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SoundRadix Radical Bundle 3 now with POWAIR

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Sound Radix Sound-processing Plug-in Bundle with POWAIR, Auto-Align, Pi, Drum Leveler, and SurferEQ - Mac/PC AAX, RTAS, VST and AU

Powerful Tools to Tighten Your Mix

The Sound Radix Radical Bundle 3 includes four powerful sound-processing plug-ins: Auto-Align, Pi, Drum Leveler, and SurferEQ. The Auto-Align and Pi plug-ins give you the tools you need to make sure your tracks are completely phase coherent for rock-solid mixes. Use Drum Leveler to even out the dynamics of your drum tracks without over-compressing. And Surfer EQ gives you powerful equalization that you can match to the key of your song for ultra-musical results.



The new Sound Radix POWAIR plugin is a smarter, more natural sounding dynamic processor.

POWAIR is a two-stage leveler/compressor plug-in designed to not only control dynamics but to bring a sense of power to vocals, instruments, and mixes. The first stage in Powair is a k-weighted perceived loudness (LKFS) auto-leveler. Whether you need to deliver tracks to EBU specifications or control the levels of a dynamic performance, the loudness leveler will smoothly ride your tracks and get them to your target level, claim Sound Radix.

POWAIR uses an innovative gain detection and reduction engine that allows fast gain changes with minimal distortion and adaptive response to the recorded source signal.

POWAIR allows powerful dynamics shaping while maintaining the timbre of the source, even when pushed to extremes. To preserve transients, POWAIR sports a ‘Punch' feature which enables full control over the transients levels during the Attack stage; making it possible to shape transient length while keeping peak levels under control. 

POWAIR features "Adaptive Compression", which allows compression levels to be set while maintaining the character of the sound when hitting a louder section without over-compressing.


Auto-Align: sample-accurate time and phase alignment

Sound Radix Auto-Align is the cure for your multi-mic blues. When you record an instrument with more than one microphone, sound reaches each mic at a slightly different time, causing certain frequencies to cancel out while others build up. The dreaded the comb filter effect. Enter Auto-Align. This cool plug-in "listens" to your multi-mic recording and automatically compensates for the delay between mics - instantly, and more efficiently than you could ever do manually. When you use distant mics and actuallywant a delay, Auto-Align can time-place mics to better match the source.


Pi: multi-channel phase interactions mixer plug-in

Think of Sound Radix Pi as your relationship manager. Phase relationships, that is. An innovative, multi-channel phase interactions mixer plug-in engine, Pi improves the summing of your DAW or mixer, dynamically minimizing frequency cancellations between instruments within your mix. Pi also juices mono compatibility and gives you back the depth and focus you lost when overlapping frequencies collided inside your mix. Can't understand why your mixes sound so ineffectual? Pi to the rescue! Good phase relationships between tracks are a key to awesome-sounding mixes. Optimize them with Sound Radix Pi.


Drum Leveler: tame dynamics without over-compressing

We've tried out countless dynamics plug-ins at Sweetwater, but we've never tried anything quite like the Sound Radix Drum Leveler compressor/expander plug-in. Apply it to a full drum mix, and Drum Leveler processes each drum hit individually, giving you full dynamic control over each element in the mix. Its combination of compression and expansion lets you add punch to certain hits while reducing the level of unwanted noise and signal bleed. And with mono, stereo, dual mono, and mid-side processing modes, you've got impressive dynamics processing potential with the Sound Radix Drum Leveler plug-in.


SurferEQ: pitch-tracking equalizer with real-time pitch-detection engine

Sound Radix SurferEQ is based on a radical concept - one that makes perfect sense. Traditional equalizers are set to fixed frequency ranges, but in practice, fundamentals and the harmonic series change along with the pitch of an instrument or vocal. SurferEQ tracks the pitch of your instrument or a vocal track - and can change the EQ frequency accordingly in real time, giving you incredibly natural-sounding results. Simply set any of the bands to a desired harmonic and SurferEQ's real-time pitch-detection engine flawlessly does its thing, always relevant to the music.


Tech Specs

Software TypeProduction Bundle
PlatformMac, PC
Hardware Requirements - MacIntel Dual Core 2GHz, 4GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PCIntel Dual Core 2GHz, 4GB RAM
OS Requirements - MacOS X 10.6
OS Requirements - PCWindows XP
SpecialsNov 29, 2019