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Antares Auto-Tune Pro 11

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Quick Overview

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Includes 6 Months of Auto-Tune Unlimited

Auto Tune Pro X plug in view on a MacBook


Auto-Tune Pro 11

The Professional Standard for Pitch Correction

Auto-Tune Pro 11 is the most advanced Auto-Tune edition ever. It includes a redesigned Graph Mode for detailed pitch and time editing, Auto Mode for real-time correction, runs natively on Apple Silicon, and has ARA2 support for Logic and Studio One.

Existing users please upgrade to the latest version of Auto-Tune Pro 11 for added ARA2 support.


Introducing Auto-Tune Pro 11

The new Auto-Tune Pro 11 has reset the standard for professional-grade vocal pitch correction. From precision tuning to creative overhauls, Auto-Tune Pro 11 brings the power you need to every session.


Automatic & Precise

Streamlined Graph Mode provides extremely precise pitch correction capabilities and Auto Mode delivers powerfully easy real-time correction.


ARA2 Support

ARA2 support for Logic and Studio One included for both perpetual license owners and Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers.


Artist Presets and Presets Manager

An exclusive collection of artist presets and a new Presets Manager to fast-track creativity.


Apple Silicon Native

Native support for Apple Silicon processors enables faster performance and increased plug-in efficiency on the latest Apple hardware.


See More, Do More

Multi-View lets you quickly switch between separate Auto-Tune tracks in a single window to process multiple vocals, faster.



Key Features

Industry Standard Pitch Correction

Classic Auto-Tune Effect

Works with all major DAWs

Step-by-step tutorials

Curated creative tools


ARA2 support for Logic and Studio One


"Auto-Tune is such a HUGE part of my sound. Almost every single vocal I mix is processed in some way with Auto-Tune."

- Leslie Braithwaite

Cardi B, Pharrell Williams, Beyonce


"Auto-Tune has been a staple in every one of my vocal sessions since I started. It gives any vocal an urgent, youthful sound—even when the artist doesn’t necessarily need it for pitch correction."

- Kuk Harrell

Rihanna, Cardi B, Lil Nas X


"Auto-Tune allows our collaboratiors to focus less on controlling pitch and more on creating compelling melodies. It's our go-to tool to help craft incredible performances"

- Take A Daytrip

Lil Nas X, Sheck Wes, Big Sean


"Over the course of my career, I found that everyone’s recording process is different. But the one thing every session had in common was Auto-Tune."

- Patrizio "Teezio" Pigliapoco

Lil Nas X, H.E.R., Chris Brown


"Auto-Tune makes it easy to add polish to what you’re monitoring without adding too much color. Every artist is different, but Auto-Tune is an imperative tool to have."

- Simone Torres

Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello, Cardi B


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Auto-Tune Pro 11?

Auto-Tune is the most sophisticated effect for pitch correction. The innovative Throat Modeling and Formant Correction controls will offer endless options to optimize and enhance your vocal tracks. Real-time pitch correction has never been easier thanks to the low-latency mode, which you can use both while recording in the studio or performing live. In addition, the included Auto-Key plug-in can automatically detect keys and scales in no time and with flawless precision. With over twenty years of relentless development and evolution, Auto-Tune Pro 11 is the industry-standard pitch-correction plug-in used by award-winning and independent artists.


What is pitch correction software?

A pitch correction plug-in is an effect that alters the pitch of your voice to make it sound perfectly tuned to the song’s key. It takes the original pitch of the recordings and optimizes it so that each part of the vocals is pitch-perfect. Pitch correction is a carefully-crafted effect that leaves the voice’s harmonic characteristics untouched while fixing any pitch-related issues, both in real-time or in the recording studio. Pitch correction software can be used as a natural sounding correction that is barely evident or a creative effect that changes vocals to give them the sound of modern productions.


How does Auto-Tune Pro 11 pitch correction software work?

On Auto-Tune Pro 11, you can use either the Auto Mode or Graph Mode interface. The Auto Mode is available in two different modes: Basic and Advanced. The Basic Auto Mode provides all the crucial features of Auto-Tune Pro 11 at a glance and lets you adjust the pitch easily and in real-time. The Advanced Auto Mode unlocks a series of more sophisticated processing tools, like Scale Editing and Vibrato Control. The Graph Mode gives you complete control over the vocal track, with revolutionary pitch editing tools that can target individual notes and pitch curves. You can even apply different settings to different words in a song on an individual basis for super-granular control! Furthermore, thanks to the time correction features, you'll be able to correct timing imprecisions and improve your workflow immensely. The included Auto-Key plug-in detects the key and scale of your track. It automatically transfers the information to the Auto-Tune Pro 11 plug-in for a faster and more straightforward vocal editing process.


What is ARA2 Support?

Audio Random Access (ARA) increases the amount of communication possible between a DAW and a plug-in, allowing them to exchange more information, such as audio data, tempo, pitch, and rhythm, for an entire song, rather than just at the moment of playback. The increased amount of information exchange removes the need for audio material to be transferred to and from the plug-in. What this means for you is that ARA allows a plug-in to be used as a more closely integrated part of the DAW's overall interface.


System Requirements


AAX Native

- Pro Tools 2018.1 or later

- macOS 10.14 to 12.x as required by your version of Pro Tools



- A compatible VST host program that supports VST3 format

- macOS 10.14 to 12.x as required by your host


Audio Units

- A compatible host program that supports the AU format

- macOS 10.14 to 12.x as required by your host


AAX Native

- Pro Tools 2018.1 or later

- Windows 10 and 11



- A compatible host program that supports the VST3 format

- Windows 10 and 11