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Arturia DrumBrute Pure Analog Drum Synthesizer

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Quick Overview

DrumBrute is an all-in-one analog drum machine designed with performance and in-depth sound editing at its heart. Give your music the analog impact it deserves!


Providing 17 distinct, fully analog drum and percussion instruments with an intuitive sequencer, massive connectivity, a two-mode Steiner-Parker filter, and dynamic performance controls, DrumBrute will take your beat production to the next level. 

Create energetic and exciting drum beats with a single, user-friendly device. With its vast sonic potential and smooth workflow, DrumBrute meets and exceeds the expectations of demanding musicians. Bridging the gap between inspiration and technology, DrumBrute offers punchy analog drum sounds, advanced 64 step / 64 pattern sequencing possibilities and ultra-effective performance controls.


Strike the First Blow

Create your perfect kit using the best analog sounds 

Every single one of the seventeen drum & percussion parts is 100% analog, and carries the savage DNA of the Brute synth family. DrumBrute is fully polyphonic, so all of its sounds can be played simultaneously and twisted by the nasty two-mode 12dB Steiner-Parker filter.

Soft, sharp, pure, trashy, or devastating... DrumBrute lets you create an exciting, personal sound palette that will electrify your music.



Absolute Rhythm Mastermind

Big sounds without the big budget

A collection of 17 distinct analog drum instruments; an advanced 64-step drum sequencer with song mode; a polyrhythmic, step-repeat glitch machine; a performance powerhouse and sequence looper. DrumBrute is all of this. It can also act as your creative hub, as its vast connectivity allows you to output different sections of your mix separately, and connect to all your existing studio & performance gear with USB, MIDI, and Clock I/O. 

More than the sum of its parts, DrumBrute combines the technical perfection of studio gear with the excitement of a playable instrument


The most important aspect of any instrument is its sound. Here are some examples of how DrumBrute performs in a variety of different styles and genres. 

Thanks to its fully analog architecture, DrumBrute's sounds can be tweaked and modified to suit your taste, helping you achieve the perfect tone for your track.


Hit with your Instinct, Beat with your Heart

Workflow on overdrive 

Every feature and detail in DrumBrute has been designed to amplify your creative flow. Producing? DrumBrute makes shaping your sound and building your rhythmic patterns a breeze. Performing? DrumBrute gives you massive connectivity and vital control. Every function is immediately accessible from the front panel. No dropdown menu, no waste of time. 

More playing, less planning 


Let’s take a closer look at what DrumBrute has to offer...


1. 17 Pure analog drum sounds

All analog, all the time. Two flavors of kick drums, wide-ranging snare and clap settings, two hi-hats with separate tone and decay controls, and more. The DrumBrute offers a wider sound palette than any other analog drum machine on the market.


2. 64 patterns with up to 64 steps

Easily create your own patterns by using the STEP and ACCENT buttons or play them in real-time from the pads. The looper lets you instantly modify your beat and create real-time pattern effects, making this the perfect performance drum machine.


3. 16 Songs

Make your own song by chaining up to sixteen patterns.



4. Swing

Swing can be global or per drum. This gives your music a feel and groove that will light up the dance floors.


5. Randomness

Randomness can be applied to all instruments globally or to individual tracks. This ranges from adding small variations to change the feel, to huge variations generating crazy, random patterns for more experimental music.


6. Output filter

The Steiner-Parker filter on the output allows you to create interesting sweeps and do on-the-fly tricks like dropping out the bass and emphasizing the highs, ready to kick in the low end at a moment’s notice.


7. Sync to the world

DrumBrute can sync to external MIDI devices, vintage sequencers using DIN sync, modular synths with 1PPS clock and to a computer via USB. The DrumBrute is made to be the rhythm center of your production setup.


8. Headphone outputs

3.5mm and 1/4” outputs allow you direct connection with any kind of headphone.


9. Individual outputs

You can listen to and mix all your drums via the MIX output or you can remove them from the mix by connecting to the individual outs. This allows for external processing of each sound.




10. Connectivity

With USB, MIDI, and our trademark clock & DIN sync I/O, you can connect to almost any device on the market today.


11. Power input

12V DC input powers the amazing sound of this drum machine. The strain-relief T-bar will prevent your DrumBrute’s power from accidentally disconnecting.


Gut-Busting Drums

Zero-compromise analog drum machine. 

Whether for step-sequenced beat making, real-time sound tweaking, or finger drumming performance, DrumBrute sets a new precedent for ergonomics, sequencing, editing, and pure sonic power. 

DrumBrute will surprise even the most hardcore analog fans, opening up exciting new avenues of sound creation using its heavy kicks, punchy snares, lightning hi-hats, and shimmering cymbals.


Invoke The Sound

The key to your dance floor anthem.

DrumBrute’s core is made of seventeen 100%-analog drum and percussion instruments, so whatever drum sound you are looking for, DrumBrute has the solution. Any genre, style, or mood can be created with ease. As it’s made of independent modules, the sound triggering circuitry allows for full polyphony, meaning that all the instruments can be used simultaneously for an unrestricted creative experience.

Among the 17 drum sounds, you will find re-imagined legends like 808 and 909 kicks, old-school rim, claves and cowbell, as well as incredibly usable, modern sounds like snappy & aggressive snares, cutting "zap", as well as the first ever analog reverse cymbal sound.



