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Sknote Catena Multiband Stereo Processor

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Quick Overview

Catena is a stereo routing, splitting, mixing, multiband console in 3 rack units.

Catena is a stereo routing, splitting, mixing, multiband console in 3 rack units. Also includes an internal mid/side matrix for mixed stereo/mid-side processing. Five stereo channels are available. Main stereo input can be split and sent to the next channel and so on. Stereo returns are split and sent again (series mode) or main stereo input is sent to every stereo channel.

Stereo returns are mixed through stereo volume controls and sent to individual outputs. Per-channel mute/bypass controls.

In multiband mode, main stereo input is split into four frequency bands with fine crossover frequency controls (24 dB/octave). Each band is sent to individual send outputs, mixed back through volume controls, sent to individual outputs. All kinds of parallel/series/multiband/mid-side processing arrangements are available for hardware chains.



- four stereo split sections with sends

- series (independent channels) and parallel (main input to all channels)

- five stereo channels with stereo volume controls (stepped)

- four frequency bands with stepped fine controls (16 steps)

- internal mid-side matrix

- stepped controls

- active inputs and outputs

- XLR inputs and outputs

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