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Softube Weiss DS1-MK3 Mastering Processor Plugin

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Weiss DS1-MK3

Mastering compression, limiting, and de-essing without compromise. Every mastering engineer’s fondest dream is about to come true.

A line-by-line code port of the legendary Weiss DS1-MK3 mastering processor; the unit no serious mastering engineer can do without is now a plug-in for the first time.



Since its launch in the 1990s the Weiss DS1 has become an absolute gold-standard unit, indispensable in mastering studios around the world despite a premium price tag. Its transparency, unparalleled versatility, and exceptional sound quality make it a must-have, heard (or rather not heard) on pretty much any major record you’d care to mention from the last twenty years. And in that time updates and improvements by Weiss have led to the near-perfection of the DS1-MK3.


The Weiss DS1-MK3 plug-in sounds exactly the same as the hardware based DS1-MK3

Daniel Weiss, Founder of Weiss Engineering


World-renowned mastering engineer, Bob Katz 
The fully digital compressor/limiter/de-esser performs tasks no analog unit ever could, across a wider range of settings, and allows for more detailed control of your mastering process than had been previously possible, and features presets from world-renowned mastering engineer, Bob Katz. Author of Mastering Audio (hailed by Sound on Sound magazine as ‘the definitive work on mastering’), and three times Grammy winner, he described the original unit as ‘impeccable’, saying ‘it is the most transparent, refined, flexible, and least “digital-sounding” dynamics processor I have ever used.’


The DS1-MK3 hardware is as transparent as anything I’ve ever used. It’s refined, ergonomic, and flexible. It’s not ‘digital-sounding’… That’s a very rare quality in a digital processor.

Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer


An improvement on a legend 
And now for the first time ever, it is available as a plug-in, offering more flexibility than ever in a modern DAW environment, at a fraction of the cost. A line-by-line code port of the digital original means this plug-in is a perfect copy of the hardware, and with the additional features and versatility made possible by software, this is an improvement on a legend.

Working at resolutions of up to 32 bit/192 kHz (an upgrade on the original hardware), de-ess your mids and sides independently. Compress with variable soft-knee settings to take you from gentle levelling all the way to aggressive crushing. And limit with simply the best, most transparent, brick wall available - including two all-new advanced limiter algorithms in addition to the Weiss original.

The DS1 compressor software is nearly identical to the hardware unit. You guys nailed the design on this one.

Howie Weinberg, Mastering Engineer Superstar (Nirvana, Tom Waites, The White Stripes)

And with the plug-in, you don’t need the wealth of a small nation to run multiple instances of this highly-prized box. De-ess your vocals while gently compressing your guitars and limiting your master bus at the same time, all with the same top-of-the-line tool.

Purchase of the DS1-MK3 also includes the new Weiss MM-1 intelligent Mastering Maximizer plug-in.

Now you too can master like the masters, with all the loudness, clarity, and precision, and none of the drawbacks.


In short

Officially licensed and endorsed by Daniel Weiss himself.
Not an emulation, but a line-by-line code port of the original digital hardware.
Exactly the same processor as the $10,000 original, at a fraction of the cost.
Three processors in one; de-ess, compress, and limit, with the industry standard tool.
Processes at resolutions of up to 32 bit/192 kHz for exceptional sound quality.
Advanced metering - waveform view.
Featuring presets from Bob Katz.
Truly versatile de-essing. Choose your own filters, adjust frequency, and tailor the process to your needs working in stereo or mid-sides.
Digital compressor can operate at speeds no analog unit ever could, and offers you total control.
Two brand-new advanced limiter algorithms included, as well as the Weiss original.
Run multiple instances of this legendary unit on the same mix at no extra cost.
Nothing sounds as clean, as transparent, as good. That’s why the hardware is in every major mastering studio in the world.
Purchase of the DS1-MK3 also includes the new Weiss MM-1 intelligent Mastering Maximizer plug-in.