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Line 6 HD 147

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The HD147 isn't just another guitar amp. It's evolution, baby.

Why else would we stick obscene tone from sparkly-clean to earth-shattering-chunk and wrap it around 300 watts...

The HD147 cuts through any band with power and clarity.

Line6 HD147 Features

  • 8 Vintage Amp Models

  • 10 Essential Modern Tones

  • 14 Custom Tones from crystal clean to sonic disorder

  • Mix and Match cabinet models

  • Award-winning amp tone available at the stereo XLR direct outputs

  • 300-watt Stereo Current Based Power Amp

  • 12 Vintage effect models based on award-winning Line 6 Delay and Modulation Modeler Pedals

  • MIDI compatibility allowing access to deep editing
  • VariantN/A