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Hooke Verse Binaural Microphone Headphones

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Quick Overview

Hooke Verse Binaural Microphone Headphones

Change the way you record the World.


Capture Life In Every Dimension


Hooke Verse are wireless in-ear binaural microphones, designed to instantly capture astonishing immersive audio to any device. Using a proprietary Bluetooth recording codec & recording cable, Hooke Audio delivers extremely high quality wireless or wired binaural recording to all devices – transforming the way you capture and relive life’s most amazing moments.


Headphones Reinvented



Use as headphones or hands free calling device.






Immersive 3D audio to any device. Wirelessly or Wired.


3D audio captured with Hooke can be experienced on any headphones or speakers.


Why record in 3D?


Record Music In Stunning 3D Audio

No filters. No autotune. Just pure sound. When you record your music in binaural 3D audio with Hooke Verse, your drums, guitar, bass, vocals or keys will be captured identically to the way you heard it in the moment. The best part? 3D Audio you capture with Hooke Verse can be experienced on any pair of headphones or speakers.


Why Record Music in Binaural 3D Audio?

Your ears know best when it comes to mixing your instrument. Whether your hunched over your guitar or smack dab in the middle of drumset, you play based upon what YOU hear. So if you hear the world in 3D, why not capture it that way? Put a record a button your eardrums. Grab a pair of headphones and hear the difference by clicking any of the videos on this page.

Binaural 3D audio can be experienced on any pair of headphones, meaning you can upload your binaural music straight to the web and have any one hear it in 3D.
Hooke Verse can record wirelessly or wired, meaning you can record to a mixer, phone, recorder or sampler right in your studio. When plugging the cable in, it will override the onboard mic to capture your music in 3D audio.
More than half of YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify content is consumed on mobile, meaning headphone listening is at an all time high. A perfect opportunity for binaural audio.


What do you record with?


Music That Makes You Feel Like You're There


Did you know Lou Reed made an album in binaural?

How about Beck? Or Pink Floyd?
3D audio was first introduced in the late 19th century but remained untouched for years until artists like Lou Reed and even The Rolling Stones started experimenting with it. Once artists started to play around with placement of speakers and started accounting for the space between your ears, they found out how to make the audience feel like they were really present in the recording space. These were some artists that were among the first to produce something that resembled binaural. They were bringing something that was, albeit foreign and cool, to a commercial forefront. While it may or may not have stuck with the audience in the time being, they were resurrecting a form of audio that had been sleeping for quite some time.

Binaural sound is not to be confused with conventional stereo sound. Stereo does not factor in the natural ear spacing or “head shadow” of the head and ears.
The BBC rigged an binaural microphone array at the Royal Albert Hall this season and is using it to record concerts in three-dimensional sound.
Hooke Verse is the world’s first Bluetooth binaural 3d audio microphone.

The Best Albums Recorded in Binaural Audio

3D audio was first introduced in the late 19th century but remained untouched for years until artists like Lou Reed…


"A Dream Come True" For Grammy Award Winning Producer Tchad Blake

Tchad has won a number of Grammy Awards, beginning with Sheryl Crow’s The Globe Sessions (1998). Blake is also know for The Black Keys Brothers of which he won 2 Grammy’s for. A longtime advocate of binaural recording, Tchad has been experimenting with his on DIY 3D audio recording rig since the 1980’s. Needless to say, we were excited when we received Tchad’s order.


“Great sounding headphones”


“The 3D Audio is really, REALLY impressive”


“Immersive audio that sounds like it’s swirling around you.”

“A Technological Feat”


“Binaural Recording Has Just Hit A New Standard”

Recording Magazine

“I tried it yesterday, it blew my mind. I see all kinds of potential for it with Jazz Night and NPR music.”

Josie, Radio Producer

“Not only is this an excellent product but the customer services is out of this world. These headphones work exactly as advertised.”

Ilya, Virginia

“I am 63 years old and started out with a webcore reel to reel recorder. Your technology along with the iPhone however is as revolutionary as the CD.”

Don, National Federation For The Blind

“I love its “Verse”atility! With the audio only option, it works everywhere, mobile & hands free!”

Nathaniel, Kickstarter backer

Hearing. Is. Believing.


Sound Matters



Technological advances in photo and video have enabled us to record our lives vividly through filters and advances in image processing. What about sound? Mobile phones cannot record stereo audio.

Currently we are recording our experiences in mono, when we actually experience them in stereo. Poor quality audio means that only half of the story is being told.

It’s time to enable our smartphones to record in stereo. Hooke Audio brings professional audio recording technologies to any mobile device.
Binaural recording has never been so affordable (and so much fun). How will you record the world?


The Future of Audio


Durable, comfortable, portable & groundbreaking. What looks like a normal pair of Bluetooth headphones is packed with binaural audio technology, featuring binaural microphones in each earbud, a proprietary lossless recording codec, a 10+ hour battery, noise isolating balanced drivers and an inline analog to digital converter for wired recordings. Hooke Verse isn’t just a headphone; it’s an entirely new capturing device.