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Gospel Musicians BASSalicious 2 Urban Synth Bass Plugin

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BASSalicious for VST/AU and Standalone


BASSalicious for VST/AU and Standalone

BASSalicious Plugin for Mac, Windows, and iPad is a dedicated synth bass plugin with a single focus on sound. All of the synthesis and filters are custom tweaked with our own personality and our urban ear. When we first set out to produce BASSalicious, it came from a need we had: All of our plugins come from a musical need first. We noticed that there were a ton of synth bass libraries out there that focused solely on dubstep and wobble bass sounds, but not that much out there for the urban community and that pure synth bass classic sound. Sure there are the sample based ones, but you run into problems with samples when trying to produce a realistic glide effect that is so essential to urban synth bass music. The other thing we were dissatisfied with were the oscillators themselves. You see, in order to reduce aliasing, most wavetable synths reduce the bandwidth and filter out frequencies so it doesn't alias. The problem with this is that you filter out the good stuff along with it. We figured out a unique compromise, where we can give you the full band of the wavetable, while at the same time reducing aliasing. Our method is very unorthodox, but it works, because the technology will always take a back seat to the sound, and not the other way around: "If it sounds good, then it is good."

BASSalicious does not require a Free player or a license manager of any kind. It is a standalone plugin that only requires a serial number. You can authorize upt to two machines and works as a standalone application, VST, VST3, AU-32-bit, AU 64-Bit, for iPad 4 and greater. You can even use the patches you make on the desktop/plugin version and use them on the iPad.


Furthermore, we used an analog modeled filter that was approximated using real circuit designs. The complete topology was modeled with all of the aspects of the electronic components involved, and then converted over to source code. The result is a very organic sounding synth bass plugin, which has no hint of that cold digital wavetable sound.

This is what you hear in urban music. Each key piece has it’s own sound, color, and character to it. This is what BASSalicious is. Remember how you felt the first time you heard Neo-Soul Keys? Well, BASSalicious has the same character and silky smooth sound.

This is a dedicated plugin, so it does not require UVI or Kontakt player. The serial number system is single serial number and does't require any custom authorization software. You boot it up and enter the serial number and that is it. 




We didn’t use the traditional band limited replication methods that are used on almost every wavetable synth. We used more of a technique we call TTS method. TTS stands for True-To-Source method. We have found that on 90% of all wavetable synths replicate a single cycle across the entire range of the keyboard in order to avoid aliasing by limiting the bandwidth of the oscillator. This creates a good method to avoid aliasing, but when you remove frequencies, you remove phatness. This is why, in general, wavetables are a bit digital sounding and harsh, and without that real analog goodness you are expecting from your synth bass. We, at Gospel Musicians, developed a method in which we were able to keep all of the richness of the true source, and avoid aliasing as well. This makes our wavetables sound extremely warm and phat. We never are satisfied with the status-quo. We innovated in order to give you the true sound you crave.


Why a Plugin?

For this particular design we realized that in order to do what we needed to do for the sound, we had to design this from the ground up. When you design your own plugin, you actually have a choice in how you decide to implement the design. For example, we tweaked our ADSR AMP in such a way that is designes specifically for synth bass sounds. We removed the long Decay that one would only use in evolving pads. We added a few other nuances behind the scenes that were specificially tweaked for synth bass sounds. The biggest benefit is that we produce once and we can create an iPad version as well. In fact, you can even share presets across both platforms. So with a plugin you have the benefit of multi-platforms as well as total autonomy and control over the sound shaping features.



One of the most important aspects of any synth bass is the filter. We used an analog modeling State Variable Filter. This particular topology gives you the warmth and fatness, while at the same time giving you a hi-fi sound. We wanted to make sure that the sound was up to date and represented the newest technology in sound. Yes, it can get dirty and grungy, but you will still hear a "modern" sound. Think of BASSalicious as having a contomprary sound with an old school feel. 


Analog Topology

Analog Topology


Converted to Digital

Digital Topology




  • Software
    • iOS
       iPad 4th Generation and Higher (Coming Soon)
    • Standalone
    • Supported Technology
    • 64-Bit Supported
    • Not Compatible With
       AAX (Coming Soon)
  • Licensing
    • Internet Required
    • Authorization Company
       Gospel Musicians
    • Authorization Method
       Serial Number only (No Download Manager Required)
    • Number of Computers
    • Dongle Requirement
  • Computer
    • Mac OSX
       10.9 Maverick and Higher
    • Windows OS
       Windows 7 and higher (64-bit)
    • Hardrive
       7200 RPM | SSD Highly Recommended
    • Processor
       Intel i5 or Higher
    • RAM
       4GB or Higher
  • Digital Audio Workstation
    • Apple Logic 9 or X
    • GarageBand
    • Mainstage
    • ProTools
    • FL Studio
    • Cubase
    • Ableton Live
    • Studio One
    • Digital Performer
    • Sonar
    • Propellerhead Reason
    • Reaper
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