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Homegrown Sounds ARP VSTi

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Quick Overview

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Multitimbral Groove Machine with 12 sequencers, internal sound module and FX.

ARP is an advanced Polyphonic Arp and Note Sequencer with Scale Remapping for powerful sequencing possibilities. Sequences can be re-mapped based on the played note so for example a sequence can be forced to fit to the major scale.

The idea behind this is to break away from the typical note sequencer where every key simply transposes the sequence, the ability to remap each note results in a much more creative sequence.

The Muter Section is a gate sequencer which decides which notes will play. ARP is also polyphonic and so can be used as a typical Gate Sequencer, or even more interesting as a polyphonic sequencer that syncopates.

There is also the ability to offset the start note of each sequence so that when 2 notes are pressed together they automatically play syncopated. Finally there is OmniChorder which allows triggering up to another 2 notes when one note is pressed to create a chord, this becomes interesting when used with the Scale Remapper which can leave you with a selection of interesting one finger chords. ARP 1.4 now also includes a tie row, for tieing notes together, a volume row and vol amount knob for alternative velocity sequencing, an Octave row which on a basic level will add an octave to current step but also includes more complex cycling modes, 3 CC Modulation Sequencing with independent tempo and step sizes for targeting any control change, a dedicated Velocity per step sequencer, and the ability to use channel 16 as a secondary midi source for re-pitching the entire ARP/Sequence output on the fly.


  • 12 Step Sequencers triggered by midi Notes with a huge range of options.
  • Arpeggiator/Sequencer - Can be used as a classic ARP with the usual UP/Down/Alternate modes or as a sophisticated step sequencer.
  • Direction Modes - Forwards, Reverse, Alternate and Random Modes.
  • Fixed Velocity Mode – can use a fixed Velocity instead of played velocity, which is set via a knob.
  • Latch Mode – Holds the note until the next one is played.
  • Pulse Width – When Latch is off, this determines how long the pulse is, affecting how long the note trigger is held.
  • Hold – This will hold any pressed keys until hold is depressed.
  • Full Range Keyboard - Can be used for seeing held notes, or used as a mouse preview keyboard when working on Sequences.
  • Over 70 scales to choose from.
  • 12 Custom Scales - Take full control over each scale and edit on the fly.
  • Works with the OmiChorder even when the ARP/Sequencer is switched off.
  • Polyphonic – When used with a polyphonic instrument, notes can trigger individual sequences which is great for use with the Muters(Gate Sequencer) which can create complex rhythmic patterns.
  • Full VST Automation.
  • Global / Local Randomizer/Default Buttons.

All the Homegrown Sounds Synth products are in the VSTi format