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Tascam IF-FW/DM Firewire Interface Card for DM-3200 and DM-24 Mixers - Open Box

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Tascam IF-FW/DM

New old stock open box unit. We purchased this directly from Tascam many years ago and it has been sitting in our inventory ever since. It has never been sold or returned.

24-channel FireWire interface for DM-3200 and DM-24 mixers

Taking advantage of fast FireWire technology, the IF-FW/DM is a computer interface card for the DM-3200 and TEC award-winning DM-24 Digital Mixers. Using this card, studios can connect their DAW directly to their mixer with a single FireWire cable, adding powerful mixing, automation and processing capabilities to virtually any computer recording system.

For recording engineers and musicians who are comfortable working on a mixing console, using a DM-3200 to control their recording software is an extension of the way they work by combining with control surface support with the abiliyt to patch 24 channels into and 24 channels out of most DAW applications, bypassing the need for expensive audio interfaces.

The processing capabilities of the DM-3200 free the computer's CPU to add tracks and plug-ins to the recording project. As recording software continues to add tracks and plug-ins get more complex, you can use the DM-3200 to handle the mixing, EQ, compression and other processing tasks it excels at. The powerful automation system of the DM-3200 also alleviates the processing pressure on the DAW, and many users prefer TASCAM's intuitive mixer automation system over even very high-end consoles.

The IF-FW/DM & DM-3200 combination replaces thousands of dollars worth of computer audio interfaces with a simple, integrated solution. Your studio gets the editing and plug-in power that DAW systems deliver while keeping the flexibility and speed that recording consoles provide. Professional recording facilities know that using a mixing console with their DAW is often a more efficient, flexible and better-sounding solution than working with virtual mixers. By adding the DM-3200 with an IF-FW/DM installed to your DAW system, you allow the DAW to do what it does best.