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Kasha KA-ODP 4 Channel Overdrive Pedal with Turbo Boost

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Quick Overview

The pedal was designed after the Rockmod sound that has been around since 1985 played by pros such as George Lynch, Jake E. Lee, Davey Johnstone, Dann Huff, Tim Pierce, Phil X, Paul ...

The pedal was designed after the Rockmod sound that has been around since 1985 played by pros such as George Lynch, Jake E. Lee, Davey Johnstone, Dann Huff, Tim Pierce, Phil X, Paul Jackson Jr. and so on... With the advancement of analog micro technology, Kasha Amplifiers was able to design an overdrive pedal with the characteristics of a boutique amplifier.

The first thing to note is that it doesn't have a tone control. That is by design. A big problem that most pedals have is the addition of a tone control or passive filter. It is used to damp the unwanted high frequencies. In most pedals that have them, they do nothing but destroy your amp tone. The Kasha Overdrive (KOD) was designed like a fine 4 course gourmet meal. Each voicing has just the right amount of gain, highs, mids and lows to accent your amp without unwanted feedback. There are 4 voicing selections. Smooth, Classic, Hot and Melt in addition to the Turbo switch. The theory behind this is simple. You are buying a OD pedal because you have a tone problem or your amp lacks gain. You want something to boost your solos, or drive your preamp or poweramp for more clipping/distortion. You like the tone of your amp and would prefer keeping it. This is exactly the solution for you.

Smooth (3dB up) You just turned your gain knob of your amp to 10, but you still need more gain to get the tone and gain you desire. If you set the KOD Gain knob a little pass half, this is unity gain (the input and output voltage signal is at the same gain level). To test this, click the foot switch with the KOD on and then off. There will be NO TONE CHANGE. You then can continue to turn the KOD gain knob to the desire level. This is great to get that small breakup with a blues riff or a little hair on your clean channel. By switching on the Turbo, you will boost 10dB. This is great for a cleaner power chord or smooth lead tone like you would hear on an old Santana album. With all the voicings on the KOD, you will hear every note no matter how fast you play. Go ahead and play that E7+9 chord. Every note will punch, track, ring, sparkle, and thud just like you wished for.

Classic (11dB up) The voicing on this channel adds a dash of bass and highs to your tone still keeping your overall signal intact. You will need to adjust the KOD Gain depending if your amp has a lot of gain or just a small amount. This channel can take a dull sound and sparkle it up. In fact, take a Les Paul and run it with this voicing, it will sound like you are playing a Strat with stacked pickups. You can turn down the volume of your guitar and really get some nice clean tones. Use it for dynamics in your songs from a clean crunch to balls to the wall. Turbo boost will gives you a completely different spectrum of tone and gain highly desired for metal with this voicing.

Hot (15dB up) This voicing is perfect to turn your amp into a chain saw. I used this with an 5W inexpensive tube amp and turned it into a screaming Marshall. The chunk you can get from this is amazing. You need to hear it to believe it, but for now, trust me and let me know if I was wrong. I think this is a good setting for a solo boost. Your leads will sustain for days and every note will be heard. Turbo takes you to unlimited sustain. With the turbo on, you can make your guitar into a violin without even picking a note.

Melt (18dB up) You are almost there, your dream tone is starting to take shape, but you need more bass. The Melt is the channel for you. This voicing takes up the gain a few ticks and then adds a tight bottom end that you would need a graphic EQ to get without the synthetic edge. Your notes become thick without the flub and overtones. You now reached the tone summit and life is good. Remember, if you still want more gain, you can click in the Turbo. This will take you into another dimension of gain and distortion. If you are thrill seeker, go ahead, go for it.


- 4 channels with separate voicing and gain structure

- Analog design

- 10 dB clear boost

- True bypass switching

- Very low power consumption (3mA and runs on a single 9V battery)

- No tone change, only enhances sound

- Compact standard aluminum chassis (4 3/8"x2 1/4" x 1 1/4")

- AC power jack (uses standard Boss DC power supplies)

- High gloss mirror black powder coat

- Hand made in the USA

- Low noise

- Crystal Blue LED (high intensity)

- Weight: 1.5lb