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EastWest Ministry of Rock

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Amp Simulator and Ohmicide
Amp Simulator and Ohmicide multi-band distortion plugins are now included with the EastWest Play software for use with all EastWest collections. For film/tv/game composers or musicians looking for more edgy sounds, this powerful combination opens up a whole new world of possibilities using real instruments as the sources instead of oscillators, or combinations of both.


MINISTRY OF ROCK is a HUGE 20 gig collection of Rock Drums, Basses and Guitars recorded in the famous EASTWEST Studio 2, and the ultimate production toolbox for rock producers. 

MINISTRY OF ROCK is a modern day rock toolkit that covers a myriad of styles. Songwriters, film, TV and game composers as well as drummers and guitarists will love this library. Sound quality and playability is superior to anything else available.

MINISTRY OF ROCK features sounds used in todays music and the entire library was created with one goal in mind: to create a virtual instrument capable of producing sounds that could actually produce a hit record or filmscore without any live drum, bass or guitar overdubs. Articulations and programming were all reverse engineered from actual performances.


Key Facts:

Produced by QUANTUM LEAP producer NICK PHOENIX

Approximately 20 gigabytes of rock drums, basses and guitars recorded in EASTWEST STUDIO 2


Special Features:

Legato Bass and Guitar Samples

Legato and Staccato Repetitions

Truly playable rhythm guitars and leads, clean and distorted

Release samples

Guitars and basses recorded in dual amp configurations and software allows user to choose amp, or mix the sound from both amps,

Dynamic bass that can play everything from ballads to the most hardcore music imaginable

Round robin bass drums, snares, toms and hats. performance drum hits extracted from live playing

The world famous EASTWEST STUDIO 2 rock drum sound featured on countless gold and platinum records

Drumkits also optimized for use with Roland VDrums.

Drums utilize PLAY's easy replacement feature


Instruments: Drumkits:

Octaplus (9 Toms),



Gretch (the actual kit used to make Metallica’s “Black” record)



Fender P-Bass Custom,

Fender 5 String,




All recorded thru an Ampeg SVT rig and an Ashdown rig



Fender Telecaster

Fender Stratocaster

Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Ibanez Universe 7


All recorded thru Marshall, Fender, Bogner, Vox and Budda amps

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