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Mixing The Band Spectral Balancing Tutorial

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Spectral Balancing (or How to Use an EQ)

This is a mixing engineer’s guide to using any EQ to balance the frequency content of a mix.

This downloadable book (pdf) is packed with knowledge used by the pros to shape mixes, and acts as a guide to help you spectrally balance your mix using any EQ.

Spectral balancing is simply a fancy term for using an EQ to balance the frequencies in your mix. This ebook is about learning how to use an EQ and how to hear and identify frequencies that may need to be emphasized or cut.

Learn about the various types of EQ and how to identify EQ bands by ear. Learn how each of the 10 octave bands are represented and how to apply strategic tonal adjustments to tracks and your mix, and soon you’ll be the master of the EQ.



A 10 Octave EQ Guide,
Handy EQ Tips,
Powerful EQ Techniques, and
Magic Frequencies (good starting points for EQing).


Learn about:

The 5 Common Types of EQ
Why You Should Use Your Spectrum Analyzer
The Ideal Shape of a Pre-Mastered Mix
6 Powerful EQ Tricks to Carve Out a Sound
The Sound and Science of the 10 Octaves
How To Identify EQ Bands
EQ Tips and Techniques

SpecialsSep 26, 2019