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ILIO TH1 Custom Guitar Effects Suite

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ILIO TH1 Custom Guitar Effects Suite

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Quick Overview

When You Hear It, You’ll Get ItWith its ingeniously simple user interface, speed-of-light preset preview, true amp-morphing and other revolutionary features, TH1 is already way ahead...


When You Hear It, You’ll Get It


With its ingeniously simple user interface, speed-of-light preset preview, true amp-morphing and other revolutionary features, TH1 is already way ahead of the guitar amp-simulation curve. But if you think working with TH1 is a blast, you’ll be absolutely floored by how good it sounds.


TH1 is the next step in guitar amp simulation technology. Using 4th generation amp simulation research and techniques, TH1 delivers the warmest, most dynamic response available for your guitar.


New Features in version 1.1



Two amplifiers: BassFace ’59 (US) classic amp and Overloud Custom boutique-class amp;

Amplifier adds a VariFire panel and control: a Gain-Character control for expanded distortion color control;

Three Rack Effects: Spatial Delay, Comb Delay, Pattern Delay with 66 different patterns and up to 8 taps;

Mixer Pro with control on Phase, Stereo Width, Sample Delay and Mono/Stereo output switch;

Splitter with Balance/Switch capabilities and with two Crossover modes (HPF/LPF and BPF/BRF) and frequency/width controls;

Dual IR Cabinet module allows users to load commercial or their own cabinet Impulse Responses with balance, phase and micro-delay control with HPF and LPF;

Dual IR Cabinet comes preloaded with Recabinet Demo and the Experimental Cabinet collection from Wild Hades;

Eight new Stomp Boxes: Noise Gate / Expander, Mild Flanger, Rich Flanger, Analog Flanger, D-Reverb, D-Delay, 7-Band Graphic EQ and 5-Band Amp EQ;

Ease Of Use


Module Presets: user and factory;

UI: Auto-hiding Overview panel simplifies the use of TH1 on smaller monitors;

UI Floor skinning: drag&drop or select via right-click in the background, factory and user-picked background Floors in .png and .jpg formats;

Copy and paste of modules between Variations and different instances of TH1;

Localized numeric value display when moving module parameters;

Computer keyboard value-entry;

Bank import and export functions;

New Browser implementation with right-click functions for copy, paste and clear of Banks, Sounds and Variations.


    • Smart MIDI Control: assign Smart Controls to any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change with Auto-Learn Function;


    • Direct Variation MIDI Control: assign any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change with Auto-Learn Function to the direct recall of any of the 8 Variation in the currently active Sound;


    • Remote Preset MIDI Control: other than the default Program and Bank message control, TH1 can be programmed (also via Auto-Learn) to respond to MIDI CC, Note On and Program Changes for operations like Bank up/down, Sound up/down, Variation up/down;


    • Global MIDI Control: assign any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change to all Volume Pedals, Wahs, Internal BPM Tap Tempo, Tuner status, Output Mute and Output Volume;


    • MIDI: Saving of MIDI Bindings configuration presets;


    • Smart: copy, swap, remove Smart Controls via drag&drop actions;


    • Smart: button to swap Min and Max values;


    • Smart: new Smart types, Touch (momentary switch), Stepper Up, Stepper Down, Stepper Up/Down with up to four different user definable settings to step through.


    • Better Noise Gate implementation in Master Section;


    • You can use left and right arrow keys in the Browser panel to scroll through Variations;


    • Dedicated button to open the Smart Connections window;


    • Fixes for Digidesign Pro Tools 8;


    • Various automation fixes;


    • Master parameters get saved with song/session and when quitting the standalone version;


    • Host, Internal and Variation-based BPM for maximum flexibility.

Current Features

    • 8 Smart Controls for editing "on the fly"


    • Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe technology


    • True amp-morphing, build your own


    • 8 Amplifiers (15 channels), 21 Cabinets, 18 Mics with 3D Mic positioning


    • 50 stomp boxes and rack effects


    • Live Mode with preset-independent RoomEQ, Master Delay, Reverb offsets and Clip Guard


    • Very low CPU load


    • BPM sync of all time-based parameters


    • Tons of ready-to-use presets

Great Tone

    • 4th generation tube emulation technology


    • SLR technology morphs between two amplifiers, creating a virtually infinite canvas of tones


    • Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe technology


    • Place and freely move up to two microphones for each cabinet

Easy to Use

    • Create your ideal SoundChain in a matter of seconds


    • Easily add, swap, copy, delete any kind of module, be it an amplifier, a cabinet, a stomp box, or a rack effect


    • At-a-glance understanding of signal flow


    • Speed-of-light preview and search of your desired sound


    • Easily manage and create Banks, Sounds and Variations for your live and studio needs

Total Control

    • Smart Controls map multiple parameters to a single knob or switch making sound modification a snap


    • Use Smart Controls to easily assign any MIDI controller for remote real-time control and live playing


    • Built-in MIDI pedal board control


    • Any number of modules, in any order, can be added to a SoundChain


    • Build your sound using the simplest or most complex SoundChain you like


    • Advanced coding makes use of every modern CPU cycle


    • Low CPU means more layered tracks and safer live usage


    • Extremely low inherent latency*