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Sample Magic Magic AB Version 2

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A simple, powerful reference tool that allows you to switch between the audio you are working on and up to nine tracks in an instant – now at version 2.

Magic AB artwork


A simple, powerful reference tool that allows you to switch between the audio you are working on and up to nine tracks in an instant – now at version 2.

Magic AB


The concept behind Magic AB is simplicity itself – an easy-to-use but powerful utility plugin that allows you to switch between the audio you are working on in your DAW and up to nine reference tracks at the click of a mouse. 

With A/B referencing playing an essential part in production, mixing and mastering, AB offers an infinitely faster, easier and more accurate method to compare multiple audio streams to those currently available in any DAW.

Magic AB v2 sits on your mix bus (or individual channels), allowing instant switching between your current project and the reference material in pristine, transparent quality, regardless of the processes already on the mix bus. If required, plugins can be added post Magic AB to provide a sounding-point for programme material with or without additional processing.

With Version 2 (Dec 2015), Magic AB includes a host of new features and powerful workflow improvements including two new referencing modes, up to four programmable Cue and Loop points per track, RAM-bypass mode, drag and drop files, Mono/Stereo switching and much more.



Magic AB

Magic AB is both an indispensible mixing tool and a workflow improver that allows the producer to:

Perform instant AB references: compare the track you are working on in your DAW with any commercially produced reference track in a variety of audio formats (mp3, Aiff, Wav, m4a, AAC).
Like the sound of a reference? No problems – drag/drop your chosen reference track/s into Magic AB then flick between them and your mix with a single mouse click.
New in Version 2: three unique referencing modes: Sync to compare your current mix with older versions – a mastering must; Latch to follow the DAW timeline; and Manual for freeform referencing.
Hone in on the details: cue the reference track from the precise point you want to hear and loop the section you want to focus on. New with V2: save up to four cue/loop points per track and work in detail with the all-new zoom.
Compare multiple mixes quickly and simply: create and save ‘go-to’ playlists to radically speed up mixing and mastering.
Balance the relative volume of mixes with extensive, accurate, easy-to-read metering (peak, RMS and crest values with adjustable peak fall time). The clear, ergonomically designed GUI with bold waveform display means you’re always comparing like with like.
Compare stereo mixes or flip to mono to check mono comptability.
Give your ears a chance to recalibrate with manually changeable crossfade times. Flip in an instant, or allow a transitions of up to 2000ms.
Do it all 'in mini' with Mini AB - the same powerful feature set at a tenth of the size: ideal for those using smaller screens.


All but invisible on processor power, and with RAM-bypass mode for processor-heavy projets, Magic AB v2's light, refined design means setting it up as a default on your mix bus is a breeze without draining resources.

Working on virtually all DAWs, with a patented-ease of use, Magic AB represents a second-to-none mix and workflow improver for all producers, regardless of genre.



Magic AB


This plugin is available in the following formats:

<h6><strong>Windows</strong></h6><p>&bull; Windows Vista or higher (tested up to Windows 10)<br />&bull; SSE2-enabled processor (Pentium 4 or later)<br />&bull; Minimum 2GB RAM.<br />&bull; Any VST / Audio Unit (32/64-bit) / AAX-compatible host software.</p>


• Windows Vista or higher (tested up to Windows 10)
• SSE2-enabled processor (Pentium 4 or later)
• Minimum 2GB RAM.
• Any VST / Audio Unit (32/64-bit) / AAX-compatible host software.

<h6><strong>Mac OS X</strong></h6><p>&bull; Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (tested up to 10.10 El Capitan)<br />&bull; Intel processor Mac<br />&bull; Minimum 2GB RAM.<br />&bull; Any VST / Audio Unit (32/64-bit) / AAX-compatible host software.</p>

Mac OS X

• Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (tested up to 10.10 El Capitan)
• Intel processor Mac
• Minimum 2GB RAM.
• Any VST / Audio Unit (32/64-bit) / AAX-compatible host software.



Magic AB
Magic AB
Magic AB
Magic AB
Magic AB
Magic AB
Magic AB



Music Tech
"A plug-in that everyone could benefit from. It's a simple but incredibly useful idea that's easy to use and well executed."
Sound On Sound
"Sample Magic’s ingenious plug-in makes A/Bing fast, fair and simple. Once you’ve seen how easy referencing can be, you’ll be reluctant to go back."
Resident Advisor
"AB is very slick to use. It's not only simple and self contained, but whichever DAW you happen to be working in, your referencing technique will always be the consistent."
Computer Music
"[It makes] the AB referencing process an effortless joy."
Attack Magazine
"A simple but essential plugin for your mixing, production and mastering processes."
"A classic example of a simple yet damn good idea... What this does for workflow is stunning; it makes a fiddly task elegant and easy."
DJ Magazine
"...Makes this part of the production process as simple and easy as it can be."
Music Connection Magazine
"Magic AB modernises and greatly enhances the whole A/B process in a logical and near-scientific way."
"This tool will be soon adopted by mastering engineers... It's just so damn easy."




