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Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron-ized Dimension Brass 2

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Quick Overview

VSL synchronize dimension brass 2


VSL synchronize dimension brass 2

A Towering Powerhouse of Sound

Brass II contains the instruments for large-scale orchestral arrangements, i.e., the “Wagner orchestral brass”. Oriented toward Wagner’s “Ring”, there are the bass trumpet, the contrabass trombone, Wagner tuba and contrabass tuba, all with the standard single note and Performance articulations such as Interval Performances, Repetitions, Trill Performances, etc. As an alternative to the Viennese horn, Brass II also contains a new solo horn, the triple horn, Yamaha’s master instrument in F/Bb/high F, recorded down to the lowest register (A1). Further, there are the piccolo trumpet, the cimbasso, and of course the famous “Epic Horns”, an impressive sounding body of eight double horns that not only fulfills the sonic ideal of the theatrical late Romantic orchestra but also meets the challenge of “larger than life” scores for modern movie scores.

Brass II - Instruments: Piccolo trumpet, Bass trumpet, Triple horn, Horn ensemble (8 players) – Epic Horns, Bass trombone, Contrabass trombone, Contrabass tuba, Wagner tuba & Cimbasso



Interval Performances: legato, marcato; slow & fast
Repetition Performances: legato, portato, staccato; crescendo & diminuendo
Performance Repetition upbeats: slow, medium, fast
Performance Trills
Solo instruments – Grace Note Performances: minor and major 2nd, up and down

Single notes:

Short notes: staccato and portato with various attacks and note lengths
Long notes: sustains with various attacks and vibratos
Horn ensemble: blared sustains
Dynamics: crescendo & diminuendo in various note lengths, various vibratos; fp, sfz, sffz, pfp
Solo instruments – trills: half tone, whole tone; crescendo & diminuendo
Flutter tongues: normal and crescendo variations

 Standard LibraryFull Library
Sample Amount27.34898.870
Download File Size17,3 GB17,3 GB
Installed File Size39,1 G39,1 G