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JRR Sounds Cosmo Collection Casio CZ-1 VZ-1 HT-6000 Sample Set

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JRR Sounds Cosmo Collection Sample Set

The CZ-1 was the top-of-the-line Casio CZ synthesizer. While it shared the same synthesis method, Phase Distortion, as the lower-end models, it expanded on their capabilities by providing more voices, expanded waveform memory, and a genuine triple BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) analog chorus. Bob Moog himself wrote a lengthy article extolling the virtues of the CZ synthesizers, particularly in regards to layering the multi-timbral voices to create very advanced sounds a la analog modulars.

The VZ-1 was arguably the most advanced and impressive synthesizer Casio ever created. It featured a hybrid of digital processing to create its sound, using CZ-style Phase Distortion for waveform generation and ring modulation and true Frequency Modulation for harmonics. The sound is complex, crystal clear, and almost unavoidably bell-like, making it an incredible contrast to analog synths.

The Casio HT-6000 was a silly looking but incredible sounding hybrid synthesizer that featured no less than 8 genuine analog filters and 4 DCO's per voice. Each DCO consisted of 2 layered waveforms and could be detuned and ring modulated against each other, creating a fat stack of sound that rivalled fully analog synthesizers.


Cosmo Collection Sample Set consists of 399 patches and 10.8GB of audio painstakingly sampled through vintage UTC isolation transformers and state-of-the-art Lynx conversion.

*Image is a depiction of the original hardware only. JRR Sounds sample sets currently do not have GUI's with images.






Studio One Presence XT (EXS)


Air Music Tech Structure (EXS)

MOTU MachFive (EXS)



To install your new JRR Sounds library, simply move your downloaded zip file to your favorite sample folder and extract it from there. A folder called JRR Sounds will be created and inside it will be the individual folders for any JRR Sounds libraries you have purchased. If you have already purchased JRR Sounds libraries in the past, the new folder(s) will now show up in the JRR Sounds folder that had previously been created.

Once installed, please either drag and drop or open your new library from within your compatible sampler plugin.