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Mosky Audio Tone Bus Dual Overdrive + Compressor + Power Supply Triple Pedal

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Mosky Audio Tone Bus Dual Overdrive + Compressor + Power Supply Triple Pedal


Tone Bus

Combined Effect Pedal

3 Effects Pedal + 8 Outputs Power Supply in 1 Unit  :

Dynamic Compressor, Tube Overdrive ,Ultimate Overdrive, 8 Outputs Pedal Power Supply. 

Based on the DYNA COMP 
Classic Dynamic Compressor
Creates infinitely clean sustain. It uses a signal-limiting processor that varies its gain so that the output signal stays constant. 
Designed to level the output signal of your playing,  The compressor guitar effect pedal stabilizes the dynamics of the output signal to create clean sustain. 
The two knobs of this compressor guitar effect pedal allow you to control output level and sensitivity. The COMP ensures that your playing remains smooth.

Overdrive 2:
Based on the Tube  Overdrive  (ts9).
Drive:Adjusts the amount of Distortion
Tone:Adjusts  the amount of treble in the sound
Level: Adjusts the output volume of the pedal

Overdrive 1:
Based on the Obsessive Overdrive (OCD).
Drive:Adjusts the amount of Overdrive
Tone:Adjusts  frequency (EQ) in the sound
Vol:Adjusts the output volume of the pedal
Voice:HP/LP Switch: The High-Peak function gives you increased distortion and low-end, thickening up your sound for a more “British” flavor. 
The Low-Peak mode gives you a more accurate rendition of your sound with very little coloration of your tone

Power Supply:
8 outputs Power supply for  8 effect pedals:
1 -7 outputs: DC 9V100MA

8 Output:  :  DC  9V500MA