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Focusrite Scarlett + Novation Bass Station Plug-in Bundle

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Quick Overview

Now With FREE Softube Plug-ins

Download License! E-Mail Delivery!!

Download License! E-Mail Delivery!!


Download the Softube Time and Tone Pack for free from their download area on; valid with all registered purchases of Focusrite Scarlett, Saffire, and Clarett Interfaces that were made on or after September 1st, 2015


Softube Time and Tone Pack is a unique plug-in bundle (valued at $198), which includes three of Softube’s
world class plug-ins: a reverb, a delay and a distortion:
TSAR-1R: Add space, depth and width to your sound—TSAR-1R is a reverb plug-in with world class sound
and extreme ease of use. With a single slider, you can take TSAR-1R from realistic and three-dimensional
rooms to dramatic and dreamlike halls. 
Tube Delay: A tasty echo effect that can go from clean to rude by overdriving its three modeled tube stages.
Create anything from realistic room echoes to rockabilly style slapbacks—or take it all the way into dub
reggae echo madness.
Saturation Knob: Add grit and warmth to any sound source with this modeled output distortion unit. Use
it to fatten up bass lines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or simply destroy your drum loop.
Simply turn up the knob to add saturation, and use the three-position switch to alter the distortion character.



Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite

Scarlett from Focusrite is a professional plug-in suite that provides a definitive suite of Compression, Gating , EQ, and Reverb for tracking and mixing. Scarlet includes the most popular formats including VST/AU and RTAS (Pro Tools) . From one of the most prestigious names in pro audio, made famous by the original Red range and the classic ISA console modules, this plug-in suite provides the perfect upgrade for your Digital Audio workstation. Not only does it sound great, the new Scarlett user interface features a stunning new Red anodized look and feel which takes the recording and mixing experience to whole new level! Scarlett sets a new standard for drop- dead gorgeous plug-ins!

Each powerful plug-in has a host of fast and easy-to-use pre-sets, providing a great starting point for a huge number of popular sound sources, from vocals and guitars to synth bass and percussion. In addition, every plug-in parameter can be finely tuned to bring out the optimum sound you want, exactly the way you want it. So whether you want a fast set-up or an advanced set-up, Scarlett is destined to become your new 'go-to' plug-in.


Brought to you by the team behind the 'Forté Suite and the famous Focusrite Hardware line. Focusrite plug-ins have brought that final polish and shine to thousands of hit records over the last two decades.


A Red anodized metallic feel, extremely detailed metering and other visual elements from Focusrite's illustrious recording history make Scarlett look as good as it sounds.


Modelled on original ear-tuned custom hardware optos exclusive to Focusrite, the dynamics modules deliver an authentic vintage 1960s Opto sound.


The Gate can operate as a stereo gate and, in different dual mono modes, one signal can be used to trigger the gate of another; ideal for tightening up a bass line, for example.


Scarlett uses the same Focusrite 6-band EQ approach as the Red 2 and ISA EQs, with filters, parametric mids and shelving, all modelled to offer an authentic response across the entire audible frequency spectrum.


Based on classic algorithmic studio reverb designs, this reverb delivers a remarkable level of sonic quality for your recording projects. Easy to use set-up controls get you to the ideal reverb sound in seconds.

Novation Bass Station Plug-in

Novation launched the original Bass Station in 1993 and it became an instant favourite. Its digital oscillators and analogue filter defined countless dance and electronic hits of the 1990s.
Now a classic, it's available as a software plug-in that has been carefully modelled to recreate the distinctive analogue-digital character of the original.

Key Features

The classic sound of analogue

Two oscillators that have been carefully modelled to preserve the precise tone of the classic sawtooth and square waveforms in the original Bass Station

More Controls

The original front panel has been 3D modelled and additional controls have been added.

Parameter editing screen

Wheel, Aftertouch and Breath control can all be tweaked in the software.

Multiple Instances

The ability to use multiple ‘instances’ allows Bass Station to run as many multi-timbral parts as CPU will allow.

100 Preset Sounds

The Bass Station plug-in ships with the classic originals along with many more, from screaming leads to fat bass patches.


Plug-in format 

PC: Standard VSTi

Mac OSX: Audio Units + VSTi


Voices: 1

Instances/Multitimbrality: Unlimited - (very low CPU overhead, typically 1.5% per instance on a Pentium 4 2.0GHz)

Sound Storage

Programs: Re-Writable (100 factory preset) for each instance

Compatibility: Programs from Bass Station Keyboard and Rack can be uploaded and downloaded

Oscillators 1 

Waveforms: Square/Saw/Variable Pulse

Mod Env Depth: -64 to +63

LFO Depth: -64 to +63

PWM Source: Mod Env/Manual/Internal Preset LFO

Oscillators 2

Waveforms: Square/Saw/Variable Pulse

Mod Env Depth: -64 to +63

LFO Depth: -64 to +63

PWM Source: Mod Env/Manual/LFO

Octave Range: 16’/8’/4’/2’

Octave Range: Osc1 to Osc2


Osc1-Osc2 Mix: -64 (Osc1) 0 (Osc1-2) +63 (Osc2)


Frequency: 10Hz-10kHz

Slope: 12dB/24dB

Modes: Low Pass

Resonance: 0-127

Mod Env Depth: -64 to +63

LFO Depth: -64 to +63

Cutoff: 0-127 

Amplifier Envelope 

Velocity: 0-127

Attack: 0-127 (1mS - 7secs)

Decay: 0-127 (1mS - 11secs)

Sustain: 0-127 (0-100%)

Release: 0-127 (1mS - 11secs) 

Mod Envelope

Velocity: 0-127

Attack: 0-127 (1mS - 7secs)

Decay: 0-127 (1mS - 11secs)

Sustain: 0-127 (0-100%)

Release: 0-127 (1mS - 11secs)


Mode: Cyclic

Waveforms: Tri/Saw/Random

Speed: 0Hz-1kHz

Delay Fade In: 0-5 Seconds