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Armadillo Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp

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Armadillo Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp

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Quick Overview

Introducing the Speakeasy Vintage Tube PreampYou haven't heard your keyboard yet.Pro players are very particular about the sound of their gear, and often spend years and thousands of dollats l...

Introducing the Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp

You haven't heard your keyboard yet.

Pro players are very particular about the sound of their gear, and often spend years and thousands of dollats looking for that perfect piano, the ideal organ, or a synth that knocks their socks off. With all this great sound at their fingertips, though, players continue to run their gear through solid-state combo amps that stifle the sound of their gear.

Some have seen the light, and opted for powered PA speakers, which do cure the oft-flimsy sound of keyboard amps, but there's still something missing -- a third dimension that makes their keyboards speak. Strike that: you need your gear to yell "LISTEN TO ME!". What's that perfect piano or ideal organ worth if you can only hear half of it?

That third dimension is only achievable with the Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp. The Vintage Tube Preamp is a tube-driven two-channel preamp that boosts your signal and opens your ears to things you would only have heard theough expensive headphones. But instead of headphone, you're filling a room with your sound, and doing something that keyboard amps and even powered speakers can prevent: allow you to blend with a band without resorting to mere volume.

No other tube pre will do. Speakeasy's engineering secret is an understanding that what has always worked requires no improvement, and that quality can only be assured by musicians-as-engineers, not engineers that "play a little".

The Speakeasy Vintage Tube Preamp is the first product in a bold new venture, taking a high-quality custom signal processing line to retail stores throughout America. The Vintage Tube Preamp is an Armadillo exclusive, available only through the music stores listed below.

Technical Specifications:

  • Two Channels

  • 1/4" Balanced Mono Inputs

  • Input Volume (per channel)

  • Bass & Treble (per channel)

  • Gain (on rear panel)

  • Two 1/4" Balanced Mono Outputs

  • Separate Stereo Output

  • AC 110v Power Cable

  • Two Rack Spaces

  • Dimensions: 19" x 8" x 3.5"

  • (483 mm x 203 mm x 89 mm)

  • Weight: 14.5 lb (6.6 kg)


About Speakeasy Vintage Music

Speakeasy Vintage Music is a manufacturer of Vintage Hammond™, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, and Rhodes™ parts as well as Vacuum Tube Studio and Leslie™ preamps, and many innovative accessories for these vintage and classic instruments.

Speakeasy is also a restoration house, dealing in the sale and service of re-manufactured Fender Rhodes™ Pianos, Wurlitzer Pianos, Leslie™ Speaker Cabinets, and Hammond™ Organs.

Armadillo Enterprises is proud to annouce a limited partnership with Speakeasy to distribute its Vintage Tube Preamp, as well as forthcoming amplification and signal processing products. Speakeasy's dedication to solid technology, quality manufacturing, and customer service - as well as a wealth of performance experience - are the cornerstone of a brand sure to take the music industry by storm.