back at a later stage.
To The Left
The left side of the module contains the power on/off switch, the connection point for the included 9v power supply and a standard 1/4" TRS stereo headphone socket, so you can practice without disturbing the rest of the family too much.

And To The Right
The right side feature a stereo TRS 1/4 inch jack for connection of auxiliary devices such as a mixer (or maybe you don't want a feed from the rest of the band?), an mp3 player, CD player or whatever else you want to listen to while playing the Triple-D5 digital drum kit.

Turn To The Back
Pads, cymbals and foot pedals are conveniently connected on the the back of the unit. A USB socket facilitates the connection of a computer music system. Triple-D5 is class compliant so it works with all MIDI software program's supporting USB class drivers, on both Mac and Windows PC platforms. No drivers are required. 

Image of Triple-D5

 Pads & Frame

Snare Drum
The Triple-D5 snare drum is rubber covered and offer an excellent snappy response due to the density of the rubber material. It's dual zone, so hitting the rim activates a second instrument such as rim shot but can also be used to trigger an alternate drum sound.
There are 3 toms in total and like the snare drum, they are angle adjustable both vertically and horizontally. The rubber coated pad surface has a slightly lower tension than the snare drum to give a feel closer to that of an acoustic drum kit.
Hi-hat and cymbals
Cymbals are round and we like it that way. It just looks more like a kit. The trigger area is rubber coated and the cymbals can be angle adjusted to preference.
Both hi-hat and kick pedals are designed in extruded aluminum and ABS plastic with carpet grippers securing them safely to the ground. The kick drum is an all in one design with hammer and pad build-in to one assembly. The beater shaft and springs can be adjusted to preference.
Frame & Fittings
The frame itself is assembled from 7 extruded aluminum tubes with ABS plastic fittings that are designed for maximum durability and tested for tightness even during excessive stress. The tightening screw head is rubber coated for a firm grip ensuring the fitting can be tightened when everything has been adjusted and seated correctly.

Audio Samples 

Triple-D5 audio demo 1
A solo drum performance.......

Triple-D5 audio demo 2
Band performance...

What's included?

Box includes:

Lightweight, adjustable aluminum tube drum frame 
Snare drum pad with rim zone 
Kick pedal with built-in pad 
Hi-hat cymbal pad 
Hi-hat pedal (dual zone) 
Three tom pads 
Two cymbal pads 
Triple-D5 sound module 
Trigger cables to connect every pad to the sound module 
Two Drum sticks 
Power supply 
User guide


Weight: 44.5 lb