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Sonic Studio SoundBlade LE

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Quick Overview

Download License! Email Delivery!

Download License! Email Delivery!

soundBlade LE provides the core mastering capabiliities that professional need to make DDP and PMCD gold masters suitable for manufacturing into millions of CDs with the ulimate in sound quality and player compatibility.

A perfect add-on to your Avid® Pro Tools mix workflow, soundBlade LE breaths a depth and richness into final mixes that is simply astonishing. Add real-time gain processing to match volumes on your mixes, global Sonic Masterering peak and shelving EQ and assemble your songs into their final album sequence with spec-perfect PQ coding. Output your finished project to DDP, PMCD/CD-R and securePlayer client reference player with 128-bit encyrption.

Mixes and finished masters sound better with soundBlade.

Mark InfoThe Most Transparent Sound

  • Pristine Sonic Studio Engine 64-bit processing
  • Mixes immediately sound better in soundBlade
  • Depth and richness of sound stage is amazing

Precision Editing

  • Super-fast auto editing tool selection
  • "No-click-ever" editing
  • Real-time segment gain with up to +24db range
  • Real-time fade controls

Always Real-time Processing

  • Real-time segment gain
  • Includes global Sonic Mastering EQ with peak and shevling filters
  • Sonic Mastering Dither

Export & Deliver

  • Use Mark Info Window for specification and creation of DDPs and CDRs
  • Export tracks or entire albums as AIFF or BWF (with metadata)
  • 10x CD-R Burn and DDP Delivery and Export


Always Real-time Precision Editing

Export• Precision stereo editing
• Precise waveforms with sample-accurate editing views
• Support for 24 bit AIFF, AIFC, WAV, BWF, FLAC, ALAC,and SD2
• Open DDP File Sets for manipulation and re-editing
• Background creation of waveforms for accurate display
• Real-time gain up to +24 db per segment
• Real-time fade control
• Famililar breakpoint gain adjustment

All Real-time Processing

• Super fast audio-tool selection
• Advanced Metering with Details Window
• Sonic Studio Mastering EQ - minimum phase implementation
   - Global EQ
   - 4-band Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Audio Units Plugin
   - Wholegrain Trio DynPEQ dynamic parametric plug-in

• Advanced Plug-in Architecture
   - Support for AU and VST plug-ins
   - Unique timeline based plug-in architecture
   - Mix and output desk-based plug-in support

• Multiple Dither Algorithms
   - Sonic TPDF Shaped Triangular PDF redithering
Export Export



Multiple Format Editing



  • Export as AIFF, WAV, and BWF (with metadata)
  • 24- or 16-bit word length
  • Export single track or full album in one step


Gold Master Creation and Delivery

• Deep support for PQ / Metadata specification
• Start/End PQ, Album, Artist, and Track Information
• UPC/EAN & ISRC Codes
• Emphasis & SCMS flags
• Offset & minimum index width
• Includes CD TEXT support
• UPC/EAN & ISRC Codes

• Saves to DDP (Disc Description Protocol) 2.0 format
• Pre-master CD creation and CD-R burning
• Industry standard PQ Log creation
• Create Sonic securePlayer™ client reference player with 128-bit encryption