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TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate

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Quick Overview

Noise, You Shall Not Pass!

Sentry Noise Gate is your gateway to a noise-free and fully dynamic performance. Its cutting-edge multiband technology is set to cater to all of your hum and buzz-killing needs and with its highly intuitive design, you'll be dialing out that unwanted noise faster than an Yngwie Malmsteen arpeggio lick. Take control and enjoy the silence!

  • State-of-the-art Multiband Noise Gate

  • Hard-Gate Mode for instant noise removal

  • TonePrint enabled

You’re Hum Free

Sentry Noise Gate's multiband technology houses one of the most advanced noise-removal algorithms to date. This enables you to hone in on very specific frequencies and quickly remove extraneous noise from your signal as you stop playing, without any compromise to your core tone. The result? The most seamless and organic noise reduction you've ever heard. In this mode, Sentry Noise Gate is like the air we breathe. You don't notice it's there but you can't live without it!


Silent As The Grave

Sentry Noise Gate also features a classic hard-gate mode, which can be used for an immediate noise-cut effect. Go from a full-on sonic barrage to dead silence in an instant, only to let your epic riff re-emerge from the stillness and strike the unsuspecting crowd with unprecedented force. With Sentry Noise Gate, your riff-writing will forever ring with monstrous grandeur!


TonePrint – Reshape That Gate

For all of you tone tweakers and sonic explorers, this is where the magic's at! Via the free TonePrint Editor you can tweak your personal gate with exceptional precision, so it perfectly interacts with your setup and your needs. On top of that, you can also load custom-made settings created by some of the biggest names within the world of rock with the free TonePrint App, giving you access to the tones that the pros prefer. The gates to tonal bliss are wide open!


Backstage Pass - All Access

Eliminating unwanted noise has never been easier than with Sentry Noise Gate. Let's take a look at the tools that will replace hiss and hum with tone, dynamics and fun.



Toggle between the higly organic multiband gate, the classic hard-gate and the ultra customizable TonePrint gate via the flick of a single switch.



This determines the sound level at which the gate will close. At lower settings less noise will pass through and vice versa. Find your sweet-spot and rock out!



Damping controls how many dBs you attenuate your signal when the gate kicks in. Its max position will slam the gate completely, whereas lower settings will leave the gate slightly ajar, securing a more organic result.



Controls how long the sonic gates stay open. Lower settings will close the gate instantly, whereas higher settings will result in a more natural fade. You’re the gatekeeper, you decide!


Send/Return Loop

Patch your noisy pedals (eg. Distortion) through the send/return loop for the best and most natural gating possible. You can also sidechain other instruments through it (eg. a kick-drum) for cool and creative gating effects.


True Bypass

Sentry Noise Gate was made to let the “you” in your playing shine through. Its True Bypass design ensures zero tone coloration, letting your tone shine through with no loss of high-end.


Sentry Noise Gate's Send/Return Loop

Send And Loop It Around

Typically, you would place a noise gate after distortion. Sadly, sometimes the noise that comes from that distortion can be so loud that it prevents your guitar from ringing out naturally before the gate closes, which kills playing dynamics. With Sentry Noise Gate’s Send/Return Loop you can plug your guitar directly into the Noise Gate while placing your noisy effects and/or your amp’s pre-amp in the loop. This way the gate is triggered by the direct guitar signal, but closed after the noisy pedals for the most natural gating possible.

Unchained Creativity

Alternatively, you could use the loop as a Sidechain for even more creativity, such as a bass-drum or any other percussive signal to control the gate. That way it’ll open and close in time with your music for cool tremolo-like effects.


Sentry Noise Gate's Resume

  • - State-of-the-art Multiband Noise Gate
  • - Hard-Gate mode for instant noise removal
  • - TonePrint - for a world of signature and customizable effects
  • - Send/Return Loop
  • - True Bypass
  • - Compact design
  • - 9V/100mA
  • - High quality components
  • - Road-ready construction