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Audionamix ADX Music Production Bundle VVC and TRAX Pro

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Quick Overview

ADX Professional Suite VVC and Trax Pro



The ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) 3.0 plug-in allows you extreme volume level and pan position control of the main vocal or lead melody line within a mono or stereo master mix, without requiring the original multitrack stems.

VVC uses the same cloud-based, multi-algorithmic VEX (vocal extraction) technology as ADX TRAX and ADX TRAX Pro to automatically separate audio with the convenience of working within your favorite DAW. Once the file is separated, users can effectively adjust the volume and pan positioning of the lead for various pro audio workflows in post production, broadcast, advertising and marketing industries.

You can now rent the plugin for a full 7 days from the time of payment. The rental does not auto renew, but you can easily rent it again for another 7 days any time you need it. This allows for maximum flexibility by making it possible to pay for the plugin on a project-by-project basis.


VVC is very easy to use. Its elegant interface and simple controls provide access to advanced separation algorithms and standard volume and panning sliders. Once your separation is complete, VVC 3.0 now offers volume adjustments of up to +/- 12dB, enabling even more powerful volume automation and adjustment.

VVC 3.0 offers two new separation modes: Vocal and Melody. With Vocal mode selected, Automatic Voice Activity Detection (AVAD) is activated. AVAD uses an advanced algorithm to detect where a singing voice is present and will extract melodic content only during these sections. When no vocal is present, the original mix will remain unaffected. With Melody mode selected, ADX algorithms extract melodic content for the entire duration of the acquired selection. It can be useful when trying to control the volume of a monophonic instrument (Guitar, Sax, etc.), or when the Automatic Voice Activity Detection misses segments of the vocal performance.



*New* Volume control of melodic content up to +/- 12 dB

*New* Target lead melodies as well as sung vocals

*New* Improved vocal detection algorithm

Pan control of the lead melody or sung vocal

Powerful, cloud-based automatic vocal separation featuring patented ADX technology

Intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface

Pre-set combination of algorithms for the best possible automatic separation

Secure and cutting-edge cloud computing

Supports AAX, AU, VST, Mac and Windows

Works with stereo and mono sources


Runs in most common DAWs

AAX Native 32 and 64 bit, AU, VST
Mac and Windows compatible

High Speed Internet Connection

AVID approved CPU, Mac OS and hardware configuration for use in Pro Tools 



Mastering and Remastering Engineers

Post Production Studios

Broadcast Studios

Advertising Agencies

Music Libraries

Any audio engineer or creative artist that would like to adjust the volume of the lead vocal or solo instrument in a mixed and mastered audio file.


*TRAX PRO 3.0 SUPPORTS OS X 10.10 – 10.11*  


With improved separation quality, faster processing speeds and enhanced spectral editing features, separating a melody from a mix just got easier with ADX TRAX Pro 3.0. This upgrade also includes the new STEMS file export feature, making ADX TRAX Pro 3.0 the perfect crossover tool for Audio Engineers, DJs, Producers, Remixers and Post Production Engineers. The Pan-Specific View adds another dimension to the Spectrogram, that of position within the stereo field. When the Pan-Specific View is engaged, you no longer see a left and a right channel on your spectrogram, you only see the selected range within the stereo field, represented by a single channel. All of TRAX Pro’s spectral processing and selection tools can then be applied with the Pan-Specific View active.



Transform your basic separations into professional-grade isolations with ADX TRAX Pro. The original TRAX software was developed to assist producers, audio engineers, DJs, and all creative artists in isolating vocal or melodic motifs to create new hooks, innovative remixes and virtual duets. TRAX enables users to raise or lower the level of a vocal or solo instrument in a mono or stereo mix without requiring access to the multi-track sessions. TRAX Pro adds a unique approach to spectral editing to this already powerful technology. Using our innovative, non-destructive spectral editing tools, it is now possible to further refine the results you get from the initial TRAX separation process. ADX TRAX Pro is truly the most advanced audio separation software available.



*NEW* Pan-specific spectral editing feature

*NEW* Faster spectrogram for smoother, more responsive spectral editing

*NEW* Consonants Annotation tool

*NEW* Export files in STEMS format

Improved Vocal Targeting and Import Workflow

Non-Destructive Source Separation

Integrated Post-Separation Enhancement

Multiple Bit Depth and Sample Rate Compatibility

Multi-Algorithmic Processing Matrix

Integrated Full Spectrogram

Comprehensive Suite of Spectral Editing Tools


Mac OS X 10.10 – 10.11 Only

TRAX Pro 2.5 Legacy Build included for Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.8

High Speed Internet Connection

CPU – Core Duo 2.3Ghz

RAM – 4 GB




Create vocal and/or instrumental riffs to drop into a mix
Create music beds from well know songs to mashup and mix up



Create contemporary and artistic remixes and mashups using any vocal and/or instrumental



To clean up a recording that may have mic bleed from other instruments into the vocal track
Add volume to a vocal that was mixed and mastered too low
Add effects and processing to a vocal or solo instrument that is already mixed without need of separate stems
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