Road Proof

Durable by design. We’ve tested QuNexus to survive spills and being run over by a car.


USB. MIDI. CV. OSC. QuNexus connects to and from any gear in your studio.

Smart Fabric

Each of the 25 keys is outfitted with Smart Fabric to easily detect human gesture.


QuNexus is the most versatile keyboard we could dream up. Equal parts portable and powerful, QuNexus delivers professional sound and connectivity, and is durable enough to survive whatever life on the road may throw at you. Highly programmable and customizable, QuNexus connects to every electronic instrument and software package in your studio, putting control back in your hands.

Designed for music-makers, by music-makers, QuNexus offers you everything you want out of a keyboard now, and anything you can imagine in the future. Keith set out to create a deeply expressive and adaptable keyboard that can be personally programmed by each artist, but can also withstand the realities of daily use and abuse. The result is QuNexus, the toughest and smartest keyboard on the market.



Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess uses QuNexus


Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear uses QuNexus


Richard Devine

Richard Devine uses QuNexus


Purity Ring

Purity Ring uses QuNexus



Fink uses QuNexus


Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat uses QuNexus



QuNexus is pretty much indestructible, it is tiny and lightweight, and still meets my requirement to never need to be checked as baggage. Making the keyboard was really pretty tricky but we were able to get pressure and tilt into a super fast keyboard style controller. Independent bend per key? You bet.