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Cycling '74 Hipno

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Quick Overview

Delightfully Subversive Audio PluginsHipno is a hell-raising horde of audio plug-ins and virtual instruments for Audio Unit, RTAS, and VST host applications. The Hipno collection, designed by ...
Delightfully Subversive Audio Plugins

Hipno is a hell-raising horde of audio plug-ins and virtual instruments for Audio Unit, RTAS, and VST host applications. The Hipno collection, designed by Electrotap, features an irresistible mix of granular, spectral, and filter/delay-based plug-ins that feature the unique Hipnoscope morphing interface shown below.

Hipno's objective is to make advanced audio technology intuitive, powerful, and fun. You'll get the extraordinary features you've come to expect from Cycling '74 such as host synchronization and modulator plug-ins for automated parameter control. But Hipno goes a step further, adding plug-ins that can be controlled with motion tracking derived from a live webcam, XML preset import/export, and references instantly available from within each plug-in.

While immensely satisfying on its own, the Hipno collection also works seamlessly with the award-winning Pluggo and Mode plug-in collections from Cycling '74 to further extend your visionary signal processing and instrumental possibilities.

Details on the Plug-Ins

Hipno is built using Pluggo technology to create over 40 plug-ins from video-controlled modulated delays to stunning granular sequencing effects. With such a diversity of plug-ins to explore, you might wonder where to start. We've color-coded the plug-ins to make it easy to explore those which may interest you most.

  • Electric Blue: Granular Presence
  • Deep Ochre: Spectral Mechanics
  • Intense Green: Delays, Filters, and Hard-to-Categorize Effects
  • Polished Cherry: Instrument Plugins
  • Silver Slivers: Bus effects and Modulators

Granular Presence

Granular processing has become very popular for all sorts of effects processing. From thin strings of sound to full-on textures that rip through your psyche, granular techniques can be just the thing for you -- if you can manage to control the myriad of parameters.

Based on Nathan Wolek's GTK these granular plug-ins not only sound good, but they are intuitive to control in realtime. Combined with the powerful Hipnoscope, you can morph the dozens of parameters with the smooth swish of your mouse.

Spectral Mechanics

With the ever increasing computational power in our computers, realtime spectral processing has also become popular. However, many plug-ins stick to straight-ahead types of known effects with spectral processing. Why? Well, it is difficult sometimes to predict how a preset on a spectral effect will respond to an unknown sonic input. Of course, we have the Hipnoscope - so it's easy to tweak all of those settings with nary a moment spent. That freed us up to build some rather unusual sonic experiences into Hipno's spectral processing plug-ins.

Those Hard-to-Categorize Effects

Let's name a few:
  • Technishypht: a high-quality floating-formant spectral pitch-shifter, driven by a 16-step sequencer the controls the amount of pitch-shift, and naturally able to sync to the host environment.
  • Crackverb: another reverb, yes, but this reverb has things like internal downsampling, LFOs with insanely wide ranges of control, odd pitch-shifts, and other munging madness.
  • VDelay: hook up your webcam, choose a preset, and watch out! Your movement will display in the plug-in as it modulates the sound you feed it. Do not feed after midnight.

Instruments of a New Invention

We skipped over the conventional instruments and emulations that you've come to expect in plug-ins and went straight to the exotic. Several of our unorthodox instruments not only synthesize sound, but process sound from other tracks in your host environment. For example, using Pluggo's bus technology, you can pump sound from a track to the SfylterSynth instrument, which then filters through only the notes that you are playing.

Another example of our unique approach to instruments is the VTheremin plugin. Using your webcam, you can control a pair of oscillators by moving colored balls in the air. The same video color tracking technology is also available in our modulator plug-ins to control any parameter of a Hipno, Mode, or Pluggo plug-in with your gestural nuance.

Modulators on the Bus

Modulators are a class of plug-in that don't actually process sound or synthesize it. Instead they control other plug-ins. You can use several kinds of video analysis for this, or connect a USB game device, or mathematically generate some curves. It's up to you.

Bus plugins allow you to send audio from a one plug-in to another behind your host environment's back, so-to-speak. Using plug-ins such as Bus.Xover and Bus.Envelope makes it possible create individual chains of audio processed based on the frequency content or volume level of a track -- creating a richer palette of possibilities for your music.

Hipnoscope Interpolator

One of the most exciting new features in Hipno is the Hipnoscope interpolator. This allows you to morph between up to eight presets (or "snapshots") at a time. You take the snapshots and assign them to a color. Then position that color, and resize it, in the scope. Then move the puck around to get a weighted mix of all the snapshots present underneath any given position.

This makes it possible to explore spaces of presets as terrains. If you perform live, you can control all of the parameters simultaneously with the mouse. Or simply use the 'scope' to fine-tune a granular or spectral plug-in for the particular sound source you have chosen. It's up to to you.

XML Import/Export

Ever been in a position where you wanted to export a preset file from a plug-in in one host, and then load it into that plug-in on another host? Or, maybe you would like to export a preset so you can edit it by hand, and then load it into a host. Hipno allows all of this, and much more, with it's XML-based Import and Export feature. Simply click the import or export button and the Hipno plug-in will read or write the XML file to/from your disk.

This means you can exchange your favorite custom presets between hosts. Or better yet, share your new Hipno preset with all your friends!