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Beatskillz SampleX Vintage Sampler Emulator Plugin - Educational

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SAMPLEX Vintage Sampler Emulator

Available in AU/VST/AAX – WIN/OSX

SampleX brings you accurately modeled vintage sampler emulation. Dial-in the sample rate, bit rate, aliasing, input drive and filter settings to sound like any sampler, or design your own. Multiple sampler emulation presets already included.



About SampleX



In today’s advanced age of music tools that seek the “cleanest”, most “perfect” sounds, there has suddenly been a desire for the “Gritty” sounds of the machines of the past.

Once such quest has been the acquisition of old, primitive samplers and sample drum machines. This has increased the rate of these machines to 10s of thousands of dollars.

The sound that producers and artists seek in these boxes is usually the low bit rates and sample rates resulting in an “aliased” sound or “artifacts” as we now call them. These limitations of the vintage machines have now become very desired and sought after sound. Just sample rate reduction and “Bit crushers” have yet to actually sound like old machines.



Our team at Beatskillz went on a quest to study the actual circuitry and found each and every step right from the A/D converters, preamps, analog and digital filters, and processes involved to recreate each stage and bring you a plugin that can emulate the sounds of many vintage samplers and also lets you design your own sampler or vintage chip!

The Sample Rate Interpolation system that we have built in DSP, lets you dial in any sample rate from 96 kHz to 2 kHz. You can also ” type ” in the values!

We have also done a very accurate emulation of a well-known Ladder Filter with Resonance, this gets you the “Warm” Filter sound of a very desired analog synth. We have also carefully emulated the input drive of the S900 to give you all the parameters needed for multiple variations of the sound!


Emulate any Vintage sampler by using the key controls which actually shape the sound of those units

Create the true desired “aliasing without changing the pitch of a sample with the Shift control

Accurately modelled Input Drive of the s900, a major part of the vintage sampler sound being sought.

An accurate model of the famous Ladder Filter with resonance!

Dial-in any sample rate from 96khz down to 2 kHz, reduce bit rate up to 4 bits

Blend in the dry sound and have total control on the amount of “effect”

“Type” in the values for more accurate control and sound shaping

Multiple carefully “ear” matched vintage sampler emulation models included in the presets




A/D Sample Section


Set the BIT Rate with this control. The range varies from the modern-day 24 bit right down to 4 bits! You can also “double click” the Bit Display LCD and manually enter the value that you desire.

SR CONTROL (Sample Rate)

Set the BIT Rate with this control. The range varies from the modern-day 24 bit right down to 4 bits! You can also “double click” the Bit Display LCD and manually enter the value that you desire.


Aliasing & Drive Section


The key process of getting those “aliased / ring” sounds from the vintage samplers was to lower the pitch of the samples. The effect caused by vintage samplers is emulated here, allowing a user to “dial-in” the exact aliasing sound that they want to hear, without actually modifying the pitch of the sample. “Double click “ and enter the value or use the dial.

DRIVE (on/o?€ switch & control)

In vintage samplers, users often “overloaded” the pre-amp before the A/D converter to get a “driven” sound. We have accurately emulated the sound found in the S900 sampler to give you the same saturation and Drive, and get even closer to the sound of those vintage beasts!
“Double click “ and enter the value or use the dial.




FILTER TYPE ( The RED on/ o?€ switch )

We have accurately modeled the popular Vintage Analog Mono Synth used on countless recordings. This is a 24 DB/oct Low Pass Filter with Resonance. If you increase the resonance it does fo into “self-oscillation” creating a pitched tone, just like the original.
This filter is perfect for those warm and dark tones fit for lo-fi and hip-hop music. Extremely addictive! Use the Red Light switch to turn it on or off.


Set the cutoff Frequency for the Low Pass Filter here. The range is 20 kHz to 20 Hz.

RES Control

Set the Resonance of the Low Pass Filter using the slider control. The range is 0 to
1.0, you can go extreme and get the filter into self-oscillation mode like the real analog filter that it was modeled after.





The Wet Control will control the amount of the “effected” signal and the DRY control will mix in the original/ clean signal. This gives you the possibility of mixing just the right amount of processing to your input audio.


The IN control lets the user increase or decrease the gain of the input audio and the OUT control lets the user increase or decrease the gain of the output audio signal after being processed by the plugin.



PRESETS & File Management



We have carefully matched various settings of SAMPLEX to sound just like the original samplers that we are emulating, some great presets are available here to get you started and also give you a taste of the sound of some vintage samplers that are now unavailable or very expensive to purchase.

You can also easily save and delete your own presets and share them with your friends.

Have some rare samplers in your arsenal? Use Samplex to get as close as possible and distribute these with your friends or fellow Beatskillz customers