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SoundLib Samplit 2

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Quick Overview

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Download License! Email Delivery!


Create new sample libraries for your sampler

Record your virtual instruments, MIDI instruments and real instrument automatically and create sample libraries for your Sampler.

Automatic sampling solution

It's never been easier to create new sample libraries for your sampler. From audio plug-ins to MIDI sound modules, including real instruments or even sound effects, you can record them all. You can even mix them together to create more interesting sounds.

How does it work?

Samplit can work in two different modes: Automatic and semi-automatic.

In automatic mode, Samplit sends a MIDI note to your instrument plug-in or to your external MIDI sound module and waits for a sound to record. Then Samplit detects the beginning and the end of the sound and record the perfect sample without any click. This process is repeated for all of the notes and velocities that you want to record.


The semi-automatic mode is used when the sound to record cannot be controlled by MIDI. To guide you, Samplit can play a reference tone in your headphone so you know which note to play. It will also display the note and velocity of the note to record and will patiently wait for you to play that note. This process is repeated for all of the notes and velocities that you want to record.




Rated C for Creativity

At the heart of Samplit, is a new eight track audio mixer. Each track can be assigned to a virtual instrument from your computer or to an audio input from your sound card.

In the demonstration video above, we only used one track to record a virtual instrument. But imagine the kind of sound you can create by layering up to 8 virtual instruments with individual volume, pan, EQ and audio effect!


And that's not all. You can even mix virtual instruments and external MIDI instruments like in the illustration below:


Reverse your samples

Playing samples backward is becoming a trend, we hear them everywhere. With just one mouse click, you can reverse one or all of your samples.

The sound you hear at the beginning and at the end of the demonstration video was done by sampling a mix of 5 virtual instruments and reversing the samples.

Rated S for Simplicity

Most sampler users never bother to create their own sound libraries. There is a good reason for that. It's a very long and repetitive process that requires a lot of recording, editing and testing. And the results are not always up to expectations.

We designed Samplit with one goal in mind. To simplify the whole process and automate all of the required tasks as much as we can: Automatic sample recording, detection of the beginning and the end of each sample with a security buffer, audio clipping warning, auto-loop, built-in player, sample volume compensation, VCA release time detection...


Intuitive mixer and recorder in one window

Built-in player

Test all of your samples without leaving Samplit with the built-in Player. Adjust the volume, pitch bend, pitch tracking, VCA envelope, velocity response and filter. If it sounds right in the Player, it will sound right in your Sampler.


Finding the perfect loop is a very long (and boring) task. An error of just one sample can produce this horrible loop click. Samplit includes a new powerful auto-looper that can find the perfect loop in seconds.

The auto-looper will also set the loop cross-fade automatically based on the loop matching result.


Great for recording real instruments too

If you are looking to record real instruments, look no further. Samplit has some special features that will make the process much easier. Samplit can generate a reference tone to let you know which note to play or sing. You can also adjust the monitor level independently of the recording level. And if a recording has clipped, Samplit will warn you and let you record the same note again.

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