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ILIO ScoreCleaner Full License

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Quick Overview

Have you ever wished your notation program could do a better job of interpreting your MIDI input?Have you spent hours tweaking your scores to reflect what you really intended?Did you...


Have you ever wished your notation program could do a better job of interpreting your MIDI input?

Have you spent hours tweaking your scores to reflect what you really intended?

Did you know there's a much faster, more accurate, and better way to transcribe your music?

Introducing ScoreCleaner by DoReMir.

ScoreCleaner is an amazing software tool that accurately interprets and transcribes your performances into beautifully precise scores while you play! Even if you play badly, ScoreCleaner will dictate your score with surprising accuracy.






With ScoreCleaner, you don’t need to preset the time signature or tempo, or play to a click track.


ScoreCleaner is built on academic research in music cognition, which seeks to explain how humans understand music on a basic level. From that research we’ve designed software that understands musical phrasing. That’s why ScoreCleaner, among many other things, can analyze which time signature and key you’re playing without your having to tell it in advance.




Separate Voices


When you play multiple voices, ScoreCleaner notates each voice individually.


Because the software understands musical phrases, it can analyze and notate separately what is the lead voice, second voice and bass line even when you play them simultaneously. On top of that you can add an unlimited number of voices as you arrange your piece.






With ScoreCleaner it's easy to move things around. Overdub and edit as you go.


In ScoreCleaner you can easily change the time signature, key, tempo, note values, etc. Using the simple icon-based menu, or with drag and drop, you can also change where you want your upbeat to be, switch to triplet subdivision, or decide on the placement of your first bar. Unhappy with a phrase in the middle of a song? Replay and overdub either the entire phrase or beat by beat, in the tempo of your choice.






Swing timing, compound time signatures, rubato  ScoreCleaner understands your scoring style.


ScoreCleaner wants you to be your musical, natural self. The more organic your playing, the easier it is for the software to interpret and notate your music. Go ahead, do tempo changes, rubato or swing. ScoreCleaner understands and notates it the way you play it.





Direct, simple high resolution MIDI recording

Automatic and intelligent voice-separation of polyphonic input (including chords), for piano (default) or individual voice staff systems, without any limitation on the number of voices per staff

Tempo, Time Signature and Quantization are inferred automatically, from your un-quantized MIDI performance.

Context-sensitive quantization:

Click track recording or tapping is not required

Quantization leel does not have to be manually chosen

Automaticaaly differentiates between tempo changes (rubato) and syncopation




Automatically understands metrical and non-metrical music (free rhythm) and displays non-metrical music in phrases

Meter – Time and Pulse:

Time  signature and Pulse is automatically inferred from the recording, including composite meters, pulse subdivision, and changing time for composite meters

Automatic grouping of beats, for example 5/8 interpreted as 3+2, from analysis of the music

Automatic pickup measures

Automatic rhythmic interpretation:

Automatic tuplet interpretation (one-level tuplets)

Smallest note value does not have to be manually chosen

Automatic swing timing innterpretation, with optional swing notation display



Modes and accidentals are automatically deciphered for Minor/Major Key Signatures

Overdub with or without a click-track

Click-track recording with an option for complex beat meters

Substitute recording in tempo (punch-in recording) of selection, or from insertion point. Choose the number of voices for substitution

Beat-by-beat recording in free tempo – "step-time recording"

Simple and fast editing of MIDI-recordings (snippets), including splitting and selecting part of the recording, and easy navigation between snippets and songs

Simple, fast and powerful global editing of transcriptions (songs), including:

Time, rhythm and beat-mapping, including simple change of time signature, time numerator, time denominator (note values), separate division of beats and pulse density

Metical phase shifting, i.e., the position of down-beats

Key signature, including interpretation and transposition

Piano Staff or Grand Staff design

Show/hide voices, combine voices, change main and sub-voice assignment, move voices between systems

Change tempo

Transpositioned by Key Signature

Simple, fast and visual local editing of notations (songs), including:

Local Change fo Time Signature, Key Signature, Clefs, etcs.

Selection of individual notes, neats and regions for editing

Changing rhythm for individual notes and beats, and changing rhythm for entire regions

Changing pitch and accidentals

Changing Time Signature locally for meter changes

Changing position of downbeats, and adjusting quantization to new timing

Changing voice interpretation, including combine voices, changing main and sub-voice assignment, moving voices between systems and moving selected notes between voices

Combine and edit songs by appending additional cleaned notations to an original song

Choose different instrument sounds for each voice (even within a staff system) according to General MIDI standard


Chord symbols (edit) in standard format

Save and Export:

Save edited Song documents in ScoreCleaner Song Document format (.scld)

Export to Standard MIDI Fle, type 1

Export to MusicXML


Open and Import:

Important un-quantized (performance) or quantized (score) Standard MIDI files (.mid)

Open ScoreCleaner Song Documents (.scld)



Simple and fast printing functionality including basic score information, such as Title, Composer, etc.

Contextual help directly inside the program, which shows information on editing of selected objects 

ScoreCleaner is for anyone who writes or arranges music, prepares scores for live performance, students and teachers. Once you try ScoreCleaner, you'll be amazed at how fast and intelligent it is at transcribing your performance!