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Virharmonic Soloists of Prague

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3½ GB Digital Download Only

S.A.T.B. Soloists

8,400+ Unique Samples

Sample Resolution: 48kHz - 24bit

35 Consonants & 7 Vowels

iLok Dongle not Required

Enjoy Straight forward word creation powered by our unique Libretto Engine.
Make your soloists sing what you want with limitless possibilities.
Easily separate your singers between Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass.
Dynamic control grants you a very generous range of emotions & power.
Incredibly flexible, lush, uniquely scripted Poly Legato.



Beautifully Hand Crafted samples, capturing singers from the Prague Philharmonic Choir, work seamlessly together to produce clear diction for each individual singer. Have each soloist sing different words at the same time or in unison from one interface with flexible, instant results thanks to our tried and tested Powerful Libretto Engine. 


With our unique method of Sample Capturing, the Soloists performed with what we call "Lyrical Freedom". No lifeless sustains but raw emotion without the limitations of phrases. We encouraged our singers to make each recording a performance, to add a feeling and depth with the limitless possibilities of building your own words.


Individual Mastering for each voice gives you immense control over your final sound. For Pristine clarity of voice and to retain all the lyrical qualities we have painstakingly captured, the Soloists come with a close microphone position and will sit perfectly in front of any choir. Soloists of Prague, in short, is the cherry on the cake.



Granting access to the settings page was a decision made on our previous Choir Library “Voices of Prague”. With our Soloists, you have the same ability to tweak each voice to your specific needs. To retain a higher level of sonic quality, there are no loops in the sustains, even virtual Soloists need to Breath.

Assign the controls to CC and amend the settings in real time to tailor the Soloists specifically to your tastes and Style.


7Gb Installed & 3½Gb Download.
8,400+ Samples recorded @196khz downsampled to 48khz 24bit sample rate.
Full S.A.T.B. Soloists. Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass.
3 Deep Sampled Dynamics: pianissimo, mezzo-forte & fortissimo. (pp-mf-ff).
Lush Scripted Poly Legato, allowing for a large number of transitions.
Performable Articulations: Sustains, Staccatos, Marcatos & Legato.
Large Chromatically Sampled Ranges: 
Sopranos C4-C6, Altos G3-E5, Tenors C3-C5, Basses E2-E4.



The UVI Workstation is provided with all VirHarmonic Libraries for free, there is no requirement for you to purchase any third party sampler.

Built on the UVI Engine, UVI Workstation is compatible with the full spectrum of modern plug-in formats and hosts on both major operating systems. UVI Workstation even comes with a stand-alone app, making it truly one of the most universally accessible tools in the industry.


>Internet Connection.
>Mac OS x 10.7 (32 or 64bit).
>Windows 7+ (32 or 64bit).
>Hard Drive (HDD) 7200 rpm - Solid State Drive (SSD) recommended.
>4Gb RAM - 8Gb+ recommended.
>Free iLok account - no iLok dongle required.
>Free UVI Workstation.

>Midi keyboard
>Mod Wheel or any other form of CC assignable hardware.
(usually built into most keyboards).

>Foot pedal for easier live play.

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