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SM Pro Audio MBC502 - System 500 Multi Band Optical Compressor

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Quick Overview

The MBC502 is a custom-designed, optical multi-band compressor in a dual-slot 500-series format...

MBC502: System 500 Multi Band Optical Compressor

The MBC502 is a custom-designed, optical multi-band compressor in a dual-slot 500-series format. Each channel—low-frequency and high-frequency—offers control over level, compression amount, and attack and release times. Switches allow you to mute one of the compression channels so that the other can act as a filter, with the filter’s center frequency determined by the setting of the front panel Frequency selector knob. The VU meter displays the master output level, while gain reduction is shown on the LED meters.

Editing is performed via a complement of dedicated oil damped rotary controls, with each compression band sporting independent controls. The exception is the Master Level knob, which gives you convenient, simultaneous control over the output levels of both compressor bands.

Finally, like the Tubebox, the MBC502 audio circuit uses the LME 49720 ultra-low distortion/low noise Op Amps, for uncompromised audio output.

Whether you’re taming vocal peaks, getting a bass to sit in the pocket, or looking to do serious sound-sculpting, our MBC502 is more than ready to lend a hand.


  • Suitable for use in all 500-series-compatible systems
  • Dual-channel multi-frequency-band optical compressor
  • Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order (24dB/octave) crossover slope
  • Master level display: VU meter w/ -20dBu – +3dBu range
  • Gain reduction LED display
  • Dual input gain controls
  • 16-stage frequency range selector
  • Independent compression, attack time, and release time controls
  • Circuit bypass switch
  • Independent channel mutes
  • Master output level control