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Toontrack Michael Ilbert EZmix Pack

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A broad collection of presets assuring that you keep your vocals in the focal point – always and in all ways.


Michael Ilbert EZmix Pack


50 custom settings by one of today’s most sought-after recording/mixing engineers: Michael Ilbert.

Since Michael Ilbert relocated from Sweden to Berlin to establish his own mix room at Hansa Tonstudios, it seems like everything he’s touched has turned to gold. Since 2007 and through to today, his overwhelming discography testifies of credits on upwards of 250 productions involving some of the biggest names in the industry. For the past ten years and counting artists across all genres have kept coming back for that special something that Michael’s productions offer – a unique blend that balances between immaculate hi-fi and absolute maximum amounts of grit and attitude. In other words: pure audio gold.

This EZmix pack presents a broad range of presets, all personally engineered by Michael in his magic room at Hansa. Guitar and bass tones, vocal settings, creative takes on effects and signal chains for drums, piano, compression, mix buses and much, much more. Welcome to your new go-to collection of general mix settings for your next production. Or hit record? You never know with the inner workings of Michael behind the scenes.



50 custom signal chain presets for EZmix 2
Engineered by Grammy Award-winning recording/mixing engineer Michael Ilbert (Adele, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Pink, Muse, Ed Sheeran, The Hives, Travis, Brendan Benson, The Cardigans, Robyn, Tove Lo, Entombed, A-ha, Herbert Grönemeyer, Kent, Adam Lambert)
Instrument-specific settings for vocals, strings, piano, drums and more
Guitar and bass amp settings
General settings for drum buses, compression and effects

Over the course of his long and impressive career, Michael has literally worked in all genres – from metal to modern pop. Below is just an excerpt from his impressive discography. 

Ed Sheeran “No. 6 Collaborations Project” (2019)
Muse “Simulation Theory” (2018)
Pink “Beautiful Trauma” (2017)
Alaphaville “Strange Attractor” (2017)
Travis “Where You Stand” (2016)
Kent “Då som nu för alltid” (2016)
Adele “25” (2015)
Adam Lambert “The Original High” (2015)
Taylor Swift “1989” (2014)
Tove Lo “Queen of the Clouds” (2014)
Katy Perry “Prism” (2013)
Herbert Grönemeyer “I Walk” (2012)
A-ha “Analogue” (2006)
Robyn “Robyn” (2005)
Supergrass “Road to Rouen” (2005)
The Hives “Tyrannosaurus Hives” (2004)
The Cardigans “Long Gone Before daylight” (2003)


Delay with SpaceAnyAux
From Rock to RadioAnyInsert
Radio FXAnyInsert
Bass Amp 1×15BassAmplifier
Bass Amp 8×10BassAmplifier
Bass Rock Amp 1×15BassAmplifier
Bass LineBassInsert
Backing Vocals BusChoirGroup Bus
80s FXDrumsAux
Drum VerbDrumsAux
Kick/Snare BusDrumsAux
Drum Bus 1DrumsGroup Bus
Drum Bus 2DrumsGroup Bus
Drum RoomDrumsGroup Bus
Acoustic Guitar DryGuitar AcousticInsert
Acoustic Guitar WetGuitar AcousticInsert
Chunky Acoustic GuitarGuitar AcousticInsert
High String Acoustic GuitarGuitar AcousticInsert
Strum Acoustic GuitarGuitar AcousticInsert
Clean Twang AmpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Combo AmpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Indy Guitar AmpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Indy Rhythm Guitar AmpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Small/Fuzzy AmpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Tight Rock AmpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Indy GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
Rock Guitar 1Guitar ElectricInsert
Rock Guitar 2Guitar ElectricInsert
Solo GuitarGuitar ElectricInsert
Live KickKickInsert
Live Kick SubKickInsert
Old PianoPianoInsert
Live SnareSnareInsert
StringsStringsGroup Bus
Synth Bass 1SynthInsert
Synth Bass 2SynthInsert
Synth VibeSynthInsert
Floor TomTomInsert
Rack TomTomInsert
Slap with AttitudeVocalsAux
Vocal FX Gate Room VerbVocalsAux
Vocal FX Slap with SpringVocalsAux
Vocal PlateVocalsAux
Female Vocals BasicVocalsInsert
Female Vocals ParallelVocalsInsert
Male Vocals BasicVocalsInsert
Male Vocals ParallelVocalsInsert


SpecialsMar 1, 2019