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Stanton SCS.1D MIDI Deck Controller

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Quick Overview

**Warranties and returns for this product are not available to International customers.Amazing Platter ControllerCompact controllers are great in some scenarios. But sometimes they’re ju...

**Warranties and returns for this product are not available to International customers.

Amazing Platter Controller

Compact controllers are great in some scenarios. But sometimes they’re just not enough. Tiny, non-motorized platters just don’t cut it when your goal is to try to emulate the vinyl experience. That is why we built the SCS.1d. The SCS.1d is the perfect crossover device for DJs that want to embrace the advanced features modern software offers, while still staying rooted in a traditional workflow.

Wheel of Steel

The SCS.1d has a 10” motorized platter with a real slipmat and vinyl record. This means that our platter not only feels like a record on a turntable, it performs like one as well. There’s plenty of room for your hand on the platter, and you are free to move naturally instead of being confined to a tiny area. Likewise, the platter under the record will feel totally natural, delivering the industry standard torque and edge texture that you’re used to after years in front of traditional gear.

Motorized Pitch Fader

When you’re dealing with software control, sometimes that software can change settings that don’t get passed down to a traditional hardware controller. This means that as a user, you’re left second-guessing whether moving that pitch slider is going to work correctly or mess up your mix. That isn’t a problem with the SCS.1d. If you use one SCS.1d to control 4 decks in Traktor, every time you switch decks, all of your controls (including the pitch fader) will move to the correct values for that deck.

Rotary Controls (aka “Super Knobs”)

Beyond basic mixing and control, the SCS.1d makes a radical departure from traditional controllers via four rotary encoders (“virtual knobs”) with LED rings and corresponding LCD “scribble strips.” These fully assignable encoders can be mapped directly into functions in the DJ software while providing visual feedback of knob position, even in low-light settings. Underneath, the LCD scribble strips confirm the software parameter being adjusted by each encoder, without the need to check your laptop. Of course, common assignments for these encoders can be saved as presets for fast recall.

Superior Build Quality

Unlike other DJ control surfaces, the SCS.1d Platter Controller offers truly professional, “no-compromise” build quality. Every knob, fader, LED and LCD is of utmost quality, and even the heavy chassis is designed for years of real-world use in demanding live and studio environments.

Main Features:

  • Flagship deck controller for laptop DJs and remixer / producer

  • Adjustable high-torque 10” motorized platter with vinyl surface and superior tracking

  • 100mm motorized pitch fader with recall for sync with software

  • Velocity-sensitive pads assignable to loops, cue points, etc.

  • Assignable Encoder section with 360° of LED feedback

  • LCD “scribble strips” for two-way communication with selected software

  • Familiar Transport section for direct music control

  • Perfect for adding maximum control capabilities into existing DJ software

  • Easily controls multiple virtual decks for powerful multi-channel mixes