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Digidesign Complete Production Toolkit 2

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Quick Overview

Create even larger sessions and get many of the same features of Pro Tools|HD* systems with Complete Production Toolkit 2, a powerful expansion option for Pro Tools 9 software. Have the flexib...

Create even larger sessions and get many of the same features of Pro Tools|HD* systems with Complete Production Toolkit 2, a powerful expansion option for Pro Tools 9 software. Have the flexibility to work on studio-created sessions anywhere using just your computer or Pro Tools mobile rig. Get the same high Pro Tools|HD track counts, full session compatibility, and support for all track types, including VCA groups. And enhance your production with 7.1 surround mixing, advanced editing and automation tools, and more.


  • Exchange sessions with Pro Tools|HD users without ever losing session information

  • Create huge mixes with up to 192 simultaneous audio tracks** on playback—512 total

  • Get full VCA mixing capabilities and support for up to 64 video tracks

  • Mix in 7.1 surround while monitoring in stereo with the Neyrinck SoundCode Stereo plug-in

  • Speed up your workflow with advanced automation, audio, and video editing tools

  • Shift time and pitch with natural-sounding results using the X-Form plug-in

With the Complete Production Toolkit 2 option, you can expand your Pro Tools 9 capabilities to create, edit, and mix large music and post-production projects—and collaborate more easily with Pro Tools|HD users on your own mobile rig—without compromising session information.


Easily exchange sessions with Pro Tools|HD users

Whether you’re collaborating with others or taking studio projects home with you, you can easily transfer sessions back and forth—even surround sound projects—and edit and mix sessions, regardless of the Pro Tools platform they were created on, through improved session interchange.


Double or 64x your tracks

Tackle large music productions and have the capacity to wrangle together the dozens of dialog bits, sound elements, effects, music, and video that go into a film or video project by expanding your track counts. Get up to 192 simultaneous audio playback tracks (or voices—up from 96), 512 total audio tracks (up from 256), 128 instrument tracks (up from 64), and 64 video tracks (up from one), enabling you to take on the most complex projects.


Mix more easily with VCA groups

For complex sessions with lots of automation, create VCA groups to get another layer of gain control over groups that already have automation. And, unlike with region groups, you’ll also be able to solo and mute channels within a VCA group independently—without affecting the other tracks—enabling you to work faster and more easily with grouped items.


Mix in 7.1 surround

Add movement to your mixes beyond the standard stereo field—in up to 7.1 surround sound. You can monitor surround mixes directly through the outputs of your preferred audio interface, or use the included Neyrinck SoundCode Stereo plug-in to monitor surround sound in stereo.


Expand your post capabilities

Work with sound for picture even easier with expanded audio editing, video editing, and automation tools. If you’re familiar with the advanced post-production features in Pro Tools HD software, these added features and tools provide a seamless transition between Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools 9.


  • Replace Region and Edit to Timeline Selection commands

  • Scrub Trim Tool

  • Export Session Info as Text

  • Continuous scrolling

  • Video Universe window

  • Automation snapshots

  • Automation trim mode

  • Preview

  • Auto-match

  • Back and play

  • Glide

  • Enhanced Import Session Data features