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Clavia  Nord Modular G2 Engine

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Clavia Nord Modular G2 Engine

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Quick Overview

THE NORD MODULAR G2 ENGINE ENGINE is a one-unit high 19” rack version of the G2. Perfect for studios and computer studio environments. It has the same processing power as in the G2 three-octav...

THE NORD MODULAR G2 ENGINE ENGINE is a one-unit high 19” rack version of the G2. Perfect for studios and computer studio environments. It has the same processing power as in the G2 three-octave key version, but doesn’t feature top-panel control buttons, microphone- and pedal input. Connect the G2 Engine via the USB port to the PC/Mac and do all your editing from the intuitive and elegant PC/Mac editor. As the G2 three octave key version, the G2 Engine is expandable with a voice expansion board.

G2 specifications

The Nord Modular G2 family consists of two hardware models: the 3-octave Nord Modular G2 Key and the 19", 1 Unit high Nord Modular G2 Engine. They are built around the same type of electronics and have exactly the same processing power. The Nord Modular G2 Engine lacks a control panel and has to be controlled entirely from the Editor (or via MIDI).

Main Features:
  • Programmable polyphonic modular synthesizer
  • Over 150 different types of software modules including oscillators, filters, envelope generators, vocoder, string oscillator, reverb, delays, pitch tracker, sequencers, LFOs, MIDI modules etc.
  • Self-optimizing modules for bigger patches/greater polyphony
  • Instant access to 120 patch parameters from the front panel
  • 8 Morph groups per patch which lets you control sets of parameters from single control sources (Mod Wheel, Pitch Stick, Keyboard Velocity,
  • Keyboard Range, Keyboard Aftertouch, Control Pedal, Sustain Pedal or selectable Knobs)
  • 8 storable parameter Variations per patch lets you use each patch as a unique synthesizer
  • Performances (multi patch set-ups)
  • Internal audio and MIDI buses between patches
  • Maximum 32 voices polyphony depending on patch complexity
  • 4-part multitimbral
  • Holds patches (sounds) and operating system in Flash memory.
  • Software upgradable via the computer. Dynamical patch and
  • Performance storage (the number of patches that can be stored depends on their size (number and types of modules used))
  • Internal RAM for reverb and delay effects, physical modelling and more
  • 24-bit internal processing at 96 kHz sampling frequency

Hardware Features:

  • 8 user-assignable hi-res encoder knobs with circular LED graphs (x 15 pages) (not Engine)
  • 8 user-assignable buttons (x 15 pages) (not Engine)
  • 8 Variations/Morph Group buttons (not Engine)
  • 5 Parameter Pages buttons and 3 Column buttons (not Engine)
  • Rotary dial (not Engine)
  • 5 pcs 2x16 character backlit LCD displays (not Engine)
  • 4 analog audio inputs, line-level. 24-bit ADCs, 96 kHz sampling frequency
  • 1 analog XLR Mic Input with built-in preamp (not Engine). 24-bit ADCs, 96 kHz sampling frequency
  • 4 assignable outputs, line-level. 24-bit DACs, 96 kHz sampling frequency
  • Headphones output
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru
  • USB (V1.1) port for communication with computer Editor
  • Control pedal and Sustain or On/Off pedal inputs (not Engine)
  • 3 octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard with octave shift buttons (+/- 2 octaves) (not Engine)
  • MIDI In indicator LED
  • Pitch Stick (not Engine)
  • Modulation Wheel (not Engine)

Nord Modular G2 V1.10: Free Editor and OS software

Welcome to download the latest G2 OS and Editor version! The G2 Editor runs under Windows 98SE, 2000 and XP. If you don't have a G2 synth already, you can still download and install the G2 Editor and check it out on your PC. You won't hear any sound without the synth but you'll get a good overview of how the Editor works.

New features in V1.10

  • Clock sync mode has been added to some LFO:s and Delays.
  • Master Clock range extended to 30-240 BPM.
  • Keyboard Focus will now display with red LED:s over the slot buttons in
    the Editor toolbar. It can be changed using control-click, making shift-click
    the option to active slots as is the case on the Nord Modular G2.
  • Mouse wheel support.
  • Copy & Paste now includes morph deltas.
  • The Master Clock rate is now displayed in the toolbar even in external
    mode, using a red background to show it can't be changed.
  • File browser enhanced with keyboard bindings, mouse wheel and grey icons
    for empty banks.