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Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

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Quick Overview

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Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

Clarity Above All

Engineered specifically for vocals, Auto-Tune Vocal EQ isolates and accentuates precise frequencies to make vocals sound smoother and shine in the mix.


Introducing Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

Dial in the optimum mix for maximum artistry.


Pitch Metering

Watch a vocalist’s pitch move across the frequency spectrum in real-time to visualize range and thresholds.


Pitch Tracking

Lock an EQ band to a vocalist’s pitch to focus on fundamental pitch or harmonics.


Vocal Learning

Automatically determine input type and highlight the average vocal range (alto, tenor, soprano) for a quick start to EQing.


Key Features

Six full parametric bands

Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters

Air Band

Spectrum Analyzer

Tilt EQ Filter

Low Latency Processing


"Auto-Tune Vocal EQ is the most musical tool for carving out unwanted frequencies without losing the essence of the vocal performance."

- Dylan Del Olmo

Ant Clemons, Justin Timberlake, Roddy Ricch


"Auto-Tune Vocal EQ lives on my vocal bus. It gives me the control I had been on a quest for. What took me 4 plug-ins takes only one with Auto-Tune Vocal EQ."

- Nick Mac

Post Malone, 24K Goldn, Tyla Yaweh


"Auto-Tune Vocal EQ gives you the ability to make musical decisions that enhance songs in the best way."

- Stewart Hidalgo

Theophilus London, Tame Impala, KYLE


"Antares plug-ins provide a fun way for me to execute polished vocal ideas and create complex sonic designs in a quick, inspiring way."

- Kimbra


What is a Vocal EQ?

Vocal EQ helps to shape the sound of a vocal performance. It can make the voice sound brighter or darker, add more or less bass, and adjust the overall tone. It can also reduce or remove feedback or correct any imbalances in the frequency spectrum.


How does Auto-Tune Vocal EQ work?

Featuring six fully customizable dynamic EQ bands, Auto-Tune Vocal EQ helps you isolate and accentuate precise frequencies to make vocals sound smoother and shine in the mix. Watch a vocalist's pitch move across the filter graph for real-time analysis, and lock an EQ band to the vocalist's pitch to focus on fundamentals.


Why Auto-Tune Vocal EQ?

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ is the world's first dynamic equalizer with built-in Auto-Tune Pitch Tracking technology! Automatically determine the input type and set the vocal range to jump-start your equalizing process.


What's a Dynamic EQ?

Dynamic EQ is a type of equalization that responds to the dynamics of the signal, as opposed to static EQ, which applies a set frequency response curve to all signals. Dynamic EQ can correct unwanted frequency responses in different spectrum parts or add excitement to a mix by boosting or cutting frequencies as needed.


Why Pitch Tracking for an EQ?

Pitch tracking is essential because it allows you to EQ individual notes in a recording. This is helpful because it will ensure each note sounds how you want it to without affecting the other notes in the recording.


System Requirements


AAX Native

- Pro Tools 2018.1 or later

- macOS 10.14 to 12.x as required by your version of Pro Tools



- A compatible VST host program that supports VST3 format

- macOS 10.14 to 12.x as required by your host


Audio Units

- A compatible host program that supports the AU format

- macOS 10.14 to 12.x as required by your host


AAX Native

- Pro Tools 2018.1 or later

- Windows 10 and 11



- A compatible host program that supports the VST3 format

- Windows 10 and 11