Instrument Parameters

Is there anything more instinctive than tweaking the parameters of an analog instrument? We didn’t think so. DrumBrute lets you adjust the tonal quality of each individual drum using 24 parameters, and mix your levels to perfection. Creating your perfect beat is a simple and natural process. Want a chilled, slow-motion atmosphere? Lengthen the decays, lower the pitches and give your kick a lazy sweep. Crave a nasty, cutting beat? Raise the snap level and the pitches, and tighten up the decay. 



Steiner Parker Filter

The beating heart of a drum machine, the soul of a synthesizer

DrumBrute integrates a remarkable two-mode Steiner-Parker filter which allows you to create really dynamic, interesting effects. The filter can be set to low-pass mode, high-pass mode or bypassed entirely. The cut-off and resonance controls let you get really hands on, giving you huge scope to shape the sound of your drums. Add depth to your beat, emphasize its tone, make it dirty, and animate it with live sweep effects. 


The sound of DrumBrute is not what you get, but what you make with it 


Step Sequencer

The built-in advanced step sequencer is one of the most important aspects of DrumBrute. 

The focus on workflow was taken to the extreme: 16 highly reactive step buttons so you never miss a beat; individual & global swing parameters to add feel; randomness controls that transform your pattern from unpredictable to completely chaotic… all with a simple and intuitive interface. 

Based on our award-winning BeatStep Pro sequencer, this 64-step sequencer goes even further by implementing exciting new features. 



The swing level starts at 0% and is then progressively increased.

The swing feature shifts one step over two which is perfect for getting a groovy feel. This parameter can be applied separately for each instrument or globally.



Randomness is first only applied to the maracas and then to every instruments 

The Randomness factor, that can be individual or global, can transform your pattern from unpredictable to completely chaotic by giving to each step a certain probability to be played or shut.


Unquantized Recording

This demo uses the unquantized recording to create flams and an overall unstable feel.

The DrumBrute step sequencer allows you to record without quantization. By responding to the exact timing of your performance, you get more organic results.



Five instruments appear progressively. Each one has a different pattern length which create never-ending looping/rhythm variation.

Lose yourself in an endless, evolving sequence by using DrumBrute’s polyrhythm feature. This lets you assign different pattern lengths for each instrument, creating an effect of perpetual motion. 


Step Repeat

Focus on the hi-hat pattern to hear the powerful fills you can create with this feature. 

The exclusive step repeat feature lets you subdivide a step in 2, 3 or 4 sub-steps, allowing to breathe life into your fills without changing overall resolution for your patterns. 



The accents are used to turn this linear pattern into a hip-hop snare march

Drawing inspiration from classic vintage drum machines, we also added an accent feature which gives certain hits additional emphasis, giving your pattern a more dynamic feel.



Hi-hat is played using the roller and then recorded and looped. 

The roller allows you to accelerate the creation of your pattern by repeating a sound at a given interval (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32) to fill certain step of your pattern. 

No matter your style, no matter the genre, DrumBrute delivers.


Establish Contact

This is the true meaning of the word “connection” 

DrumBrute offers amazing connectivity options, letting it fit into practically any set-up. Want to process each drum sound individually or record multi-track audio? Use DrumBrute’s 12 discrete instrument outputs. Want to synchronize your vintage analogue gear, DAW software, or connect to your bandmate’s modular system? DrumBrute features comprehensive MIDI, Clock and USB integration. We’ve even included both standard sizes of headphone socket so you don’t have to waste time looking for adapters. 

DrumBrute is the backbone of your creativity.



Perform The Ritual

Don’t miss the moment.

On stage, performance is paramount. To create powerful, meaningful music you need an instrument that’s intuitive and easy to use, an instrument that offers unparalleled ergonomics and highly effective features. This is the principle that led each aspect of DrumBrute’s design. 

Say goodbye to navigating drop-down menus and cycling through screens: DrumBrute puts a dedicated panel for every control, parameter and feature right at your fingertips. Just like a traditional instrument, once you learn your way around, you’ll be able to create music with your soul, rather than your brain. 



In this demo the looper is used for creating straightforward breaks as well as short rushes in the pattern.

The looper uses the ribbon control to repeat a given part of your pattern (from 1/4 to 1/32) to add an edgy, glitchy feel to breaks and build-ups 


Song Mode

The song mode automates the chaining of the pattern to let you focusing on the performance and live sound tweaking.

The song mode allows you to create up to 16 unique compositions, each chaining up to 16 patterns from the 64 that can be saved through the 4 banks of the DrumBrute memory. 

DrumBrute blasts away all obstacles between you and your music.



Main Features

17 pure analog drum soundsKick 1, kick 2, snare, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, conga hi, conga low, tom hi, tom low, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, reverse cymbal, zap.
Wide-range controls allow for many new and unique sounds.
2 different flavors of kick drums
Our unique analog Reverse Cymbal
64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
Separate accent per drum
Song mode for chaining patterns
Pattern effectsSwing that can be global or per instrument
Randomness per instrument for generating variations.
Pattern Looper for beat repeat functions
Steiner Parker output filter with bypass
Multiple sync optionsInternal
1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24, DIN48
USB MIDI interface
Individual audio outputs
Headphone output with both 3.5mm and 1/4” jacks
Create polyrhythms
Each drum track can be a separate length.


Box contents

DrumBrute unit
Power supply

Size & weight

Instrument size : 16.46 x 10.87 x 1.58 inches (418 x 276 x 40mm)
Instrument weight : 5.69 lbs. (2.58 Kg)
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