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Arturia Spark 2 Drum Production Center

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Quick Overview

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Spark is an innovative drum production solution. Its cutting edge sound library, multiple synthesis engines and advanced sequencing functionalities will get you creative on your beatmaking tasks. Real-time performance tools and effects are here to explore new sonic territories, in the studio or on stage.



16 tracks drum machine
TAE® virtual analog, sampling and physical modeling sound engines
Powerful pattern-based sequencing : Real-time sequencer and classic TR-style step sequencer
Full-featured mixer with studio effects
Modular synth engine for in-depth sound editing
Real-time performance loopers and effects
Impressive library:Covering all musical genres
More than 2800 instruments: Drums, one-shots, synths, fx...
Multiple banks of patterns for each drum kit
Created by professional sound designers


All new graphics :Tabbed pages
Expanded Pattern edit screen
New mixer
Enhanced Library page for better data management
Extended REX support :REX file playback per pad
Manipulation of REX File slices.
Modular Drum synth editor :Create your own patches
Edit existing patches
Create custom instrument macro controls modules including :Oscillators
Multimode filters and Karplus strong filter
ADR envelopes
Bode Frequency Shifter
Spring mass
CV processor
Song mode :NEW 16 song segments
Song segment triggering from hardware


Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 is arguably the most powerful and creative drum solution available today.

It takes the best elements from analog drum machines, sample based beat boxes and cutting edge physical modeling; all of this is rolled into one easy to use, elegant package.

Spark2 guided tour

When designing Spark 2 a simple, intuitive workflow was one of the highest priorities. The brand new user interface builds on the best parts of the previous GUI and improves the overall experience by providing a simplified, more elegant solution. We have laid out and organised the new interface to make it as user friendly as possible by placing all the major features at the users fingertips.

The new tabbed layout drastically reduces scrolling and provides the user with faster access to all the features contained in Spark 2. 

Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 includes an extremely powerful audio engine which contains multiple synthesis modes. The included sample engine provides advanced sample playback capabilities in an easy to use package. 

Spark 2 also includes multiple physical models, which were developed with great care, to deliver the best in acoustic drum sounds.

At the heart of Spark 2 is a truly modular virtual analog drum synth, based on the one developed for our flagship synthesizer, Origin. 


Analog Modular

Spark2 guided tour

The modular synth found in Spark 2 is based on the technology we have developed over the years, starting in 2003 when we worked on the Moog Modular V. This technology is called TAE® and the Spark engine contains VA modules based on some of the synths in our V collection, and allows you to mix and match between; the possibilities are endless!

Spark2 guided tour

The modular synth in Spark 2 can be used to create a vast array of sounds including, kick drums, snares, hats, cymbals, as well as more traditional synth sounds, all of this is enabled by:

- up to 9 variable shape VA Oscillators
- up to 4 8 mode filters
- up to 6 envelopes
- up to 2 LFOs
- up to 4 mixers
- up to 2 ring modulators
- up to 2 CV modulators
- up to 2 Karplus Strong based filters
- a stereo filter
- a Spring Mass physical modelling engine

Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2's modular synth contains 6 assignable macros knobs which allow you to get really creative by controlling multiple aspects of your sound in real time. For each macro you can assign four parameters from any of the modules within a patch, as well as determine the minimum and maximum values the parameter can take.



Beyond the Studio

Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 is as much at home in the studio as it is is on stage or in a club, used in tandem with our SparkLE controller it becomes a powerful live tool that can slot into any performing musician or DJ's setup. As Spark 2 was specifically designed to work with SparkLE there is no down time needed for configuring, you simply plug and play.

Spark2 guided tour

The brand new song mode makes Spark 2 an ideal live rhythm solution. Once you have created your patterns and are happy with them, you can arrange them as you please in the song panel.

The new song mode allows you to organise your patterns into up to 16 colour coded mini songs, each up to 8 patterns long. If that isn't long enough you can chain mini songs to create longer sequences. This approach makes it exteremely simple to create and visualize the various sections of your song (intro chorus , verse, breakdown, etc). Thanks to the dedicated trigger buttons, you can play your mini songs in any order you wish, creating on the fly remixes.

Spark2 guided tour

For Spark 2 we consulted some big names from within the music industry and top Djs and asked them what they wanted/needed in a new version. They all said that improved rex capabilities was it.

Spark 2 supports Rex files, allowing the user to use them in two different ways. As before the user can import a rex and split the slices across the sixteen pads, but now single pad playback is also supported, opening up vast live looping possibilities.



Digital Engines

Spark2 guided tour
Spark 2's Sound Engine embeds our TAE technology, standing for True Analog Emulation. In non-technical language, this is an unprecedented way of creating the very unique sound from classic analogue synthesizers such as the Moog Modular or the Yamaha CS-80.

Transposing this awarded technology into Spark 2 allowed us to recreate all the punch, warmth and thickness of the sounds from the most sought after analogue drum machines.

Audio examples:


Spark2 guided tour

Physical Modelling is a technique of synthesizing the properties of natural objects when they are struck or plucked. Used in the most tame ways, it allows you to create very dynamic and accurate acoustic sounds. However physical modeling can be pushed to create wild new sounds never heard before. This gives Spark 2 a whole new way of sound creation that no others offer.


