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Line 6 Low Down Studio 110

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LowDown™ Studio 110 delivers four carefully crafted amp models that can take you from vintage punch to modern grind with ultimate portability. You also get a full-time opto compressor modeled after* the studio-standard LA-2A® Compressor.

Once you create your own custom sound, you can save it and instantly recall it anytime.



  • 4 Incredible Bass Amp Models: Clean, R&B, Rock, and Grind

  • Synth Bass

  • Full-time Opto Compressor

  • XLR Direct Out With Line 6’s exclusive A.I.R.™ processing

  • Pre Amp Out

  • 4 Programmable Model Memories

  • Headphone Out

  • Jam Along CD/MP3 1/8” Input

  • 10” Speaker

  • 75 Watts

  • Dimensions: 24lbs, 12"L x 12"W x 12"H


    Clean Inspired by* the Eden Traveler, this model is all about clean, funk and fusion bass tone. It’ll give you all the warm lows and punchy highs you need

    R&B Inspired by* a 1968 B-15 Flip Top, this model is a tribute to those late 60’s and early 70’s clean fat bass tones. It is the kind of tone you hear on most Motown recordings, as played by a pioneering young James Jamerson.

    Rock This model is inspired by* the ’74 Ampeg® SVT®. This workhorse has appeared on innumerable recordings and arena stages worldwide. And now all the tone of the 300-pound behemoth 8X10 and head is available in your combo!

    Grind As the name would suggest, this is for modern rock lovers, Alice in Chains to Mudvayne and Rage Against The Machine. Based on* a distorted SansAmp PSA-1 into an SVT® in addition to a direct clean bass signal mixed in, this model gives you that angry, clear and punchy aggression that takes your sound to DEFCON 1.

    Amazing Tone On Stage and In The Studio! The XLR Direct Output was designed for recording or sending your sound to a house sound system when you’re playing live. This output utilizes our exclusive A.I.R.™ processing which has made Line 6 products like POD® the undisputed standard for direct recording. Whether you’re playing a gig in a club or rushing off to a recording session, this POD based direct out will give you huge, mic’d amp tone everywhere you go!