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iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle Educational Edition

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Tonal Balance Bundle

One fluid process


Included Products


Ozone 9 Advanced
Neutron 3 Advanced
Nectar 3




The Tonal Balance Bundle brings mixing and mastering into one interconnected workflow with tools for professional balanced masters, polished instruments and vocals, and time-saving assistive audio features.



Featuring Tonal Balance Control

The Tonal Balance Control Plug-in is the fastest way to locate and fix frequencies in your mix that may be out of balance so your audio can sound great in any listening environment.



Tonal Balance Control

Use Tonal Balance Control to work with confidence and accurately fine tune your mix in any listening environment or genre. Updated with Ozone 9, now you can use Tonal Balance Control to make per-track adjustments to EQ and gain with any Neutron, Ozone, Relay, or Nectar plug-in.


Tonal balance control inter plugin communication


Why Tonal Balance Bundle?



Interplugin communication


Inter plug-in communication

The plug-ins in the Tonal Balance Bundle talk with each other to help you get a professional sound. Communicate across your session to balance levels, unmask vocals and instruments, and more.




iZotope assistance with control


Assistance with control

iZotope's most advanced AI Assistants in one bundle: Mix Assistant with Track Enhance mode, Master Assistant with Vintage mode and modern, and Vocal Assistant with Unmask mode. Get great mixes in less time with machine learning!




Blend mixing and mastering


Blend mixing and mastering

Tonal Balance Control gives you access to EQ and gain controls on Nectar, Neturon, Relay, or Ozone, all from one plug-in window. Monitor your final master against a target while adjusting tracks in your session!




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What's New in Ozone 9

Ozone 9 is full of new features like Master Rebalance, never-before seen processing for low end, real time instrument separation, and lightning-fast workflows. Learn more about these features.


What's New in Neutron 3

Neutron 3 is packed with new and improved features to bring unrivaled quality and speed to your mix. Learn about the new Sculptor module, improved Masking Meter, AI-powered Mix Assistant, and more.


5 Common Vocal Mixing Issues Nectar 3 Solves

Vocal mixing is one of the main tasks new engineers struggle with. Resolve five common problems with Nectar 3.




Tonal Balance Bundle

The Tonal Balance Bundle brings mixing and mastering into one interconnected workflow that will help you achieve a professional, polished sound.