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AAS Applied Acoustics Systems Microsound Textures for Chromaphone

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Microsound Textures

Microsound Textures is all about precision, details, subtlety, and complexity. Richard Devine’s idea was to use grain particles and tiny pulses to create rich and dense textures. In addition, the collection includes a wide variety of surprising and mysterious instruments ranging from light and delicate to dark and atonal. The 128 sounds are divided into five categories: Percussion, Sound Effects, Keys and Synths, Pads and Strings, and Textures and Ambience.


Who is Richard Devine?

Richard Devine is a versatile and prolific artist and sound designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has released five different albums and performed his music worldwide. He has provided sounds to major companies such as Apple, Audi, BMW, Coke, Nestlé, Nike, and many more. He has also done some scoring for TV and movies, and sound design for video games. Richard also has done synthesis programming for major audio companies and recently released his own sound effect libraries with Sony Creative Software.

This preset collection can be used with the free AAS Player plug-in as well as the Chromaphone creative percussion synthesizer.




Crystal Hihat
Cardboard Box
Noise Hat
Metal Drips
Steel Pot Kick Drum
Analog Snare
Pick Clave
Morphing Sheet Meta
Clonk Drum Tom
Techno Kick
Long Sub Kick
Inharmonic Cymbal
Pearl Snare
Air Toms
Cashmere Cat
Gritty Drum
Flange Block
TrashCan Percussion
Bovine Drum
TinFoil Bell
Wishing Well
Club Kick
Epic Drums
Cedar Sticks
Phase NotchLead

Sound Effects

Cave Drips
Scratch The Pipes
Distant Alarm
Marbles Around
Random Metal
Brush Perc SFX
Grain Particles
Pulse Tube
Pipe Pulsar
DNA Textures
Additive Riser
Atonal Percs
Tricky Pulses
Scatter Drop
Moving Metal
Creeping Wires
Murky Water
Water Shaft
Glimmer Lights
WindPipe Atmos
Metal Swell
Tension Metal

Keys and Synths

Poly Tine
Creaky Harpsichord
Wobbler Bass
Wire Guitar
Afternoon Dots
Sine Tines
Strum Harmonic
Chord Plucks
Ancient Strings
Shimmer Strings
Water Tines
Delicate String
Star Glass Lead
Distant Bell
Cloud Mass
Story Bell
Reson Bassline
Animation Bass
Electrical Leads
Sparkle Dust
Plucked Pines
Nylon Model
Galaxy Bells
Square Rod Lead
Razor Bass
Strumming Bass
PulseMod Bass
Air Pipe Lead
Crunk Bassline
Tinker Plate
Night Run
Electro Decay
Aikea Guinea
Vintage Bass
Fuzzy Bass
Orange Cube

Strings and Pads

Airy Guitar
Movie Strings
7th Heaven
Mesmer String
Slow Moss
Evil Spirits
Phaser Pad
Fox Run
Spectrum Pad
Unknown Planet
Charm Harp
Pulse Riddle Pad
Reflecting Memory
Telephone Pad
Flute Pad
Hexagon Sun



Ambiences & Textures


Statics Pad
Metal Squares
Night Chimes
Alien Arrival
Drone Horror
Elephant Bells
Echo Plexture
Mistic Atmos
Gesture Bell
Tiny Tines
Follow Me
Dotted Shaders
Planetary Nebula
Plink Plonk
Underwater Pad
Soft Sines
Satellite Message
Scatter Organism
Bliss Wire
Spliter Texture
Alien Lifeforms
Grain Bel