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Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle

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This plug-in bundle brings a phasing free EQ, a mind blowing granular sound mangler and a true phaser.


Deep Phase Nine

Deep Phase Nine is a true phaser that offers unprecedented control and visual feedback. Sweep up to 24 notches per channel with a versatile LFO while Deep Phase Nine plots their motion in real time.

You can even boost peaks and notches to the point of self oscillation because a fitted look-ahead-peak-limiter constantly guards output levels.

Automatable one-shots, glassy sample-and-hold phasers locked to Performer’s tempo, deep classic 6-stagers, notch spread control, this is truly a phaser done the Audio Ease way.



RiverRun is the most versatile real time granular synthesizer available today.

Audio from the sequencer's tracks or directly from a disk file, can be streamed into and frozen in RiverRun. Tiny particles of the audio, called grains, are pushed through an envelope generator, pitched and scattered across the output channels according to the surface controls.

There is no synthesis technique that sounds quite like RiverRun’s granular synthesis, so be sure to check out the immense Gregorian monk choirs that can be created out of a single utterance. Or use RiverRun as a microscope as the grain cursor progresses through the snapshot at a hundredth of normal speed, dissecting a single guitar strum into a wealth of distinct stages. With the ‘Rhythmic’ mode it is possible to groove random samples locked to tempo, while they are simultaneously transposed to pre- selected chord pitches.



PeriScope is a flexible and phase-correct 32 band equalizer that offers incredibly sharp +36 to -144 dB bands.What’s the truly amazing thing about PeriSope ? A real-time frequency analysis is displayed directly beneath your faders so you can grab your audio exactly where you see it.

Push up a fader and you not only hear that band come up, you also see the frequency graph below the fader rise accordingly too. Use the overview window to set the lowest and highest band to any desired frequency, so you can easily zoom in on a frequency area to obtain exceptional band resolution and separation.

Distribute 32 bands from 0 Hz to 400 Hz for powerful control over the low-end of your mix while everything remains completely phase correct. Or surgically eliminate just a 10 Hz band at 3 kHz.

You won’t believe the effects you can create with an equalizer that attenuates and amplifies as precisely - and drastically - as PeriScope.

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