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Wusik Wusikstation V7

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Quick Overview

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Wusikstation V7


Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts

Wusikstation is one of the most popular Sampler/Rompler out there. Since it started, it got more and more features asked for by users, a new interface, easier way to load presets and much more.

Its been rated by users the number one choice when creating songs. It can cover pretty much any style of music. From NewAge to SoundTracks, from Dance to Techno.

Checkout the hot sound library delivered with Wusikstation V5


  • WaveSequencing / Vectory Synthesis / Sample Playback and Recording / Additive Synthesis
  • Smooth Over-Sampled Filters
  • Tool-Tips for near every option
  • Integrated Groove box
  • Complete Windows Vista Support
  • Complete Multi-Core Processor support.
  • Up to 128 voices per layer
  • Insert Effects per layer
  • Integrated Sample-Editor with Audio-Input for Recording
  • High Quality Over-Sampling Options
  • Studio Reverb (Anwida Technology)
  • Effects Collection + VST effect support
  • Stereo Layers
  • Detached File-Browser with search options
  • Drag-and-drop support for WAV, SFZ, WusikPRST and WusikSND files
  • Disk-Streaming
  • Full SFZ Sample support
  • Tons of Modulation Options
  • User parameters are saved in a wIni file, instead of the windows registry
  • Presets can hold comments that display upon loading
  • Master Limiter
  • Real Multi-Out Version
  • FX Version, which you can use to process sounds
  • Special WusikSND and SFZ options: Key Switching, Round Robin, Group-Mute, Sample-Release and Sample-Legato
  • Special WusikPACK file-format. This allows easier installation of new sounds and backup too. You can select a preset or a folder of
  • presets, and all the required files for the preset(s) will be saved inside the WusikPACK file. For easier distribution/backup
  • Categorized Library. With this tool, you can categorize your presets in any way you want without having duplicated preset files.
  • The WusikLIB file holds a reference to the original WusikPRST file
  • Master Unison option
  • Smooth Pitch-Bend
  • MicroTuning support via Scala .TUN files

    Integrated Groove box

    WusikGrooveBox VSTi: Drum-Machine and Groove-Box solution.
    Based on the same audio-engine as Wusikstation, with WusikSND support and all the Wusikstation effects.

    Video Introduction and Tutorials

    Included Groove box Sounds : Drumillenium: 103 SoundSets for a compressed size of 26 Meg. MP3 Example (set made by Redshift Audio :

    HQ Acoustic : Two High-Quality 24 bits 48 KHz Drum Sets. Includes 3 sets for each Drum, with multiple-velocities recorded: Wood Rim Set, Nylon Brush Set and Metallic Brush Set. Plus: 2 microphone positions for the Snares recorded. Sets: Prime & Evans and Pearl & Remo. (Pinstripe) Compressed size of 73 Meg.

    Each set is one download, so you can choose only the sets you want. We are working on more sounds and those will be FREE to users who purchases the WusikGrooveBox.

    Groove Box Specs :

  • VSTi Synth based on the WusikEngine: 6 single Osc Layers, each layer with its own set of Filters and EQs.
  • Extra options for the WusikSND format: Stereo-Pan (for mono sounds) and Choke-groups. This is accessible via the sample-editor and used only by the WusikGrooveBox.
  • 8 Sequences on the screen, with a two-page-selector for a total of 16 Sequences.
  • Each Sequence has 16 steps on the screen. Each step can be a drum-trigger and note-sequence. (each Sequence has an option of Drum or Note steps) A total of 64 steps can be set for each pattern, by using multiple 16-step windows.
  • 8 Banks of 8 Patterns for a total of 64 Patterns per instance.
  • Song mode, where you put the order of the patterns to be played. With option to Repeat Patterns and Loop the whole Song.
  • Option to Sync the Clock External or Internally. (with the External Sync ON the sequence will follow the Hosts Transport Time, Position, Start and Stop)
  • Each pattern has its own resolution: 1/16 or 1/32
  • Each pattern has its own number of steps. To allow the creation of uneven patterns. Up to 64 Steps.
  • Each Step has an option of 8 levels of Velocity (volume). This is optional, you can also use the Accent Part instead. For easier and quicker groove creation.
  • A 9th Sequence on the screen, that holds the ACCENT sequence. This is OPTIONAL, as you can also set the volume of each Step manually. Or you can use this global ACCENT (volume) setting that will affect all sequences.
  • Each Step has a SHIFT option, so you can add early/late steps directly without having to change the resolution (internally all steps are based on a 1/128 resolution).
  • Each Step has FLAM option.
  • Each Step has a Slide and Note-Off option, for complex Bass/Synth lines.
  • Global Swing option.
  • You can control the steps by using the Mouse, PC or MIDI keyboard.
  • You can trigger patterns remotely by using the MIDI keyboard. With 3 modes: Off, Instant and Delayed.
  • Global BPM Tempo or Per-Pattern Tempos. So you can do tempo changes on a Song.


  • Windows compatible VST Host/Sequencer.
  • Wusikstation PDF manual
  • Video Introduction and Tutorials <

    Computer Music (UK) Testimonial

    “Deep, deep, deep wavesequencing. Intuitive GUI... Modulation galore! Thousands of Samples. Costs less than our old wavestation patch cards. Overall: Powerful and well priced. Get online and buy it immediately! This is an inspirational instrument that urges to be tried. Check out the demo and see for yourself. Sounds stunning, easy to use, eminently flexible, expandable".
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