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Line 6 LowDown LD400 Pro 400W Bass Combo Amp

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Line 6 LowDown LD400 Pro 400W Bass Combo Amp

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Quick Overview

LD400 Pro offers venue-filling volume and famous LowDown® tone in a powerful and punchy 2x10 combo package.

Boasting a relentless, fully adjustable Rock tone, and four additional required tones ranging from Clean to R&B to Grind, LD400 Pro offers uncompromising power, extraordinary versatility and commanding tonal definition for the pro player.

A crucial set of five essential effects, led by a dedicated studio-quality compressor based on* the immortal LA-2A®, includes must-have Smart Control FX Envelope Filter, Octaver and Chorus, and a full-featured bass Synth with fully adjustable parameters.

Designed for the gigging bassist, LD400 Pro features an array of necessary ins, outs and hardware including an NL4M-series Speakon® speaker output for an external cabinet, a balanced XLR direct output with exclusive A.I.R.™ processing, a 1/4" preamp output and a pair of brawny 10" speakers ready to rattle some ribs and project your sound.

Amp Models: 

  • Clean: Inspired by* the Eden Traveler, this model is all about clean, funk and fusion bass tone. It’ll give you all the warm lows and punchy highs you need

  • R&B: Inspired by* a '68 B-15 Flip Top, this model is a tribute to those late 60’s and early 70’s clean fat bass tones. It is the kind of tone you hear on most Motown recordings, as played by a pioneering young bassist, James Jamerson.

  • Rock: This model is inspired by* the ’74 Ampeg® SVT® which has appeared on innumerable recordings and arena stages worldwide. Now, all the tone of the head and 300-pound behemoth 8x10 cab is available without having to lookup a chiropractor.

  • Brit: Based on a ’68 Marshall® Super Bass, this model delivers the kind of overdriven bass sounds brought to us by late ‘60s British rock pioneers like Cream and The Who.

  • Grind: As the name would suggest, this is for modern rock lovers—Alice in Chains to Mudvayne and Rage Against The Machine. Based on* a distorted SansAmp PSA-1 into an SVT® with a direct clean bass signal mixed in, this model gives you that angry, clear and punchy aggression that cuts through the mix and takes your sound to DEFCON 1.

Effects Models:

  • Compressor: This pro LA-2A®-style compressor is ideal for every bass player and particularly useful for the ones who play with their fingers—achieve a smooth and consistent signal at any volume.

  • Envelope Filter: Based on* a Q-Tron, this is the baddest envelope filter on the planet. This effect can be heard on tons of major funk and rock tunes.

  • Octavor: Based on* the EBS® OctaBass®, this effect produces a single note one octave below the note you’re playing to add a powerful new vibe to your sound.

  • Chorus: Based on* the much loved T.C. Electronic® Chorus. This is the most transparent, smooth and expressive chorus ever built for bass—and using it won’t reduce your low end. It’s especially beautiful with fretless basses.

  • Synth: Sitting at the back of the model knob is this secret weapon that turns LowDown into a ’70s classic bass synth. From funk to modern rock, this fully adjustable synth delivers incredible tones while tracking every dynamic move you make!

Main Features:

  • 5 Incredible Bass Amp Models: Clean, R&B, Rock, Brit, and Grind

  • 5 Essential Bass Effects: dedicated studio-grade Compressor plus 3 Smart Control FX including Envelope Filter, Octaver and Chorus, and a fully adjustable bass Synth

  • Deep switch for supreme fatness

  • 4 Programmable channel memories, 36 with FBV Shortboard™