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D16 Nithonat 2

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Quick Overview

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Little drum companion from the yesteryear

Characteristic, harsh and metallic sounds that cut through the mix like butter. A whole spectrum of sounds is now at your fingertips – rumbling kicks, barky snares and completely unique, ear-grabbing toms and hi-hats.



An effect chain to bring out what’s best of the sound

The included effect chain will make your sound bigger and fatter straight from the output.



A convenient and inspiring sequencer

A rich set of editing functions and sound articulations along with the easy-of-use interface will fill your head with tons of musical ideas.


Get under the hood

For the first time since its release in the 80s, you can explore what the 606 would have truly been capable of!

The 606 was designed as a companion of the 303 silver box; it may look deceptively simple, but it’s a very versatile unit. It’s found its place in a whole variety of music genres, ranging from the 80s pop, through to modern EDM and experimental.



A dedicated channel strip for every drum sound

With EQ and compression per instrument, you can quickly tweak sounds to your needs. The 606 is very flexible in that department.



Final touches are so crucial

A capable master section glues everything together nicely.



MIDI map and trigger outs

You’ll find an easily manageable MIDI map and classically-inspired trigger outs; they’re the cherry on top.



... and much more


Substantial factory content

Over 900 presets and patterns in factory content


Screen fit

Several UI sizes and HiDPI support for better screen fit


MIDI Learn

MIDI Learn for easy controller assignment


System requirements


Windows PC

OS version
Windows 7 or newer
Intel x86 / AMD x86
VST2 / VST3 / AAX compatible host application (32bit or 64bit)
Sample rate
≥ 44.1 kHz


Apple Mac

OS version
Mac OS X 10.13 to macOS 14
Intel x86 / Apple Silicon
VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX compatible host application (64bit only!)
Sample rate
≥ 44.1 kHz
(*) Hardware requirements / recommendations are based on estimates performed on available computers at D16 Group HQ, and therefore cannot cover all possible configurations available on the market. CPU usage may vary widely depending on the manner in which the product is used. Factors that may contribute to variance in CPU usage include particular patch and its complexity, the global quality setting, project sample rate. In order to form a better understanding of how a plug-in will behave within your current setup, we highly recommend downloading the demo and giving it a try.



This product is not a standalone program so you need a host application to use it.




The TB-303, TR-808, TR-606 and TR-909 were originally produced by Roland®. Roland® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation and/or Roland Corporation U.S. The reference to Roland® is made here strictly for the legitimate purpose of comparison, and it does not in any way imply Roland®'s permission or endorsement of D16's products.