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Chocolate Audio Uproar RAW 8-String Baritone Guitar For Kontakt

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Quick Overview

Chocolate Audio Uproar RAW 8-String Baritone Guitar For Kontakt


Chocolate Audio Uproar RAW 8-String Baritone Guitar For Kontakt

Play baritone rhythm-guitar parts like never before

We teamed up again with the extremely talented Gianluca Ferro at his own Custom ESP 8-String Baritone Guitar to craft a large amount of samples dedicated to power rhythm guitar.

Two octaves ranging from F#1 to F#3 are filled with up to 6 Round Robins (with semi-intelligent down and up stroking) and 32 different articulations for you to choose from.

14709 samples, taking up after compression 3.85 GB of disk space are awaiting for your roaring tracks.

Videos - Walkthroughs, Articulations and Quick Tips

Featuring a few short videos showing off the sound, the interface and main functions and some tips/tricks to make the best out of Uproar RAW.

Please watch in HD, otherwise the sound quality will be deeply compromised

Audio Demos

These audio files are taken from some of the videos above and showcase our Uproar RAW 8-String Baritone Guitar in mid-tempo and a fast-paced scenarios. Both songs feature only Kontakt 5 and its default output and the only other effect applied is a FabFilter-L limiter on the master output.


Bi-Amp, Double-Track, Detune, Delay, Haas

This Baritone Guitar is sampled through two boutique guitar rigs in parallel (and with perfect phase relationship) + a separate clean D.I. signal for your own uses. So Bi-Amping with some additional juice if needed.

All channels can be mixed inside Kontakt or fed separately to your DAW for external mangling (just use on of the pre-made multis in a multi-output version of Kontakt).

Additionally, you can activate either of two independent parts to emulate Double-Tracking. To augment this effect you can delay in tens of milliseconds each single part separately (0.0 to 40.0 ms), detune (-10/+10 cents) or use the infamous Haas Effect very much used in some production styles.

The Haas Effect is obtained by hard panning a track to the left and copying it to the right, but delaying it usually within 10 to 40 milliseconds to obtain a wide sound from a single track.

On the Mixer page, once Haas is activated, you can also reverse the stereo image for one ore more channels at the same time.


Our Articulations management system allows to map up 20 articulations using permanent or temporary Key-Switches and velocity splitting.

You can set the controlling MIDI Key (default are white keys from C0 to E1), the Type of KS (Switch or Temp), the Velocity limit to eventually trigger a second Articulation, the Articulation Level and a Repeat function that retriggers notes on Note-Off to help you playing very fast riffs.

A summary of the 32 Articulations:

Sustain: single note sustaining sound
Sustain [POW]: power chord sustaining sound (root - 5th - octave)
Sustain [POW5th]: power chord sustaining sound (root - 4th - octave)
Sustain [POW4th]: power chord sustaining sound (4th below - root - 5th above)
Ghost (all versions): the sound produced when picking with the right hand “open” and the left hand laying lightly above a fret, thus producing an untuned sound
Legato and Slide: a single note intelligent Legato and Slide which will play a Legato (hammer-on or pull-off) or Slide (up or down-ward) effect when two notes are overlapping and a normal Sustain sample when not overlapping notes
Vibrato: a mild and wild version of deep rock vibrato
Harmonic Pinch: that tricky technique to trigger wild harmonics roughly mixed with the root note
Palm Mute Standard (P.M. Std - all versions): sound produced with the palm of the right hand lightly resting next to the bridge of the guitar
Palm Mute Dead (P.M. Dead - all versions): sound produced with the palm of the right hand rmly resting next to the bridge of the guitar
Slide Noises: sound produced when moving left hand ngers lightly resting on the strings and along the neck, thus producing an untuned sound
String Slides: sound produced when sliding the left hand rmly resting on the neck thus producing a tuned sound rapidly changing pitch or similar effects
X-Ghost: sound produced by strumming quickly on the top strings while they are muted with the fretting hand (Ghost) - this is useful in combination with single and power lines to achieve a more hectic rhythm feeling

Experience and Quality you can tell

We released our first sample library in 2003, with Scarbee.

We know sampling.

We know how to turn a recording session into a set of coherent, greatly playable sampled instruments. Not just a collection of sounds. This effort needs a lot of love for the instruments, preparation, setup, tuning, time, ear, knowledge, dedication and experience.

Our samples have been used on countless tracks in the last 13 years, counting on an ongoing success still sprawling from our first library, Imperial Drums, re-released in BFD format through FXpansion at the end of 2013, our ever-growing product line and the large large number of companies we worked with along the years: Native Instruments, Ableton, Steinberg, Arobas, Cakewalk and Presonus to name just a few.

- this Instrument requires the FULL RETAIL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5.5.2 or higher, the free Kontakt Player will run this Instrument in demo mode ONLY for a few minutes.
- this Instrument may be acquired only in downloadable format, download size is about 1 Gigabyte, so expect longer download times on slower connections


played by Gianluca Ferro on a Custom ESP 8-String Baritone Guitar
about 3.85 GB (compressed) of samples
14709 samples
32 articulations
2 full octaves of range (F#1-F#3), perfect for power rhythm parts
dedicated to creating raging and furious low-ended power rhythm guitar tracks
up to 6 round robins per articulation
2 boutique high-gain amp recording paths
1 direct-injection to the converters (D.I.) for personalized post processing
2 bi-amped (+ DI) indipendent parts and Haas and detuning effects on each part for maximum flexibility in timbre and stereo witdth, from mono to expanded mind-boggling stereo
easy multi out assignment
freely assignable articulations
comes with 3 pre-made Kontakt multis
30 instrument presets for sound and articulation combinations
digitally recorded at 24 bit / 88.2 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz

Engine Features

build your own articulation map with up to 10 different articulations + release samples
trigger articulations via key-switches or temporary key-switching
automatic repeat on release function for faster riffs
very quick startup times
2 parts, 2 amps + 1 DI and stereo management (panpot, Haas, micro delay and detuning)
pre-attack to save the vital pre-attack pick-noise where needed (required anticipating parts in your DAW)
repetition time to trigger automatically down-strokes only or alternate picking
assign single channels to separate outs