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Sound Particles 6FX Bundle: Density | Space Controller | Brightness Panner | Energy Panner | Doppler | Air

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Sound Particles 6FX Bundle



Space Controller Studio

Brightness Panner

Energy Panner





Brightness Panner Plugin


Brightness Panner Plugin

AAX Native, AU, AUv3, VST and VST3

Brightness Panner is committed to change the way you use sound in space, enriching your mixes by spreading sound around you. This unique audio plugin makes panning easier than ever, by applying movement to your sounds using Brightness analysis.


Brightness Panner Screenshot


Frequency Controls Panning

Imagine panning being controlled by the pitch of music notes, the brightness of sounds or the MIDI notes you play. From music to audio post, Brightness Panner allows you to move sounds dynamically in a variety of reproduction formats — from stereo to surround 5.1 and 7.1, to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, Ambisonics up to 3rd order, and Binaural.



What is Brightness Panner?


Panning Mode

The Pan mode is essentially a normal end-to-end particle-based panning. This type of panning effect changes the position of the sound source between two points (start point -> end point) previously defined by you. Therefore, greater brightness or pitch shifts of the incoming signal, the greater the shift from the starting point to the end point.

Sliding Mode

Whenever the audio signal is within the frequency or pitch range, the sound source moves on a trajectory that you define. As opposed to pan mode, the sound source does not return to the starting point as soon as the signal falls outside that range. The sound source will freeze that position until the audio signal is back within the range again, leading to a new shift of the sound source in the dome space.


How it works


Brightness Analysis

Brightness Analysis

Brightness Panner analyzes the spectrum of sounds in order to pan them in 3D according to a range of frequencies set by the user.


Pitch Analysis

Pitch Analysis

Brightness Panner identifies the pitch of individual notes and pans them in 3D according to a range of pitch values set by the user.


MIDI Analysis

MIDI Analysis

Brightness Panner receives MIDI notes and pans sounds in 3D according to a range of MIDI notes set by the user.


Visualization Dome

Visualization Dome

Track every single movement the sounds are making through the main component of the plugin’s UI: the dome.




Running out of ideas? Don’t worry! Brightnesss Panner has a randomize option that outputs a new result each time you click it.


Dynamic Movement

Dynamic Movement

Easily set how the sounds will move. For instance, will they move from the speakers position to the centre or will they move clockwise starting from a custom position?



Energy Panner

AAX Native, AU, VST and VST3


A different approach to panning with the release of a new plugin – the Energy Panner. The plugin uses the intensity of a sound to control its movement automatically, providing any sound professional with a tool that combines dynamics with spatial definition, to modify and enhance mix elements, sound effects and many more.

From traditional stereo to Ambisonics, from 5.1 to binaural, this plugin enables artists to add automatic movement to their content without any effort or manual automation.

Space is still one dimension that is not fully explored by musicians. Energy Panner can help everyone (both music and audio post professionals) to make things more interesting in this field.




Stereo, Surround, Ambisonics, Immersive and Binaural Outputs

Use several output options based on virtual microphones technology


Dynamic Movement

Easily set how the sounds move, from custom points, speaker positions or to specific directions



Use external signals to control the effect of the plugin, instead of using the track’s sound


Visualization Dome

Track every movement the sounds are making through the main component of the plugin’s UI



The randomize option outputs new results each time you click it


Absolute Control

Energy Panner brings you all the options you need to have complete control over how the sounds are moving in a panoramic field



Use attack and release timings to control how fast you want the movement to happen



Doppler & Air Perpetual

Sound Particles Doppler + Air Plug-ins Perpetual is a bundle of professional audio plugins (AAX Native, AU, VST and VST3), which may be used for sound design and audio post-production. They are perfect for simulating the physical behavior of sound moving through the air, turning your mix into an incredibly immersive sonic experience.

Doppler simulates the behavior of objects moving through air, providing audio with highly accurate characteristics of sounds passing-by. With control of all parameters that physically affect pitch, level, and EQ in a real-world situation, Doppler gives you the most natural-sounding emulation for your work.

Air simulates the natural dampening that happens to higher frequencies from sounds as they travel through air, providing perfectly simulated frequency responses to dialogue or effects that you want to sound naturally distant.


System Requirements




Mac OSX 10.11 or higher

Windows 10 or higher

FormatAAX Native, AU, AUv3, VST and VST3
CPU2-core or higher
RAM4 GB or higher
Disk Space600 MB