 "I'm using this amazing plugin every day."

Joachim Garraud (Deep Dish, David Bowie, Cassius, David Guetta, Jean-Michel Jarre)


"A great system… Magic AB is a time saver, a hard drive space saver and it allows you the control you need to really reference."

Dave Pensado (Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson)


"The ability to quickly AB a previous mix, a rough mix or a reference track is a huge timesaver, and a necessity for maintaining quality control. The latest V2 feature of locking the reference mix to the DAW timeline is worth the price of the upgrade alone – and the new ability to sum to mono  makes working on mixes even easier. I love this plugin."

Paul J. Falcone (Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, R.E.M., Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross)


"I use it on just about every mix I'm working on. It's a genius idea and a great way to check your mix against the mixes already out there."

Steve Mac


"The Magic AB plugin is an absolute godsend. Thank you!"

Jono Grant, Above and Beyond


"Magic AB is totally amazing. I use it every day."

Pete Boxsta Martin (Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, Puff Daddy, Jessie J, Rizzle kicks)


"A great tool for someone learning how to mix... Experienced engineers will also find it useful for getting a feel for a new mixing environment or speakers, or just as a quick check during a mix.... Ingenious."

Bobby Owsinski


"The simplest of Ideas executed with 'magic'. Awesome plugin. Guys I salute you ;)"

Jason Phats


"Proper referencing is one of the most important things when mixing and Magic AB has made it extremely convenient. It saves lot of time as it helps me spot problems quicker. As a result, my mixdowns have become more consistent. I couldn't live without Magic AB any more."

Ilpo Karkkainen (Resound) Metalheadz, Exit Records, Renegade Hardware


"The concept is superb and the GUI and functionality are great. It's one of those 'Why hasn't anyone done this before?' concepts - a great tool for mixing."

Chris Allen (Unkle/Freeland)


"Now that I've used Magic AB a couple of times there's no going back. It's super easy to use and at the same time an extremely effective and helpful plugin. Magic AB now has its set place on my master bus."

Thomas Schumacher (Get Physical)


"This plugin is so useful. In the past I had to do routings and use audio layers to compare songs but now it's so easy and quick! I'm now using it in every new track to balance the sound right from the start."

Florian Meindl (FLASH/Trapez)


“Magic AB is one of the most useful tools I have in the studio. Its genius is its simplicity... and subtle features like the ability to tweak the crossfade time are super useful. A unique problem solver that you don’t realise how much you needed until somebody found the solution."

Nick Brennen / Tripswitch / Mu Mastering


"We always end up with a load of muted channels with reference material in our projects and the fact you can save these as presets is awesome!"

Dan Arnold/Qemists (Ninja Tune)


"I love this plugin! Before I got Magic AB, I spent so much time bouncing 16 bars and referencing in iTunes, it was crazy!"

Simon Mortlock/Vicious Circle (Renegade Hardware)




Installer in AU, VST and AAX formats compatible with 32/64bit DAWs. Please note that Magic AB Version 2 does not support RTAS. (Version 1 does – and Version 1 users can continue to use V1 in RTAS format).


VERSION 2.1.2 - March 17 2016

FIXED - Bug in Pro Tools which caused session to hang on loading (white pop up window) when Magic AB cannot find missing audio files.

Magic AB will now open window asking you to point to folder where missing files are located.

VERSION 2.1.1 - 19 January 2016

- FIXED - Bug in Ableton 9.5 causing Undo list to fill with infinite amount of ‘TRK 9 Play’ entries.
- FIXED - Bug causing Logic X to crash on some systems.
- FIXED - Pro Tools crashing when swapping Magic AB version 1 for version 2 in a slot without removing V1 completely first.
- FIXED - Track names showing correctly (not truncated) in track slot and main display.

VERSION 2.1 - 14 December 2015

- FIXED – Loop issue with Track 1 not looping properly when switching streams.
- FIXED – Audio buffer noise in Sync Mode when track finished before time line ends.
– ENHANCEMENT  - Presets now start tracks playing from saved Cue point 1 (instead of start of track) .

VERSION 2 - December 2015

Magic AB v2 is an entirely new plugin, rebuilt from the ground up into a new framework. As such it is not meant to be a replacement for version 1 – and is not backward compatible. Users may continue to use Version 1, or Version 2 – or both in a single project.

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