Changing the timbre allows you to get the desired tonal texture on your drums:


Spark 2's engine can also lead you to producing experimental sounds that you might have never heard before:


Spark2 guided tour

Samples and rex files can be used as sources as part of Spark's modular synth. Used this way, the various modules provide vast possibilities for reworking and modifying the original sampled sound.This way you get the best of both worlds, the simplicity of working with samples combined with the rich sonic possibilities of analog.




Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 contains a dedicated built-in step sequencer which allows you to quickly get creative writing in your own patterns.

In Spark 2 we took the already powerful sequencer from the original software and drastically simplified its operation, all the while maintaining every feature. The dedicated sequencer page now displays 32 steps at all times, making it much easier to visualize your patterns, and all of the 16 instruments in your project are simultaneously displayed on screen.

Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2's mixer gives you a familiar interface for controlling the level, pan, insert effects and sends of your instruments. Each of these parameters can be automated in the PATTERN page.

Each drum instrument can be processed through 14 unique and professional grade digital effects : Compressor, Reverb, Bit crusher, Multiband EQ, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Phaser, Plate reverb, Destroyer, Flanger, Space pan, Limiter, and Sub generator.

 Spark2 guided tour

Automation is what takes a simple pattern or sound and transform it into music. Spark 2 contains multiple ways to create and edit automation. You can use the XY pad or the Pencil and Line tools in the PATTERN/AUTOMATION page. 

All instrument and effect parameters from the inserts can be automated within Spark 2. Each track of the step sequencer allows for 15 different parameters to be automated per instrument plus full automation of all the insert effects parameters for that given instrument. 



Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 includes emulations of the following vintage drum machines:

Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-606
EMU Drumulator
Oberheim DMX
Korg KPR 77
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Simmons SDS-V
Roland CR78 / Acetone Rythm Ace*
Korg DDM-110
Korg DDM-220
Yamaha RX5
Casio RZ1

Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 embeds a broad library of electronic kits covering all modern music styles:

Hip Hop
Electro House
Deep House
Minimal Techno
Abstract Hip Hop
Tech hous
Drum and Bass

Spark2 guided tour

Acoustic drum kits are included covering the main drumming

Modern Rock
Vintage Rock
Latin Percussion

Samples are recorded and produced by the best third party companies for the highest audio realism, and multi-layered for accurate velocity response.




Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 software can be used as standalone or run as a plug-in within your favorite host sequencer. 

Steinberg Cubase
Digidesign Pro Tools
Ableton Live
Apple Logic Audio
MOTU Digital Performer
Cakewalk Sonar

Spark 2 runs in 64 bit mode and supports the following plug in formats:


When used as a plug-in, Spark 2 supports 16 audio outputs that can be routed and assigned within your host.

 Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 comes with import function of Audio Aiff and .Wav files, MIDI files and REX2 files. 

Spark 2 allows for simple drag & drop export of patterns in .wav format, as well as MIDI sequence formats into your DAW.

 Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2's MIDI capabilities mean that it will seamlessly fit into any established setup. All of the parameters available on Spark 2's main panel are MIDI assignable and can be controlled via any external MIDI device, including the dedicated SparkLE controller.


New Layout

We have updated the look and feel of Spark to allow for faster workflow, and created a layout that will allow Spark to grow well into the future. New tabbed pages give a cleaner look, more screen space and fast access to features you need the most.

Modular VA drum synth

Spark has always been built on a fully modular Virtual Analog sound engine but only developers had access to this until now. You can add and subtract modules, create your own patch routings, and assign up to 6 macro controls for immediate control. The modular engine that you now have full access to makes Spark the ultimate in drum synthesizers.

REX file playback

We have added an advanced REX file player into Spark. You can still import REX files and split them across your pads but what if you like the REX loop and want it to play back on a single pad? Now you can open or drag-and-drop your favorite REX file to pad and have it play in sync. With REX file playback, Spark 2 opens up a world of live loop playback and DJing.

Song Mode

The Song mode has been updated to allow for song segments to be configured and then played back at the touch of a button. Now you can create song sections that will play from one pattern to another and then recall these sections, via the step buttons on your Spark or SparkLE controller.

50 New kits

Spark 2.0 adds 50 new kits (that is 800 new instruments) that span many musical genres. Trap, Hiphop, Tech House, Nu Disco, etc. These new kits come with 32 patterns that can be used by themselves or used as the basis for you to make your own beats.




Windows: Seven / Eight
Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher


PC/Windows: 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU
Mac (Intel only) : 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU (multiple core required)
2GB free hard disk space




All new graphics :Tabbed pages
Expanded Pattern edit screen
New mixer
Enhanced Library page for better data management
Extended REX support :REX file playback per pad
Manipulation of REX File segments.
Modular Drum synth editor :Create your own patches
Edit existing patches
Create custom instrument macro controls modules including :Oscillators
Multimode filters and Karplus strong filter
ADR envelopes
Bode Frequency Shifter
Spring mass
CV processor
Song mode :NEW 16 song segments
Song segment triggering from hardware


PC: 4 GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (Multiple cores recommended), 2GB free hard disk space.
Mac (Intel only): 4 GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (Multiple cores recommended), 2GB free hard disk space.PLATFORM SPECIFICATIONS:
Windows: Seven / Eight
Mac OS X: 10.7 or higher