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NUGEN Audio Stereopack 2 Bundle

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Quick Overview

NUGEN Audio's Stereopack 2 bundles 3 incredible stereo manipulating plug-ins: Stereoizer, Monofilter, and Stereoplacer...
NUGEN Stereopack
"they would satisfy the most critical listener...
they sound great... 
Mix Magazine
"there is little to fault here,
with each component of the Stereopack
being of high quality, and useful in it's own right"
Computer Music Magazine
Stereoplacer VST AU RTAS
Stereoizer - Screenshot          Monofilter - Screenshot


Stereoizer - Expand | Enhance | Control 
  • natural stereo to stereo extension
  • mono to stereo enrichment
  • leaves original character intact
  • subtle to extreme enhancement
  • band limited precision
  • dynamic visual feedback
"Unlike most stereo enhancers we've tried, the sound doesn't become either phasey or grainy, but  remains smooth and rich...

Overall, we're enormously impressed...
perfect for enhancing mono or stereo sound sources."

Computer Music Magazine
Developed for and tested by professional audio engineers, Stereoizer adds natural sounding width and enhancement to any audio recording, mono or stereo, leaving the inherent character of the original source intact. Quite simply Stereoizer makes your audio more coherent, highly polished and spatially balanced without adding artificial reverberation, chorusing or delay.


Monofilter - Focus | Definition | Power 
  • sharper bass
  • anchor low end power
  • eliminate weak|hollow|flat bass
  • fix samples
  • restore old recordings
  • master with confidence
"I can't envision myself calling a mix finished without treating it with Monofilter"

Brandon Hickey, Film and Post, Mix Magazine
Used and trusted by producers the world over, MONOFILTER grabs hold of your bass and secures it solidly within your mix. Intuitive controls allow you to quickly anchor the power, whilst retaining the essential character and perceived spatial characteristics.


Stereoplacer - Modify, reverse, add, fix 
  • reposition composite material
  • deal with complex sound sources
  • leaves original character intact
  • fix poor recordings
  • ideal for restoration work
  • dynamic visual feedback
“This plugin is very powerful… much more transparent than many other techniques and in some cases it is the only choice..”

Pierfrancesco Gorini, Mix & Mastering Engineer
Gucci, Disney, Electronic Arts
The pan control has come of age. Now you can adjust the stereo balance where you want to. Gone are the days when making an improvement in one area causes problems with another - choose the frequencies you want to fix and move them, leaving the rest of the stereo image intact.