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Arturia BeatStep Pro Sequencer & Pad Controller

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Quick Overview

BeatStep Pro is a world class controller and a dynamic performance sequencer that is unmatched in power and connectivity...
On stage or in the studio BeatStep Pro is designed to perform. Whether you work with MIDI, USB, CV/gate or DIN sync gear, BeatStep Pro is all about no limits and total creative control.

Step up your music

Designed for hands-on hardware sequencing, the BeatStep Pro brings two fully independent melodic sequencers and one drum sequencer.

You can from the BeatStep Pro manage a full performance, controlling software instruments, analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines and drum kits, iPad apps.

The melodic sequencers offer up to 64 steps per sequence, 16 sequences per project and 16 projects, making them the most impressive step sequencers ever made.

The additional drum sequencer allows for 16 separate tracks of sequencing. Record in real-time via the pads or use the step buttons for a classic drum machine workflow.

Performance Maestro

As if all this were not enough, we added a number of performance effects such as a looper with touch strip, randomizer, swing settings and other hands on control possibilities that are sure to make this a modern classic.

Take control

The controller mode allows you to trigger clips in your favorite DAW, play drum sounds in a module or adjust parameters in your favorite plug-in. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Total integration

With USB, MIDI in and out, CV/GATE outputs, and Clock in/out that can work as a 1:1 clock with an external clock generator or DIN sync, the BeatStep Pro goes well beyond any other step-sequencer on the market. You can use it with large modular synthesizers, current digital synthesizers, the computer.


Main Features

2 monophonic step sequencersUp to 64 steps per sequence
Note, velocity and gate time settings per step
Note tie
16-track drum sequencer (one track per pad)MIDI controller mode
Fully customizable for knobs, step buttons and velocity and pressure sensitive pads
Send MIDI CC, note data, program changes
16 Projects, each with 16x2 sequences, 16 drum sequences and a controller map.
Performance controls
Randomizer with Amount and Probability settings
Real-time looper/roller touch strip
Independent swing amount per sequence
Touch sensitive knobs
Tap Tempo
ConnectivityCV/GATE outputs (1 volt per octave CV, 10 volt gates)
8 drum gate outputs
Clock sync with multiple standards
MIDI In/Out with supplied MIDI adaptors
USB class compliant
Kensington lock


BeatStep Pro and me

Everybody needs a BeatStep Pro! The combination of MIDI control and advanced sequencing possibilities makes this amazing product the weapon of choice in modern set-ups where analogue and digital are often associated.


Beatstep Pro fits nicely in any studio. Used as a MIDI controller, it provides enough knobs, pads, transport controls for any use case. All of these controls are fully customizable, using the included MIDI Control Center application. The drum and melodic sequencers make it a perfect companion to any DAW, offering a new approach to composition.


You want to play live and need instruments designed with the performance in focus? BeatStep Pro is just that. Use pre-programmed patterns or record them in real-time, generate stunning fills with the touch sensitive looper/roller strip and add some unpredictability with the Randomness/Probability dedicated controls. Everything is at your fingertips

Sequences, or even entire projects can be changed in real-time, the MIDI and analog clock inputs and outputs ensure that everything stays in sync.

All of this, packed in one single well thoughtout device. Sooner rather than later it will be the centerpiece in your set-up.


BeatStep Pro does not generate sound by itself, but gives you the ultimate control over your sound generators. Fear not, we designed it to be compatible with pretty much any hardware or computer based device.

The USB or the dedicated MIDI In and Out ports provide bi-directional MIDI connectivity. Control, sequence, synchronize other equipment with BeatStep Pro.

Both melodic sequencers provide three 1/8" jack connectors : Two CV outputs for Pitch and Velocity, as well as a Gate output. Use these to connect to outboard analog gear such as a MiniBrute, a modular system or a vintage synthesizer with no MIDI connectivity.

Sequence your favourite drum machine via MIDI or the eight drum gate outputs.

Make sure everything is perfectly in sync by using the clock in and out conections.


BeatStep Pro was designed to be easy to use. The sequencers are each associated with a color. Look at the back, the same colors help you plug your gear easily. More importantly, the step buttons light up in the same color as the current sequence, giving you instant feedback on what you are working on.

BeatStep Pro is not about drop-down menus, double function buttons, complex editing. Each sequencer has its own display so you always know what sequence is playing.

This instrument was built with quality in mind. It will endure even the most demanding pad drumming and knob twiddling you can throw at it!

Three modes of operation

Melodic sequencer

BeatStep Pro features two melodic step sequencers. Record note pitch, length and velocity in real-time with the pads or an external keyboard and hear your sequence play back, quantized at the step resolution. You can also enter them in step mode using the touch-sensitive knobs and step buttons.

Sequences can have up to 64 steps, there are 32 sequences per project and 16 projects.

Drum sequencer

Alongside the two monophonic melodic sequencers, BeatStep Pro also features a 16 track drum sequencer. Once again, these sequences can be recorded in real-time by banging the pads, or with a classic drum machine workflow, by entering steps.

The knobs can be used to define the note length and velocity, but also to shift them from the grid quantization, in order to get exactly the kind of groove you want.

MIDI Controller

BeatStep Pro comes with touch-sensitive encoders. Simply brush any knob to know the value of the associated parameter. With an additional set of 16 pads and many transport controls you can configure the way you want, take control of your VST instruments like never before.

All the controls you need

Let's take a closer look at each element you will find on BeatStep Pro's front panel and rear connections.


Send MIDI MACHINE CONTROL messages to start and stop your favorite DAW. Use the RECORD mode to quantize record sequences or drum patterns in real-time.


Link your sequence preset or transposition changes so all sequencers change at the same time. 

3-SWING & Randomizer

Separate swing per sequencer or global swing. Adds subtle or wild amounts of pattern randomization. Amount and probability controls allow for limitless options.

4-Pattern length

Each sequence can be from 1 to 64 steps in length. The display will show the current playback position and bank length of the currently selected sequence.

5-Multiple sync sources

Internal clock, USB and external MIDI clock, or analog/DIN clocking.

6-SEQUENCE control section

This section allows you to choose your sequence, set the KNOBS mode for each sequencer and MUTE playback of individual sequencers.


Choose PROJECTS and the CONTROL mode from here.

8-Touch sensitive knobs

Touch a knob and see its value in the LED display. The knobs allow for entering of pitch, gate, velocity amounts and timing shifts per step.

9-STEP buttons

The 16 STEP buttons allow for instant user control of the current sequencers steps it is playing back. They also function as direct select buttons for choosing the current sequencers presets.

10-Pressure sensitive pads

The 16 pads, known for their great sensitivity, allow for user playing of sounds in the control or drum mode as well as for pitch transposition in the SEQ1 and SEQ2 modes.


1 volt per octave CV/GATE outputs per sequence. A separate VELO output allows you even more possibilities in a modular synth or MiniBrute/MicroBrute setup.

12-DRUM gates

The drum sequencer will send gate outputs from the corresponding pads for triggering external devices.


Clock input and output can work with standard square wave clocks. Using our DIN adaptor cable, you can set the BeatStep Pro to send or receive DIN sync with stop/start messages.


Using our included MIDI adaptors you can use the BeatStep to interface with any MIDI equipped gear.


The USB port allows for standard class-compliant bus-powered operation. Use a USB power adaptor to run the BeatStep Pro in a standalone situation.